Abigail Krause – Bio

Name: Abigail Rose Krause
Aliases: Abby
Codename: Seer
Age/DOB: 26/ March 23rd, 1992
PB: Jane Levy
Gender: Female
Sexuality : Straight
Occupation: Agent (Non-Active)
Room: 202D

Height: 5’2″
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Grey
Eye Color w/Powers: Yellow glowing

Mother – Margo Krause
Father – Victor Krause (Alias)

Abby stands at a petite 5’2″, has red hair and grey eyes that glow a soft yellow when her power is in use. She has a small physique and tends to wear oversized sweaters or jackets because she doesn’t think she has a figure worth showing off. She is rarely seen without her vision book, which she typically keeps in an old shoulder bag along with a variety of drawing implements.


Abby is quiet. At first glance a lot of people ignore her because she’s so unassuming. She’s shy and seems a little skittish in large groups. She’s a bit of a nerd and a geek, liking sci-fi and fantasy movies, comics and books and playing games of all sorts. While she may not normally be the first one to strike up a conversation, if the right one is picked up with her, you’d be hard pressed to get her to shut up. Thanks to her powers, it’s not uncommon for her to stop mid-sentence or any point in a conversation (briefing, eating, walking down the hallway) ans start drawing.

She’s never had a lot of friends, but those she does she’s always loyal to (though as serious self esteem issues and always worries she’s going to do something to make them not like her). Abby has never had a serious relationship, a few crushes but nothing ever came out of it. She’s never even been on a date.

Abby also has a fear of authority figures, she’s always quick to submit and often worries that she’s always on the verge of getting into trouble, despite not having done anything.

The only real time you ever see and angry or violent side of Abby is when she’s in a fugue state and someone tries to keep her from drawing. That is when pencils end up in body parts.

  • Powers
  • Limiter

All her powers have the same result, it’s just a matter of what is drawn. When her power is triggered she ends up going into a sort of fugue state where she is compulsed to draw what she sees. In this state she is completely cut off, cannot speak or hear. She is completely unaware of anything going on when it’s happening and will not come out of it until the image is drawn. If someone attempts to stop her she will become violent and if she doesn’t have anything to draw with, she will find it; salt, dirt, blood (granted the quality of the work diminishes in these cases because of the medium). The images are sometimes abstract but the detail is impeccable and one might think Abby was a real artist, which she is not. She never remembers what she see’s. Her powers have no distance limit to them, however the farther away the less descriptive detail in the image for example, a house on the other side of the world might only show the door, where one in another state may show the whole facade and one only miles away would have the full street. She has also had limited success with focusing back on her own images to garner more details. She also rarely does actual writing show in her work, occasionally numbers even rarer actual words and if there are they are because they are part of the image not separate (like the writing on a van, not something someone says).

Expressive Clairvoyance – Abby has the ability to draw things happening in the present. These visions are triggered seemingly at random (or if she suffers injury).

Expressive Precognition – Abby has the ability to draw things that will happen, one possible future should things to that point go unaltered. These visions are triggered seemingly at random (or if she suffers injury).

Expressive Psychometry – Abby can use items to ‘trigger’ a vision, typically drawing the past of said object- or an event/person tied to it while they were in possession/around the object. Typically the object would have had to ‘witness’ or been used in an event for her to draw anything (Ie. a clock in the room where someone was assaulted, or the phone someone used to make a call). She can only draw into the past of the object as it is (however technically if the object has parts she could attempt to trigger off the parts, but it would never be their root materials; such as when a table is a tree.).

Expressive Tracking (Superhuman/Human) – A seeming combined aspect of her Clairvoyance and Psychometry. If she focuses on an aspect of a person (typically a photo) and she can draw their location. This aspect of her power has not been fully explored.

As her powers aren’t offensive and she has no real combat skills, a simple electric shock to disable her temporarily is all they needed for her limiter.

Born in Chicago, the only child of Margo and Victor Krause, Abigail Rose Krause never got the chance to meet her father. When Margo informed him that she was pregnant he disappeared and never came back. Life sort of went down hill from there. Margo was a horrible mother and probably would have given Abby up if it wasn’t for her own mother Amy. For the first seven years of her life, Abby was basically raised by her grandmother. Her mother jumped from job to job, barely bringing home enough to provide for her family- actually Amy ended up having to go into her own savings and over the years used it all up to help take care of Abby while he mother blew what she earned on beer and her string of dead beat boyfriends.

When Abby was almost eight, her grandmother passed away of a heart attack. Abby herself didn’t fully understand and when the doctor tried to help explain it she thought that her grandmothers heart had broken and was certain it was because she’d been bad (because her mother constantly told her how horrible she was). After that, things just got worse for the little girl. Her mother never physically abused her, but there was definitely emotional abuse and neglect. Worse thing is, Abby was prone to believe her mother.

Abby did pretty well in school, only had a few friends (who she never had over to her house) and did her best to avoid her mothers boyfriends. Many times she had to scrounge for food (or take advantage of a friends invite over) as her house rarely had anything that constitutes a meal. Abigail got good at forging her mothers signature and used it to apply for the meal program at school as she got older, and other programs her mother was too lazy to apply for, just so she could get food and clothes that fit and supplies for school.

Once Abby started high school and was able to get a job she did, at a movie theatre. It was fantastic and she loved it. All the money she earned she saved, hoping that by the time she graduated she’d be able to get away. Unfortunately this was also around the same time she was developing powers. From Abby’s perspective she started to black out and would wake up to, typically, violent and unnerving pictures. She didn’t know what it meant and didn’t talk to anyone about it.

Then, one night, the night of her eighteen birthday, she was being dropped off from a small celebration her friends had for her (she kind of even had a date planned just the two of them with one friend/crush), she was on the top of the world. Until she entered her house. The moment she entered the door a bottle hit the wall next to her and her mother started to scream at her about stealing from her. Abby had no idea what she was talking about and her mothers boyfriend started to get physical with her. Abby screamed, still not knowing what her mother meant and her mother pulled out a wad of cash and showed it to her daughter.

Abby managed to wrench away from the man who had her arm and ran to her bedroom. Her closet was ransacked and so were all her drawers. The superhero tin that held all her money was laying empty on the floor. Abby ran back into the living room and told her mother the money was hers- from her job. Apparently her mother thought that the shit job she’d done providing for her daughter for 18 years entitled her to the cash- granted she’d tell the cops later that Abby had stolen it from her over the years. Her boyfriend took the moment to pull out all Abby’s journals with the drawings she’d done while in a fugue state- one actually depicted someone who looked quite like her mother. They accused her of being crazy and dangerous and when Abby tried to get her book back her bothers boyfriend knocked her to the floor and she hit her head.

When she came too, about twenty minutes later, the cops were showing up at the house. Abby was taken in, accused of theft and threatening someone with violence. She was arrested and questioned and in the end, after a shrink came to look at her, they determined that she was troubled and taken in on a psych hold. They ended up diagnosing her with paranoid delusions accompanied by fugue states and admitted her into a hospital. On her first day she slipped into a vision state and started to draw. It wasn’t time to draw (and the table wasn’t the right surface to draw on) so one of the orderlies tried to take the pencil away from her. It ended up in his leg and she continued the drawing with the blood that had ended up on her finger. After that point her sentence was extended indefinitely.

From that point on Abby doesn’t remember a lot until her third day at Limbo. The hospital kept her sedated, and most of what she does remember blended together over the years. For most of the next seven years she was a walking zombie. Orderlies (and other patients) learned to let her draw when she wanted to draw (it took about three incidents before they learned), but she never seemed to make any progress in her therapy sessions, or group. Always unable to explain what or why she drew what she did. It wasn’t until a strange visitor paid a visit to the hospital that things started to become clear.

Apparently Abby had been identified as being a superhuman, how she’s still not sure. She figured they must have a way to find or track people with mutations. She was brought to Limbo about a week after her 25th birthday and in the proceeding months learned more about what her drawings were and what she could do. She learned that, while visions could still just come on their own, sometimes they could be triggered through pain, or by focusing on an item. She also learned that her drawings are real, past present or future- though she still couldn’t tell what was what.

While Abby is still shaking the previous seven years and trying to have a life again, she still finds herself routinely shutting herself off from people to prevent getting hurt. She’s learning though.