Audrey “Kerr” Hawkins

Name: Audrey Hawkins
Known as: Kerr Hawkins
Age: 24
Date of Birth: October, 17th
Nationality: British
Hometown: New Haven, CT
Sexuality: Straight (likes men)
Gender: Female (posed as a male)
Marital Status: Single

Presumed deceased

Job: Roustabout
Job Details: Works what jobs needed, helps with the animals.


  • She sleeps under the stars near the pens, typically under a truck as she doesn’t want anyone to accidentally discover she’s a girl.
  • Everyone in Zion knows her as Kerr, only the below listed know she’s really a girl.
    • Kristoph
    • Edi
  • She’s a wanted criminal (escaped from a chain gang).
  • She doesn’t know she’s a psychic.
  • She speaks with a Londoner accent, a bit faded over the years.

PB Erika Linder
Kerr is thin, but keeps in shape, which you can tell in her definition. She stands at 5’9″ and has piercing blue eyes. She has a small chest for a woman and tends to wear her hair short and boy-like, she’s a natural blonde, but has darkened her hair. Her features are pretty androgynous and one would not be faulted for mistaking her for a boy. Which is good, because that’s exactly what she wants them to do.

Kerr dresses in men’s clothing and binds her chest (while small, she’d rather be safe).

Kerr tries to be social, ‘one of the guys’, but the fear of being found out many times trumps her want for friends. So, she tends to work harder and be social on a limited basis, typically in more group settings where she can avoid direct attention.

Often she’s paranoid, especially when the law visits the Carnival. She does get along more with the animals that are in the Carnival more than the people. However, she wants to keep her place there and will work hard wherever she’s needed. Often she helps out with the animal shows, transporting them to the tent. Other times she’ll work in a show picking up coin for a performer that gets tossed as tips, or helps with the prep before and after the carnival moves locations. Really, whatever she can do.



Species: Human – Psychic
Animal Telepath
Tier: 2
Powers: Kerr can understand animals feelings. She’s really unaware that she’s gifted, her constant interaction with the few animals at the carnival the reason her gifts have progressed to where they are. To her, she considers herself just intuitive to animals, even though there are times it is hard to ignore the fact that she knows how the animals feel when others don’t, or can predict what they need to be happy. Almost as if she can hear them telling her things.

Born in London, Audrey Hawkins, she came over to the US when she was just a kid still. Her parents died on the trip over (or so she was told) and she was raised by a woman whom she was told was her aunt. She stayed with her until she was ten and then the woman up and vanished one day. Just left her (unbekownst to Audrey, the woman was not her aunt, in fact she had stolen her from her parents and then left her when she was courted by a rich man who wanted to marry her). Audrey lived on the street for a few months before she was put into an orphanage. When she was eighteen she was released and she tried to get work, but had never been really good at the girly stuff. She got a job in a textile factory and worked there for a few weeks until she was arrested for stealing some food (she’d been living on the street, without enough money for a place to stay or any family her options were limited).

She was incarcerated for six months before she was able to escape with a handful of other inmates who’d been forced to work on a chain gang digging ditches along the roads for rain water. Instead of staying in Connecticut, she ran west. She managed to make her way to a town outside of Philly when she stumbled upon a Carnival that she swore hadn’t been there the night before. Audrey snuck in during the show through the back lot and was in the process of stealing food when one of the rousties caught her. She fled and found herself in the pens. She hid behind the feed troughs until she thought she was safe and as she tried to sneak out, she ducked into a wagon (one she assumed would be empty because most people were in the main area) to avoid the roustabout who was looking for her. Unfortunately (or fortunately as it turned out), she’d picked the office to invade and found herself staring at the face of an old man who seemed quite surprised to see her there. Audrey tried to plead her case before the man, and for a moment she thought he was going to throw her out. Then, he saw the iron around her ankle.

Kristoph took pity on her story and offered her an exchange. He would forgive her attempt to steal from the Carnival in exchange for her working there. It was agreed that she had to hide who she was as there were probably people still looking for her. So, he got someone to fetch him some clothes that would fit her (not telling them why) and she joined the Carnival as Kerr. She started to go by he and the iron around her ankle was removed (by someone who wasn’t Kristoph). While her gender was kept a secret, her being a criminal wasn’t. Carny’s protected their own and by the time she was a trouper, she’d proven herself a hard worker.

She worked where they needed, but found herself more comfortable around the animals, many times sleeping near the pens. More and more she was tasked to help out with the animal shows, as the critters seemed to like her back. She’s still not really aware she’s special, but keeps her head down and does the job.






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