Cassidy Porter – Bio

Name: Cassidy James Porter
Aliases: Domino (Outsiders only)
Codename: Treble
Age/DOB: 23/September 19th, 1994
Powers Discovered Date: May 4th, 2009
Joined Regiment Date: January 13th, 2018
PB: Darren Criss
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Omnisexual
Occupation: Agent
Room: 301E

Height: 5’8″
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Hazel

Mother – Alice Porter (Deceased)
Father – Frank Porter (Deceased)
*Foster care @ 12. Run away @ 16*

Cassidy stands at 5’8″ has short curly black hair and hazel eyes. He spent the last few years living on the streets so most of his clothing choices have been what he could get at the thrift store and what was seasonally appropriate for living in a drafty warehouse. But even still he tends to dress with a certain carefree style. He loves tight pants and tight shirts that show off all his good features. He’s not shy about make up on men, known frequently to wear nail polish or eyeliner. He loves to try new things so isn’t afraid to change up his look when things get bored.


Despite the tragedy his life has suffered, Cassidy is sort of a force to be reckoned with. Not in a bad way… more of a force of nature way. He’s constantly ‘on’ and has this flamboyant, party, carefree attitude about things. He’s the type of person to makes friends easily and doesn’t acknowledge he has any personal enemies. He loves meeting new people and finding new ways to have fun. He’s a constant flirt (with everyone) and loves to make people feel better about themselves. He’s fiercely loyal to his friends and will defend them even if their at fault (and then give them a friendly ‘what were you thinking’ talk later).

Cassidy is not held down by social stigma, actually doesn’t really seem to acknowledge it at all. Many times it seems he has no shame about things. Which isn’t always a good thing when society doesn’t approve of your gifts. He doesn’t really understand why people don’t like those with superpowers, part of him just thinks everyone’s jealous and they need to get over themselves. He joined the Outsiders because he didn’t like seeing people getting picked on and how unsafe his neighborhood had gotten. He wanted to make a difference.

The boy also has an issue with thinking before acting. This can, will and has gotten him into trouble. Most times this is brushed off as part of his charm, he says what he thinks, doesn’t hesitate when something needs to be done… but sometimes this can get him into trouble… like hitting on someone elses girl or taking a risk that ends up with him suffering injury. Or joining up with a vigilante group of self proclaimed superheros. It’s probably what will kill him eventually but so far he’s been lucky.

As he has just been ‘recruited’, his interactions with his handler will be an interesting development. It’s still young and doesn’t really respect authority figures. He isn’t a fighter though, he keeps in shape (because he looks good) but even in the Outsiders, he let the others do more of the heavy hitting and he was more crowd control. So the worse he may really do is lip off and it may take a heavy hand until he’s actually okay with following orders (if he’s with someone he respects or calls friend he will ‘go along’ with it for their sake).

  • Powers
  • Limiter
  • Skills

Musical Emotional Manipulation – Through music Cassidy can invoke emotional responses from people, and not in the ‘his music is so good it gave me feels’ way- though he is good. He can actually control the emotion people feel when they hear him sing or play an instrument. A person has to actually be able to hear the music, so those who are deaf or wearing ear plugs aren’t affected. And it can’t be a recording or projected over a speaker. Those with mental abilities (like telepathy) can resist him (as they are typically stronger than him). The effect lasts while he’s singing/playing and once the music stops (or someone stops listening, like putting in earplugs), the effect fades within a minute. However, the person is left with the residual emotion, for example if he invoked calm, it doesn’t instantly go away but, the person can now transition to other emotions when previously they would have remained calm. Improvised instruments or humming and whistling aren’t as effective- for example, he can drum on a table in a rhythmic beat but it won’t fully change someones emotions but it will influence them such as a person who is angry will get a vague feeling of calm which they can follow or not. It’s more a suggestion in those cases, whereas a singing a full on song will force calm. There is also no limit to the amount of people he can affect at a time so long as they can hear him- he also can’t pick and chose who is affected.

Musical Healing – Another benefit Cassidy can invoke through music is healing. If he focus’ on someone while singing, his words almost turn into a healing energy that helps ease pain and speed up healing. While he can’t heal anything as bad as a broken bone or cancer, he can heal small cuts and stop bleeding in more serious wounds. The biggest part being the pain reduction. The longer he sings, the more he can heal. In theory he could heal a broken bone if he kept it up, but that would still require weeks of singing considering how long it normally takes to heal. Most a paper cuts would heal within seconds, while a larger laceration or bad bruise would take a few minutes of singing. While healing will stop when he stops singing, the pain reduction does last for a few hours. This also only works on other people, not himself.

Sound Absorption – Cassidy has the ability to create a ‘circle’ of negative sound around him upwards of 50 feet in a radius with him being the center. He will be able to learn how to shrink the bubble, but right now it’s stuck at 50 feet. Anything in this circle does not create noise, this includes talking, footsteps, heartbeat, even radio communication (as even an earpiece has to make noise to be heard in the ear). It does not, however, block telepathic communication. Any sound that may be made is absorbed and cannot be heard inside or outside of the circle. He can keep this up for ten minutes without any ill effects (with equal time used to ‘recharge’), anything longer than 30 will start to cause nose bleeds until he blacks out. Over time he may learn how to do it for longer.

As he’s just been ‘recruited’, he has a normal chip with an electric shock and sedative feature. Upon learning that his powers are partially vocal based they also added a second chip in his neck that will inject a temporary paralytic into his vocal chords.

Thanks to his years on the street he has learned how to shoplift. He took Violin lessons through elementary school and could still play if you handed him one. He is self-taught on the guitar, piano and drums thanks to the wonders of Youtube.

Born to two loving parents, Alice and Frank Porter in the Bronx, NY, Cassidy was a happy baby. His early childhood was free of drama. He did well in school, took violin lessons and had lots of friends. Things were on the right track. At least until the summer before he started middle school. His parents were on their way back home and stopped by a corner store to pick up some ice cream as a treat and were shot by someone trying to hold up the place. They both died at the scene. Cassidy woke up, after having fallen asleep on the couch, to two police officers at his door informing him of what happened. The next thing he knew he was being handed over to child services.

Having no known family willing to take him in, Cassidy was put into foster care. Foster care sucked. But he acknowledges it could have been worse. His foster parents weren’t abusive, just neglectful. He was in a group home with five other kids and they were pretty much left to their own devices. They always had dinner, but breakfast and lunch was a hit or miss on quality (mostly cereal and cheese sandwiches, not really enough for a teenager). Through school Cassidy did well in the music, band, choir, the art and English type classes but not so well in science and math. He would have graduated with a C average.

While his powers did develop when he was 14, he didn’t fully realize they were there until he was 16 and ran away from his foster home. His foster home was in Brooklyn and when he ran away he went back to his old neighborhood. He stayed in a shelter at night, when he could get in but otherwise he made due on the street. One day he was standing on a street corner singing, looking for handouts. He was taking requests, anything to get some money for food. As he sang he really wished the people around were feeling generous. As he did he felt something like a charge around him. The next thing he knew the people around him who had looked like they weren’t even considering dropping in a buck were dropping in fives. He figured it was just good luck. The next day he tried it again, and it worked. Another street kid saw it and after he was done came over and told him that his gift was amazing. Cassidy thought he was talking about his singing but the kid laughed and told him he was talking about his power.

He ended up being invited to hang with another group of three runaways, Sandy, Cal and Scotty, who all were superhumans and Cassidy felt like he had a home (despite not actually having a home) for the first time in a while. They all looked out for each other. They would hop from shelter to shelter, some managed to get part time work. Cassidy, who was now going by the moniker Domino, was still singing for cash. The first holiday season with the group, they all pitched in and got him a guitar for Christmas. When he thanked them one friend laughed and said it wasn’t for him, it was because a guitar would make his street act better and bring in more money for food. It was an investment, not a gift.

For about two years he hung out, just the four of them. They tried to have fun when they could. Domino always tried to find new clubs they could get into while still underage and that had no cover. Or sometimes they just had their own private dance party. Their group grew a bit over the years, adding Frankie. They all had seen how dangerous their community had gotten and decided to try to make a difference. So they started patrolling the street. This was around the time they met an angel.

Alejandro gave them structure. Sort of took them under his wing, so to speak. He found a home base for them and basically kept them from dong anything uber stupid. He even gave them a name ‘The Outsiders”‘. It was during these four years that he discovered his other two abilities. In one situation they had managed to stop a guy from mugging something when one of them took a couple hits and walked way with a bloody lip and a black eye. Domino was not with them when it happened but when they got back he hurried to get the first aide kit. As he worked on bandaging his friend Domino started to sing. He wanted he other boy to keep calm and relaxed. Instead he felt an energy in his fingers as he sang and as he touched him there was a warmth in his hands and he watched as the other boys lip healed before his eyes.

His final ability was discovered when he and another Outsider ran into some trouble with the cops. They made a run for it and ducked into an alley to hide. He knew they needed to be really quiet and put his hand over his mouth and closed his eyes. Domino just needed to be silent. The next thing he realized was that there were no noises at all anymore. The traffic outside had stopped, he couldn’t even hear his breathing anymore. He hand waved to his partner that day and neither of them could talk. The two of them quickly made a run for it in the silence and got away. Once they were out of the clear Domino relaxed and suddenly sound came back. Seeing as the other superhuman hadn’t done it, Dom realized it was him but pure default.

About four years after meeting Alejandro and doing what they could to protect their community (while always trying to plan new ways to get back at the government- most of which Alejandro shut down as too dangerous) one of their own slipped up and was arrested. Shortly after, their home was raided and Domino… Cassidy found himself taken into custody and transported to a secret government facility.