Connor Parish

Name Connor Parish
Age 36
Date of Birth August 23rd, 1982
Race Marked Human
Hometown West Haven, CT
Sexuality Heterosexual

Occupation Social Worker
Current Residence A shared apartment in Pine Grove with Olivia
God he follows Ioun

Parents – Jefferson and Miranda Parish
Siblings – None


Height: 6’3″
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Build: Fit
PB: Zachary Levi
When on the job he tends to dress in a polo, sweater or dress shirt. He has had to show in court for charges before and will dress up in a suit. Off the clock however, Connor prefers to be casual. Jeans and a T-shirt all the say. He keeps his hair short and typically has facial hair of some sort that he does his best to keep trim. He gets guff when he doesn’t. 

Connor also makes it a point to work out and keep fit. While his caseload doesn’t always give him the time he’d prefer to do it, he tries to get little work outs when he can. Even if it means just parking a block away from where he needs to be.

To say his past hasn’t had an influence on him would be lying. However, he has striven to not have his past control him. He has a very protective nature about him, and will go above and beyond to help someone in need. He’s a very loyal friend, though he only has one he would consider close, he’s not afraid to socialize and have ‘friends’. Connor is easier to confide in than someone who needs someone to confide to. 

Intimate relationships are a bit hard for him. Connor has had a few, the one attempt with Olivia, but his connection with her definitely makes it hard to make a connection with someone else. That said, being with her is like being with himself which is just weird. He’d like romance, and the first few dates always go well. It’s when things start to get serious that he tends to make excuses as to why it’s not working.

  • Powers
  • Skills

Connor is a marked human, gifted a shared boon by the goddess Ioun.

Soul-link – The goddess Ioun intertwined Connor and Olivia’s souls in order to share their strength to get through their situation and become the people she saw they could become. Strong willed and determined to protect others. The soul link has a couple effects:

  1. The link gives them the ability to project an image of themselves to the other (sort of like an astral projection). No one else can see them, but they can see the people and place the other person is in, as if they were their themselves. They also can’t interact themselves with anything there.
  2. Memories are sometimes shared through the connection.
  3. Thought and emotions are shared through the connection causing the person to hear and feel what the other is thinking/feeling (and in some cases forces the to feel that way themselves. ie. One is drunk, the other feels like they’re drunk).
  4. While projecting to the other they can focus and ‘touch’ each other. While not actually there, the link they share sort of tricks the brain into thinking that the other is actually touching them and causes the sensations of touch.
  5. With focus, they can ‘take over’ the other for brief periods of time. It has to be given willingly and it can take a lot out of the one in control. While in control they have full control over the others body, until they are ‘kicked out’ by the other, or leave themselves.

While the soul link is always ‘on’, all aspects are controllable and also subject to random triggers (except for #4 and 5). While they can always chose to astral project, sometimes they do so without warning. Thoughts and emotions can be shared at will, but sometimes it just happens. These instances tend to be triggered by stress or increased emotions.

He has almost got a Masters in Social Welfare from UCLA and a BS minor in computer sciences. He has a knack for computers and did learn some basic hacking in high school and college.

Connor was born to Jefferson and Miranda Parish. His mother was a surgeon and his father was a cop. He lived in West Haven, CT and from the outside his family looked perfect. His neighbor was a girl, his own age, named Olivia Calder. Their houses bordered a side wall and their bedroom windows faced each other like some high school RomCom or Taylor Swift video.

His father was lonely, what with his mother gone all hours. He supplemented his loneliness with drinking and the occasional affair with his neighbors wife. Connors birth was a bit unexpected, but all during her pregnancy his father doted on his mother. It appeared that they were going to be a perfect family. However Jefferson had expected Miranda to be a stay at home mother, but as soon as she could, she went back to work- having the better paying job. Jefferson didn’t like the idea that his wife made more than him, it was like a strike to his pride. And this left him with having to be the main parent at home, which he didn’t care for and his anger was taken out on Connor. At first it started with neglect. Connor’s grandmother ended up at their house a lot to help take care of him while his father drank and watched the news. As soon as he started walking, he got whooped for breaking things. Once he became self sufficient, he’d be left outside to play, and on one such day he met her.

Olivia, had been kicked out of the house as well, he sat by the fence the whole day that day and just chatted with his new friend. Neither spoke of the bruises the other couldn’t see, but somehow they knew they were the same.

Eventually the two of them met face to face. They spent a lot of time in the shed in Connor’s back yard. It was more of a storage space than a functional shed, and the two of them made themselves a bit of a safe space… a fort of protection behind the boxes. They even set up a shrine to ‘Mama Ioun’.

As they got older, the abuse got worse. Threats were made to keep them quiet. Kids were taught to go to the police for help, but Connor’s father was the police. Who could he go to? He learned to hide the bruises, push past the insults. And every day he’d find Olivia in their fort, even into their teen years, she was there. And every day they’d pray to Ioun to come, save them. Take away their parents, protect them, to do something.

One day, when they were thirteen they found themselves in the same place. Connor had fled the house after a rare fight between his parents (rare because his mother was rarely around). Shouting, glass broke. It was bad. Olivia was hiding herself and the two of them feel asleep in each others arms. Their dreams that day were warm and they woke with a feeling of love… and something else.

Over the next week they realized, what that difference was. They could hear what each other thought, and if they were thinking of the other they were suddenly there. Just no one else could see them. Over the years they learned about their gifts, how they were connected. They used it for support when the other was alone, or being abused. Then, one day Connor was there, projected and saw Olivia’s dad come at her. He couldn’t just stand there and he ran next door and confronted him. He did not ‘win’. Her father went to his and that night he got the worst beating ever. The next day the two of them ran away from home. They were almost graduated. Connors mothers mother put them up for the last couple months and once graduated the two of them (having worked their asses off to get into a school so they could get as far from their parents as possible) were both accepted into UCLA.

Scholarships and school loans helped them each attend school. Connor got a job as an IT tech. Staying in the dorms helped keep financial responsibilities low and allowed him to save. He always had a knack for computers and supplemented his social services and developmental education classes with computer ones.

Upon graduation, he got a job with the city of LA as a social worker. He worked with at risk youth coming out of juvenile detention and kids in the foster program. While he did have a few cases who were adults, most were kids.

He got a small two bedroom apartment with Olivia and as much as he tried not to take his work home with him, he couldn’t help it. Working as an elementary school teacher Olivia, saw the same sorts of things he did. Those things hidden behind closed doors. Connor tried his best to help support kids who wanted to come forward about abuse, help protect them through the process. He did get written up a couple times for stepping over the line with a parent who he thought was an abuser.

One day he was called in by Olivia’s school. There was a young girl was showing classic signs of abuse and they were looking for maybe getting an evaluation of her home life. The moment he filed the papers, the case was dropped, her father was a politician and protected. Connor and Olivia decided it couldn’t stand, after some digging it appeared he was hitting his wife as well. So, they watched his house for a week, camera at his window. Finally the managed to catch it on tape. Connor then hacked into the politicians campaign website and replaced the commercial that ran with the video.

The last he checked the wife left her husband and her and her daughter were safe.

It wasn’t the last time they went around the legal system when it had failed to save someone in a bad situation. They had a cause. They didn’t do it often, but when a child was on the line, nothing was off the table to help them.

The move to Little Bear was a bit of a surprise. Olivia was offered a position at the elementary school from an ex coworker who was now principal. Connor was able to get assigned to San Bernardino social services and given Little Bear and some of the other outskirt towns as his territory.