Abigail Linette

Name Abigail Linette
Nickname Abby, Abs
Age 30
Date of Birth January 5th
Sexuality Straight
Marital Status Single

Job Helter Skelter Operator/Recruiter
Job Details She operates the Helter Skelter ride at the front of the carnival. Abigail is also known to have visions of people who need Zion. Often she’ll sit with Kristoph when he interviews new people to ensure that they’ll be a good fit (if one of her visions didn’t trigger their arrival).

Parents – Unknown
Surrogate Mother – Nell Linette (Deceased 7 years)

Game Zion Mystique


  • Resides in a wagon
  • Has lived at Zion since she was born
  • Sometimes confuses what happened or could happen with what is happening
    • Has been known to have a conversation with someone referencing something they haven’t done or talked about yet.
  • Has a pet rat named Nykos

Height 5’2″
Hair color Red
Eye Color Grey that glow a soft yellow when her power is in use
Abigail tends to dress modestly on a daily basis. She’ll switch between trousers and dresses as she feels, often wearing trousers when having to do more manual labor (like operating a ride). She has her ears pierced, but no other body modifications or scars. To be honest, her petite form and style tends to make her unremarkable. For a special occasion she has dressed up and donned makeup, but she tends to stick with the familiar. Especially since the carnivals jaunt through time as it minimizes the risk of her accidentally dressing anachronistically for 1920.

At first impression Abigail can come off quiet, shy, reserved even when she meets someone for the first time. But often that’s because she’s mentally preoccupied with something. Those who get to know Abby get to know her quirks, how she’ll often get drawn into a thought or memory of a vision or a new vision and depending on what it is just needs to be snapped out of it- or you just have to wait and let it play out. Despite not always seeing “good” things, she tries to always have a positive outlook on life. She’s often smiling and open for conversation even if she occasionally can hold both sides of it herself. When it comes down to it, she always means well and tries to do the right thing. Abby believes in Zion and what represents. She believes she plays an important role in it’s function and that every member of the Zion family does as well.

The one downside of her visions and the thorn in her attempt to be always happy is that at times her powers can become a bit overwhelming and cause mood swings. Were they in the modern era more, the may have been diagnosed with some sort of disorder and put on medication to help even her out. But, thankfully, they only tend to happen at moments of great stress, and now that they’re back in 1920 and life can be “normal” again, they’ll happen less often than when she had to deal with time jumping and baby phoenixes and strange new people coming in.

Species Psychic
Type Clairvoyant
Tier 3
Abigail was fortunate to know ahead of time that she was special, it was just a matter of figuring out how. Because of this, a special eye was kept on her for any signs of a gift. This resulted in her abilities being noticed in her early teens when most psychic manifestations aren’t realized until their late teens. Her power was nurtured from that early age and this allowed her to reach Tier 3 quite quickly. Having a mentor within Zion (no longer present) also helped her learn. She can see the past, present and future but has very little control on when the visions come. The only time she’s been able to force one is to touch someone, or something that has a strong connection to someone, but even that’s not guaranteed. Abby believes that her visions have a purpose, even if she can’t always see why (and sometimes it’s really hard to know why you need to know something as simple as the fact that someone had milk in their coffee that morning, but you never know).

Before her birth, the woman who carried Abigail had visited a fortune teller. She had gotten pregnant by a suitor who left shortly after finding out he’d be a father and the superstitious woman wanted to try to find answers. The fortune teller told the woman that she die a most horrible death if she didn’t give her daughter to a holy place. She was told that having the child out of wedlock was poison on her soul and she had to cleanse it by making sure the child ended up in the heavenly city. If she didn’t, then she’d be cursed and bad luck would follow her until it killed her. It was all bullshit, the charlatan tried to tell the woman she could help her, to come back and she’d help guide her, ensure her soul is saved. The only true vision the woman had was that the babe would be gifted, special- whether a true vision or not, she was right. But the woman was scared and ended up leaving the city for home, hoping that family could help lead her to the right path.

On January 5th, in a small Kansas home, a redheaded baby was born. Her hair was red, like fire. Fire, like in the pits of hell. The woman feared more than ever that the fortune tellers prophecy was true.

January 2nd, a carnival showed up outside an hour outside of town, just outside Kansas City. They’d been advertising in all the surrounding small towns, encouraging the people to come and visit. The woman had been leaving the general store when she was handed one of the fliers. She saw it as fate.

January 6th, the woman took her parents car the hour to visit the carnival. Her baby was wrapped in a blanket beside her. She entered the carnival and passed by everyone unnoticed among the crowds. Eventually she ducked around behind one of the show tents and placed the bundled babe on a bale of hay that was being used as a staging area for the performers inside. She wasn’t sure what show it was, but she knew someone would be back there and find the child. She then fled, certain that the holy city of Zion would protect her child.

Nell was a performer in the coochie show, a dancer. She enjoyed her work and didn’t mind the men oogling at her. She was also the daughter of a shifter (not having gotten the gifts herself, she did dabble in a bit of sorcery but wasn’t skilled enough to call herself a sorcerer) and had grown up in a place quite similar to Zion. So, joining the troupe hadn’t been a difficult decision for her when her father passed. Of course, the last thing she expected was to leave the show that night and find a newborn laying in the cold night. Nell immediately brought the child to Kristoph and the entire carnival tried to find the parents (without causing alarm). When it became clear that no one was coming for the child, Nell kept her. The only thing they knew about the baby came from a note left which stated her name as Abigail and that she was “special”. With Kristoph’s blessing, Nell took the child in as her own.

Abby was raised in Zion, it’s the only life she’s known. She grew up with the other kids that also resided there and calls them all friend. She grew up being told she was gifted, that one day she’d find her power just like others had. Whether Nell really believed the note as truth, she wanted to and when Abigail started to show signs of her psychic ability, the gift was nurtured. Another within Zion had a similar gift and was able to help guide her, this allowed her powers to progress quicker than normal. Granted this did mean more headaches, but it also meant that she found her purpose sooner.

As soon as Abby started to see the future, she started to see those who needed Zion. She went to Kristoph, who encouraged her assistance. They worked together with Louis and Delia, Kristoph’s right hands, to find ways to reach out to those who needed help. Sometimes it was as simple as waiting for them to come to them. Eventually, Kristoph asked Abby to sit in on first meetings with new hires, hoping she’d be able to tell if they were a risk to Zion or not. She enjoyed her role and never let it’s special nature inflate her ego. She had a purpose and it just is what it was. It didn’t make her any more special than anyone else.

Eventually Nell got sick, she caught a terrible flu that even Zion’s doctors couldn’t fully cure and she ended up passing away. Many tried to show sympathy for Abby, but she seemed to not have much of a reaction. She’d just say that it was her time and that she’s still with her. Death was easy for the young girl to come to terms with as she’d seen part of her future without Nell, she knew it would happen sometime. And if she tried really hard, she could see a time when Nell was still alive.

So, life moved on, Zion jumped through time and Abigail is still trying to do her part to ensure that anyone who needs Zion can find a place there. Maybe, eventually, she’ll start making sure that she’s living a life for herself and not just for others.

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