Domino Maddox

Full Name: Domino Maddox
Nickname(s): Dom, Father Domino
Age / DOB: 32 / March 15th, 1987
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: New York, New York
Current Residence: ‘Home’ – a 10 acre commune in Palmdale, CA and ‘The Estate‘ – a mansion in Beverly Hills, CA (All owned by The path of ama te ipsum)
Occupation: Actor/Musician/Religious leader of The Path of ama te ipsum (The Path)
Sexuality: Poly/Omnisexual
Marital Status: Technically soul married to every member of The Path of ama te Ipsum
Family: Mother is deceased, Father is an incubus who’s out of the picture. However, every member of The Path he considers his family.
No other family he knows of, though may have half-siblings out there.
Species: Incubus

  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Species
  • Skills
  • Random Facts

Height 5’8″
Build Slim, works out
Hair Black
Eyes Hazel
PB Darren Criss

Domino has a trim, yet nicely defined frame that he does his best to keep in shape. He has a curly mop of black hair atop his head that he always keeps on the ‘shaggy’ side. Ever since he started growing it, he’s been known to flip between a scruff of facial hair, or clean shaven- it never normally goes more than a few days without being shaved. He loves to change his look, one day he’ll get dressed in a suit and tie, cleaning up nicely. The next he’s in something more akin to a club kid look. Around the house he typically will stick with what’s comfortable. It is not uncommon for him to ‘go all out’ for a party; wearing cloths that are tight and leave little to the imagination. Domino is also unafraid of certain taboos like piercings, tattoos or make-up (on men). He himself has a piercing in each ear and one in his tongue.

Around the commune he tends to dress a lot more casually, but when he’s ‘in town’, he tends to dress to impress.

Deep down, Domino is afraid. He’s afraid of losing those he loves. He’s afraid of being alone. However, this is held below many, many layers of self confidence and quite a bit of over confidence. Domino has always been a bit of a force of nature. He’s constantly ‘on’ and has this flamboyant, party, carefree attitude about things. He’s the type of person to make friend easily and doesn’t acknowledge he has any enemies. He loves meeting new people and finding new ways to have fun. He’s a constant flirt (with everyone) and loves to make people feel better about themselves. He’s fiercely loyal to his friends and will defend them even if their at fault (and then give them a friendly ‘what were you thinking’ talk later).

Domino is also very selfish. His ego drives his motives. He notices others needs, for example if a friend is down about something, Dom will jump to help. Not always because it’s the right thing to do, but because he believes they came to him because he’s the only one who can help. It also feels good to make people happy and help them. This tends to give people the impression that he’s a ‘good guy’, which he doesn’t mind because it means that people will always come to him in the future about things. It also means that when he needs something, people are more inclined to help him (because he’s always willing to help others).

The boy also has an issue with thinking before acting. This can, and will, get him into a lot of trouble. Most times this is brushed off as part of his charm, he says what he thinks, doesn’t hesitate when something needs to be done… but sometimes this can get him into trouble… like hitting on someone elses girl or taking a risk that ends up with him suffering injury- or starting a cult. It’s probably what will kill him eventually but so far he’s been lucky. Thankfully, Domino keeps people smarter than him around, which tends to help keep him out of too much trouble..

And yes, some may call him a slut, but he just wants to have fun, sex is fun. Is it his fault that he’s hot and people want to be with him? Or that he needs it to survive?

Domino is a huge believer in the power of love. And not just to keep himself fed. He believes that the reason so many people are unhappy with life is because they don’t know how to love themselves and don’t believe they’re worthy of being loved. Since he started to speak about his beliefs and gathered a following, he’s found himself enjoying the ego boost it gives him, and he honestly believes everything he says. Even though things have gotten a lot bigger than he had ever planned, he’ll keep preaching because he believes that everyone should find happiness.

Domino has all the traditional traits of an incubus. The ability to manipulate his pheromones (which he finds no issue in doing), and the ability to drain others life forces to feed himself (though he is very cautious about doing it, never wanting to harm one of his lovers). Long lived and the weaknesses as well like salt circles.

Domino has learned a lot from his father, but is still young in the grand scheme of Incubi, so he’s still learning. While he does truly believe in what he preaches, it has also served as a way to help sustain him. Being with multiple partners means he’s less likely to hurt someone when he’s feeding off their forces during sex. This is also why he rarely will sleep with the same follower two nights in a row- or even the same week, sometimes month to be safe. He wants them to recover before he feeds again. If he didn’t have his family, he’d probably end up trolling clubs. And there would be a good chance he’d have killed someone by now. Though, he has come close. Only the inner circle, the leaders of The Path, those who know what he is, have helped cover it up. Ensured that the partners he’s had that he’s fed too much from have gotten medical attention. While it doesn’t happen every time he feeds, it has happened enough that there are protocols in place.

*If you ask Dom he will say he’s good at everything*

  • Domino is very musically inclined. He taught himself how to play the guitar and drums and took piano and violin lessons.
  • Sings and writes music.
  • Speaks French and Italian.
  • Barely graduated High School thanks to almost failing biology (though he will claim it wasn’t because he didn’t know the stuff but because he was distracted by the quarterback who sat in front of him in class)
  • Didn’t actually partake of alcohol until he was 21 despite having snuck into clubs since he was 16 (he did it to dance, not drink).
  • Has a YouTube channel he’s posted a lot of random music on he’s made (original and cover) as well as random videos (none of the ‘family’ though).
  • Is probably one of the most honest people you’ll meet. Sure, he’ll keep some things secret and stuff, but he’ll rarely outright lie. If he can’t tell you something- he’ll tell you he can’t tell you.
  • Played an epic year long game of truth or dare in high school which included him having to streak the cafeteria during lunch (he was suspended for 2 days), admit he actually really liked Raffi songs, had to give the gym teacher a secret admirer note and had to try write and read a dirty poem for an English assignment- among other things.
  • Only the officers in his church know he’s an Incubus.
  • While many in The Path joined to follow him, his name and likeness is not associated with any of the literature they have, only his words.

Domino was born to a single mother named Alice Maddox. Alice was a loving and doting mother, even if she didn’t have a lot of money. They lived in New York and she worked as an insurance adjuster at a large firm in the city. It brought in enough that Domino never felt poor, but he definitely didn’t have a lot of the things the rich kids had. Still, Domino made the best of it. He didn’t mind shopping at thrift stores, choosing to look at it as giving him the ability to make an interesting and unorthodox look for himself. Domino was anything if not unorthodox.

During school, he was very outgoing, in theatre and band and choir and anything artistic he could- film class, creative writing, etc. His mother paid for him to have violin and piano lessons and later he’d teach himself guitar and the drums thanks to YouTube. He loved to sing and make music, he just loved to perform. Any excuse to be ‘on’, he was there. This found him a lot of like minded friends. It didn’t hurt that Domino was typically really easy to get along with. He always seemed to have a nice thing to say about someone and a shoulder to cry on when things were tough. He was always willing to give fashion advice, or be a dance partner. Being there for people made him feel wanted, needed. It seemed to fill a hole left by his father. The one night stand his mother never talked about. Domino never even knew his name.

Or, at least he never knew him until he turned 15. Domino had been invited to prom by a senior who was 17. He was sort of dating Dom at the time, though Domino never felt like someone who ‘dated’. But he liked hanging out with the other teen. That night, they found themselves in a hot and heavy make out session that progressed into something more. And it was… awesome. Domino couldn’t even explain how good it felt. How awesomely satisfying it was. When he got home that night his mother seemed to know something was up. They’d always had an open and free relationship and Domino told her what had happened- leaving out most of the details. She seemed very unnerved by this and sent him to his room. It was odd. He assured his mother he used protection and was safe, but she just cut him off and grounded him. It was a first.

Two days later a strange man paid him a visit. His father. It took quite a while for Domino to come to terms with what he was, and that his father was an actual person- having almost thought his mother had immaculatedly conceived him. But there he was. The man stuck around for a couple months, or at least in town. Answered a lot of Domino’s questions about what he was, how it worked and all that fun stuff. And slowly, Domino adjusted to his new normal. After that, his father went on with his life, but the two kept in touch. It’s the first big secret he kept from his mom. Well, the second. The first was the fact that the boy he’d slept with, he’d put in the hospital. While Domino hadn’t killed him, it turned out he’d come really close.

When he was 18 he graduated high school and left home. He moved to LA to make it in Hollywood. He moved in with some friends from high school who were letting him stay on their couch for free- they’d moved out a year before after their graduation to attend college. He decided he wanted to be an actor. Or a musician. He wasn’t sure, he just wanted to perform. For three years Domino performed where he could, on the street, in bars, clubs. He auditioned for movies and plays, getting small roles that paid some bills. He did a few commercials, but nothing took him off. Then, when he was 23, his mother passed away. She’d been sick with cancer for a while and he’d made trips out to see her a few times. His aunt was with her when she passed. Domino went back to New York in one last trip to mourn his mothers loss and remember her.

Another year went by and he was just living his life. He’d eventually found a place with three roommates and they frequently had guests over or parties. Domino found himself talking more. Talking about love, and people were listening. He was about 25 when he first mentioned the phrase ama te ipsum. Loving yourself. He talked about how, in this world, there was so much bad that you had to find those connections with others. In the beginning it was honestly, just a way to pick someone up- something he’d been doing for years. A little bit of pheromones and talk about in order to be loved you have to love yourself, it made panties drop. It also made him sound enlightened and people liked it. Dom just spoke from his heart. Then, one day he found that people were coming over just to hear him talk. Word of mouth. One person heard him, told a friend who told a friend. Apparently his words had actually connected to people. And it didn’t hurt that it also helped open people up and most of his speeches ended with at least one person sleeping with him.

What started as a group of friends turned into a following. People donated money to him and wanted to be around him all the time. Domino was smart though, he wanted to do things right. He wanted to share his message if people wanted to listen. He’d made a few friends and one of them happened to be a lawyer, so one day they met and he picked her brain. Within six months he had himself a religion, The path of ama te ipsum. One of his followers had a home in Beverly Hills that they opened up to The Path. A group of fifteen ended up moving in, others joined but didn’t live at the house. Domino attracted those who were lost and lonely. Those without a sense of purpose. He had people who wanted to work together, be a family. Over the next year they had fifty members, twenty of whom were living in the house. Domino realized they needed more space. So, thanks to the money donated and some of their more wealthy members, The Path was able to buy some land in Palmdale, CA. They built a community- or a commune (depending on who you ask) on the 10 acres of land. They had a garden and grew their own vegetables. As their numbers continued to grow a number of members who wanted to join the community sold off all there possessions and donated it to The Path. This allowed them to buy food and pay for power, clothes, extra beds as their numbers grew. They had no guns or weapons. Their community wasn’t gated or fenced. Members could leave whenever they wanted. But the community gave them a sense of love and self worth. And when Domino spoke, they felt full of acceptance. The house in Beverly Hills (dubbed ‘The Estate’) was used to recruit members and hold services for those who still lived and worked in town. Some members were encouraged to join the commune- those with skills that would be useful or who had no real use to the family outside the commune. Those with jobs that were beneficial to them like lawyers, bankers, those in Hollywood were all encouraged to remain in their jobs. Many would spend weekends or time off at the commune (eventually dubbed ‘Home’), and would continue to donate money to The Path. Eventually they had over 100 people living at ‘Home’ and a few hundred more that didn’t.

Each member that joined was put through a ceremony of sorts. A ‘marriage’ to the community- well all save for the kids. Children who joined with their parents (there were few) or who were born into the cult were the children of all the family. Everyone contributed in caring for them. Domino made certain that the primary parents were in charge of their own children, but they never had to worry about not sleeping through late night feedings or never having any alone time. Those who were over 18 and married to the rest of the community wore a ring showing their commitment. Domino believed that love should be shared with others willingly. However, no one was forced to participate, consent was a huge commandment. Thankfully, those open to it were released of their inhibitions and would participate in ceremonial style orgies. Polygamy was encouraged.

Dom preached joy and love and happiness. He preached loyalty to those you love and the bond that their family had. But above all, he preached that in order to fully be loved by others- you had to love yourself. And in his preachings, spreading his word, he felt loved. He felt worshiped. He felt adored. It was everything he’d wanted. There were times he’d just sit there and watch his flock and could almost feel their giving natures. He’d made a good place. Well most times. Those few instances that someone disrupted the serenity with anger or hate, and they had to be sorted out. Disagreements were normal, but those who sought to sow discord were dealt with harshly and in private. Thankfully, thus far there haven’t been any huge dissents in The Path, but he’s ready to ‘divorce’ anyone who would seek to cause his family harm- even if they come from within. However, forgiveness is something he preaches, and giving second chances. So, if the guilt and isolation doesn’t work… then they’re out.

Now, if you ask Domino, his family isn’t a cult. It’s a family. He’s not controlling people, he’s opening their mind to new ideas. He doesn’t force his followers to sell all their materialistic possessions and move to the commune, they chose to (even if there may be some encouragement to help support the family). Even the discipline when needed is seen as a normal ‘family dispute being settled’. However, from the outside, those who had never been under his sway, it was quite easy to see their community as a cult. People quitting their jobs, selling their things, leaving their lives to go live in an off the grid style hippie commune where everyone of age is married to everyone else, they preach open relationships and all follow a single man they refer to as husband and father? Could appear pretty cultish from the outside.

Domino frequently travels to and from Home, he still loves to perform just has sort of changed his style. He finds himself doing speaking engagements, talking about The path of ama te ipsum, recruiting more members. His members have been known to give away homemade jewelry and crafts on the street, the family side of The Path. Sharing the love with trinkets, sometimes recruiting other lost souls. Those who are ‘working members’ tend to recruit from their social pools- though not as frequently. While they have more people living in the city than the commune, since it’s creation the commune has seen a rapid increase in population compared to working members. Domino doesn’t really care either way. He has a partner who is in charge of most of the logistics stuff. Someone who has been with him the entire time. Domino finds himself focused on spreading the message. There are a handful of others who are ‘leaders’ in The Path that assist with running various aspects of the religion/community.

While The Path is his main priority, he does still audition for the occasional casting call and you can still find him at a night club on the occasional night (it’s also a great place to preach to receptive souls looking for love). Domino may have let the power go to to his head, inflate his ego. But deep down, he does really care about his people. It would be a shame if anyone were to disrupt what he’s managed to create.