Astrid Clover

Name Astrid Clover
Nickname Strid, Ace
Age 26
Date of Birth April 14th, 1993
Race Werewolf
Hometown Boulder City, NV
Sexuality Heterosexual

Occupation Former Bartender (at Midnight); Fighter and Tooth and Nail; Will have to find something applicable to her probation for a while.
Current Residence A van, packhouse, or packs house

The Hunt Pack
Parents – Leon and Krystal Clover

Siblings – None
Cousins/Aunts/Uncles – Numerous
One Uncle a member of The Hunt Pack.

  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Species
  • Skills
  • Trivia

Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Long Dark Brown
Height: 5’3″
PB: Hannah Marks
In her wolf form, Astrid is that of a Northwestern Grey Wolf. She’s larger than a normal wolf, but thinner than her male counterparts. Her fur is white and grey. Despite her small human stature, her wolf form is quite formidable.

Astrid doesn’t really care about the way she dresses. She tends to wear jeans and old t-shirts mostly. She’s almost always seen in her leather jacket. She has a few tattoos as well as double piercings in her ears. She tends to wear jewelry with spikes on them and combat boots. In general she looks like a girl who won’t take any of your shit.

She has a pronounced scarr on her abdomen from where she was turned. It was an attack so it’s pretty brutal looking, a bite that tore flesh, claw marks on her back and legs as well.

Astrid is a firecracker, ready to explode at any moment. She’s always had an issue with anger and since being turned into a were, it’s not gotten any better. She sees a fight in almost anything and will often react before she thinks. She tends to make enemy’s quick, but doesn’t carry grudges. She’ll fight you or insult you one minute then buy you a drink the next.

She has very few true friends, her pack is her family. Her bio family she hasn’t really spoken to since she was turned. She tried- well a little, but they never really got her. Even before being bit she was a bit of the black sheep of the family.

Romantically she’s never really dated anyone for longer than a couple weeks. Most just can’t deal with her temper or rowdy lifestyle. So, she just stopped trying. If someone could deal with her mood swings and constant fighting and everything that most people find ‘a bit much’ about her, they’d have a very loyal mate. Someone who would defend her mate against others regardless (and call them out on their shit in private). So, maybe, one day she’ll find a mate. But until now… she’s not hearing the clock tick just yet.

She is a werewolf and has all the abilities that come with it.

Astrid can fight. While never traditionally trained, she has a lot of real world practice. She’s more skilled at fighting as a wolf than a human, but she has stood he own in many a bar fight. Despite her size she also has built up a nice tolerance for alcohol. She’s also pretty good at mixing drinks, thanks to her bar tending job.

  • Despite all the bad that being bit has caused, she actually sometimes wishes that she could just stay a wolf all the time. Sure, she doesn’t remember what happens during the changes, but even with all the pain she always feels a sense of peace after a moon. Like maybe she was actually happy and free of all the shit she’s been through.
  • Graduated from High School out of pure hatred for the place. She liked her friends but not the institution.
  • Has seen every series of Power Rangers. No shame.
  • Actually did most of the custom work on her van, her uncle and some of the other pack members helped but 80% of the work was her.
  • LOVES jelly beans. (Except the black ones because she’s not a monster!)
  • At one point in her life, before she knew better, she wanted to be a marine biologist.

Born the only child to Leon and Krystal Clover, she lived in a trailer park in Boulder City, NV. Her mother was a stripper and her father gambled for a living. Not the best role models. Many times growing up Astrid was left alone, or with one of her many Aunts and Uncles that also lived in the park or nearby. From the beginning it seemed clear that her life wouldn’t amount to much, despite her mother telling her she could do anything.

School was a bit of a laugh for Astrid, she barely graduated high school and didn’t even attempt to apply to college. She had multiple suspensions for fighting to the point that her junior year her parents moved her schools so she wouldn’t get expelled.  She didn’t have a lot of close friends in school, just people she tolerated during breaks or those she could party with. After school she hung out with her cousins and tended to get into trouble. More than a few times her uncle, who luckily was a police officer, had to bring her home for underage drinking, parties, throwing fire crackers off a bridge. Just, nothing seemed to be able to keep her entertained, and the boredom of life had gotten to her.

About two weeks after graduation she was out with some other delinquents- her cousins and their friends, at a party in the desert. They were idiots, stupid as the party was held on a full moon. They all thought they were indestructible, untouchable. Their life wasn’t going anywhere, so the risk was something that added spice to their life. Of course, the night didn’t end well. It was all over the news, went national. It was used as a warning for teens. They were the poster children of stupid millennials. . Five were killed, everyone else made it unscathed… well except her. She was bit, infected. The only reason she wasn’t killed was because one of her cousins started to throw branches on fire at the were. She shouldn’t have survived, it was a miracle. Everyone said she was so lucky. Everyone said she had a second chance at life, she survived.

She survived alright. She was a miracle. She was so lucky. Except that her parents were now saddled with an extreme medical bill. Actually no, they weren’t. She was 18. She was an adult. That bill was all hers. She heard it all from the two people who were supposed to love her, support her. She was called out for being an idiot (which she was well aware of) and the danger she’d put her cousins in (even though it was their idea to party and she just went along with it). She was a freak now, no longer human, dead to them… just like her Uncle Jack. 

Her Uncle Jack. It had been years, more than years since anyone had mentioned him. Jack had been shunned from the family before she could remember. For a while he’d send her Christmas and Birthday cards until one day when she heard her mother destroy him in a phone call, telling him that Astrid didn’t even know who he was and they wanted to keep it that way. To stop sending the cards. After her mother hung up on him, the ten year old Astrid pressed redial on the phone and called him back. She wanted to know who this person was. They talked for about ten minutes before her mom came back and- well she was punished.

Astrid knew what she had to do, though, he beat her to the punch. As she planned to try to find him on Facebook, she found a message from a stranger. Uncle Jack. He’d seen the news article (apparently he kept an eye on news from his hometown for word from the family who’d discarded him). He also wasn’t surprised when she informed him that their family had shunned her. He invited her to come out to LA to stay with him. She did.

It wasn’t long before she became a member of the Hunt Pack, thanks to her Uncle’s vouching for her. He helped her through her first full moon and tried to teach her about what it meant to be a werewolf. When she was 21 she got a job bar tending, Well, she went from server to bartender after one of the bartenders quit and the other was kinda sweet on her. She worked there for a couple years before getting a better job at a different bar. It was around that time Rhys introduced her to Tooth and Nail. For her, it wasn’t about winning fights as much as just getting out her aggression and pent up energy in a more ‘acceptable place. Granted, she did use her small stature to her advantage, she was quick and most her opponents disregarded her as a threat upon first look. Around the same time she was able to afford a cute used Van and with the help from YouTube, her Uncle and a few other handy pack members she was able to turn it into something like a small home. It was a place she could go if she was feeling moody and needed to get out of the pack house, or crash in after a long night at work instead of driving back or take out to the beach and camp for a weekend or whatever she wanted. It was her second home.

About a year ago, something happened. She was doing her job as normal, serving drinks, trying to help play gatekeeper for some of the girls who clearly weren’t interested in a guy who was overly confident. As she finished up for the night and headed out to her van she saw one such guy approaching a girl trying to get into her car. Astrid stopped and watched. At first it seemed like they knew each other, but it quickly became clear that it was a bad situation. The girl tried to cry out but the guy put his hand over her mouth. And, well, Astrid snapped. At first, she tried to keep her cool, calling out to see if everything was alright as she approached the two of them. That was when he called her a bitch and told her to mind his own business, at the same time this girl was crying under his fingers. Fingers which would be broken in a few seconds when Astrid moved to pull him off her. He was drunk and his moved were sluggish and telegraphed and she’d been fighting so she knew what she was doing. Upon hearing the snap of his fingers breaking and having to gasp for air as she elbowed him in the gut while stomping on his foot with her combat boots… the man hit the ground. The girl was crying, but Astrid could only see red. She continued to kick at him once he was down. Then she started to punch at his face. The woman called the cops who, once the lights started she cleared and got off him. The ambulance came and took the man away. She might have been able to get away with self defense, saving the girl- who was very adamant that Astrid had saved her, had there not been camera’s.

The trial was managed by the supernatural court, so all the sessions were closed. This did cause some backlash from a small anti-super/pro-human group. But due to the supernatural courts not releasing any details and the media not being allowed near the trial any backlash to her case not being handled by humans (when the victim was a human) was lost in the void. It helped how the authorities got a hold of the security tape before anyone could leak it. Still, there were a few articles and new reports of it. Something that surely won’t come back to bite her in the ass later on (but that’s for the future to tell).

Her trial was handled at a reasonable pace, and she was sentenced to a year in jail after being convicted of misdemeanor battery. Her defense argued enough of a case that she was trying to defend someone, which is covered under the good Samaritan laws, but the court still felt the need to set an example, which was why she was given a misdemeanor instead of a felony charge. Part of her sentence was that for five years after release she had to make regular reports to her Alpha. Similar to parole. 

While in prison she had the occasional visitor, and she did her best to do her time without issue. The court did also recommend anger management therapy for her, which the prison implemented. It was… not the worst thing, but she was pretty resistant to it for the most part. Now, she’s getting out and entering the world again.

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