Dominic “Domino” Maddox

Name: Dominic Maddox
Aliases: Domino (Stage Name)
Age/DOB: 26/September 19th, 1992
PB: Darren Criss
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Omnisexual
Occupation: Personal Shopper (Fashion) / Musician / Underground Event Coordinator
Registered No
Residence The Bronx

Height: 5’8″
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Hazel

Mother – Alice Maddox (Deceased)
Father – Frank Maddox (Deceased)
*Foster care @ 12. Run away @ 16*

Dominic stands at 5’8″ has short curly black hair and hazel eyes. Despite his years living on the street, Dom has a sense of style. He was able to take thrift store chic and make it look trendy. His personal tastes tend toward a certain carefree style. He loves tight pants and tight shirts that show off all his good features. He’s not shy about make up on men, known frequently to wear nail polish or eyeliner. He loves to try new things so isn’t afraid to change up his look when things get bored. He’s been known to go all out on stage, always changing up how he looks, has even performed in drag one night. Anything to put on a show. He does tend to wear something that will obscure his identity on stage, whether a lot of make up, a mask, shades, what have you.


Despite the tragedy his life has suffered, Dominic is sort of a force to be reckoned with. Not in a bad way… more of a force of nature way. He’s constantly ‘on’ and has this flamboyant, party, carefree attitude about things. He’s the type of person to makes friends easily and doesn’t acknowledge he has any personal enemies. He loves meeting new people and finding new ways to have fun. He’s a constant flirt (with everyone) and loves to make people feel better about themselves. He’s fiercely loyal to his friends and will defend them even if their at fault (and then give them a friendly ‘what were you thinking’ talk later).

Dominic is not held down by social stigma, actually doesn’t really seem to acknowledge it at all. Many times it seems he has no shame about things. Which isn’t always a good thing when society doesn’t approve of your gifts. He doesn’t really understand why people don’t like those with superpowers, part of him just thinks everyone’s jealous and they need to get over themselves. Everyone is special in their own way, and he loves to help others see that for themselves.

The man also has an issue with thinking before acting. This can, will and has gotten him into trouble. Most times this is brushed off as part of his charm, he says what he thinks, doesn’t hesitate when something needs to be done… but sometimes this can get him into trouble… like hitting on someone elses girl or taking a risk that ends up with him suffering injury. Or thinking it was a great idea to run underground events spotlighting his powers.

Flirting is like second nature to Dom, it’s like breathing. Most times he flirts he doesn’t even realize it outright. He loves to make people feel special, and flirting allows him to point out what is attractive and wonderful about someone. Should that lead to something more than talking- he’ll never say no. But the end goal is always to help someone have a good time.

  • Powers
  • Skills

Musical Emotional Manipulation – Through music Dominic can invoke emotional responses from people, and not in the ‘his music is so good it gave me feels’ way- though he is good. He can actually control the emotion people feel when they hear him sing or play an instrument. A person has to actually be able to hear the music, so those who are deaf or wearing ear plugs aren’t affected. And it can’t be a recording, however it can be amplified over a sound system. Those with mental abilities (like telepathy) can try (and typically do) resist him if they chose to. The effect lasts while he’s singing/playing and once the music stops (or someone stops listening, like putting in earplugs), the effect fades within a minute. However, the person is left with the residual emotion, for example if he invoked calm, it doesn’t instantly go away but, the person can now transition to other emotions when previously they would have remained calm. Improvised instruments or humming and whistling aren’t as effective- for example, he can drum on a table in a rhythmic beat but it won’t fully change someones emotions but it will influence them such as a person who is angry will get a vague feeling of calm which they can follow or not. It’s more a suggestion in those cases, whereas a singing a full on song will force calm. There is also no limit to the amount of people he can affect at a time so long as they can hear him. He can’t pick and chose who he’s affecting, and he cannot play music without something being projected.

Musical Healing – Another benefit Dominic can invoke through music is healing. If he focus’ on someone while singing, his words almost turn into a healing energy that helps ease pain and speed up healing. While he can’t heal anything as bad as a broken bone or cancer, he can heal small cuts and stop bleeding in more serious wounds. The biggest part being the pain reduction. The longer he sings, the more he can heal. In theory he could heal a broken bone if he kept it up, but that would still require weeks of singing considering how long it normally takes to heal. Most a paper cuts would heal within seconds, while a larger laceration or bad bruise would take a few minutes of singing. While healing will stop when he stops singing, the pain reduction does last for a few hours. This also only works on other people, not himself.

Sound Absorption – Dominic has the ability to create a ‘circle’ of negative sound around him upwards of 50 feet in a radius with him being the center. He can shrink the bubble to an inch from himself. Anything in this circle does not create noise, this includes talking, footsteps, heartbeat, even radio communication (as even an earpiece has to make noise to be heard in the ear). It does not, however, block telepathic communication. Any sound that may be made is absorbed and cannot be heard inside or outside of the circle. He can keep this up for ten minutes without any ill effects (with equal time used to ‘recharge’), anything longer than 30 will start to cause nose bleeds until he blacks out.

Thanks to his years on the street he has learned how to shoplift. He took Violin lessons through elementary school and could still play if you handed him one. He is self-taught on the guitar, piano and drums thanks to the wonders of Youtube. He also has a knack for fashion (dressing people, not design). Earned his GED when he was 20 and went to NYU and got a MBA in Fashion and Luxury (yes it’s really a thing). He learned French and conversational Italian in College.

Born to two loving parents, Alice and Frank Porter in the Bronx, NY, Dominic was a happy baby. His early childhood was free of drama. He did well in school, took violin lessons and had lots of friends. Things were on the right track. At least until the summer before he started middle school. His parents were on their way back home and stopped by a corner store to pick up some ice cream as a treat and were shot by someone trying to hold up the place. They both died at the scene. Dom woke up, after having fallen asleep on the couch, to two police officers at his door informing him of what happened. The next thing he knew he was being handed over to child services.

Having no known family willing to take him in, Dominic was put into foster care. Foster care sucked. But he acknowledges it could have been worse. His foster parents weren’t abusive, just neglectful. He was in a group home with five other kids and they were pretty much left to their own devices. They always had dinner, but breakfast and lunch was a hit or miss on quality (mostly cereal and cheese sandwiches, not really enough for a teenager). Through school Dominic did well in the music, band, choir, the art and English type classes but not so well in science and math. He would have graduated with a C average.

While his powers did develop when he was 14, he didn’t fully realize they were there until he was 16 and ran away from his foster home. His foster home was in Brooklyn and when he ran away he went back to his old neighborhood. He stayed in a shelter at night, when he could get in but otherwise he made due on the street. One day he was standing on a street corner singing, looking for handouts. He was taking requests, anything to get some money for food. As he sang he really wished the people around were feeling generous. As he did he felt something like a charge around him. The next thing he knew the people around him who had looked like they weren’t even considering dropping in a buck were dropping in fives. He figured it was just good luck. The next day he tried it again, and it worked. Dom realized he had a power and spent the next few years perfecting it.

He lived on the street until he was 18 when he got into a relationship with an older guy, wealthy, okay… he found a Sugar Daddy. He encouraged the younger man to make something out of his life. With his encouragement he got his GED and applied to NYU and got accepted. His benefactor helped him pay for college and eventually a place of his own. Their breakup was never a real break up as much as they just stopped seeing each other. Occasionally they do chat or hook up to this day, but it’s not nearly as frequent as it used to be. But thanks to one man, Dominic’s life went from a street kid to dressing the upper 1% of New York.

About a bit more than a year ago Dominic decided to try to venture into something new and interesting. After running the idea past some friends, he threw his first party. It was small, only about ten people. They all agreed to allow him to play for them and push emotions onto them. It got pretty wild and a few days later he was asked if he was going to do it again. Knowing that others even knowing he had powers was a risk, much less using them on people he had to make sure that it was done on the down low. Thankfully, Dom had attended enough underground raves to learn a thing or two. Thanks to some contacts he had, a solid legal waiver, masked cell phones and the knowledge that some people just wanted to have fun, he started a craze.

He started only throwing events once every few months, but it started to create a following and he’s now up to one event every month. The days change as do the locations. Dominic’s recently created an actual company “Niche Events” and against his lawyers recommendation, he has yet to register himself. As his gifts aren’t obvious he’d been able to fly under the radar and the fact that no one actually knows who he is, makes it easier to perform and not be reported. Only his employees, and his lawyer know what he can do. Everyone else who has seen him use his powers only know him under his stage name “Domino”. The company helps to coordinate his events, called Crescendo, as well as other non-underground parties. It’s very new so they don’t have a lot of gigs yet and Dom hasn’t quit his day job dressing the wealthy. But honestly, he’s just in it for the fun. There’s something he finds thrilling about running a party that only those in the know can get into, and watching everyone give in to their inhibitions while he’s playing.

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