Domino Maddox

Name Dominic Maddox
Nickname Domino
Age 31
Date of Birth August 25th
Sexuality Pansexual
Marital Status Just try to tie him down

Job Bally performer (Musician)
Job Details Helps draw people to shows during the Bally by performing small bits to get people to buy tickets for the show inside. Typically performs before the coochie show, being a musical distraction for the women and children while the talker convinces the men to buy tickets.

Lucky Maddox


  • Can sing, dance, act, play the piano, guitar, violin and drums – boy is just talented af.
  • Learned how to ride a horse on the ranch.
  • Lives in a double tent with his brother.
  • Thanks to Edi, he has a subtle static field around him most times. It’s unnoticeable mostly and doesn’t cause issues, unless his emotions are at the extremes.
  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Powers
  • Edi

Height 5’8″
Build Slim, works out
Hair Black
Eyes Hazel
PB Darren Criss

Dom always dresses sharp. While he has to shop on a budget, he takes pride in how he looks and believes it’s important to look the part you want. And he wants people to adore him, he wants fame. So, he dresses the part. His facial hair will change depending on his mood and what he’s doing at the time. Though, since his time serving he’s been clean shaven most of the time. When his hair grows out it develops curled, floppy locks, which he likes… but doesn’t always impress those hiring for pictures. So, he’s been keeping it tight. Once he gets comfortable in Zion however, things may change.

He has a single tattoo on the inside of his wrist that can be easily covered by his watch. It’s a protection bind rune promoting personal protective power. It’s something his parents got him when was very young, when he first started learning magic. Dom also has a few scars of various fading forms on his palm, fingers and forearms from spells that required a part of him.

Deep down, Domino is afraid. He’s afraid of losing those he loves. He’s afraid of being alone. However, this is held below many, many layers of self confidence and quite a bit of over confidence. Domino has always been a bit of a force of nature. He’s constantly ‘on’ and has this flamboyant, party, carefree attitude about things. He’s the type of person to make friend easily and doesn’t acknowledge he has any enemies. He loves meeting new people and finding new ways to have fun. He’s a constant flirt (with everyone) and loves to make people feel better about themselves. He’s fiercely loyal to his friends and will defend them even if their at fault (and then give them a friendly ‘what were you thinking’ talk later).

Domino is also very selfish. His ego drives his motives. He notices others needs, for example if a friend is down about something, Dom will jump to help. Not always because it’s the right thing to do, but because he believes they came to him because he’s the only one who can help. It also feels good to make people happy and help them. This tends to give people the impression that he’s a ‘good guy’, which he doesn’t mind because it means that people will always come to him in the future about things. It also means that when he needs something, people are more inclined to help him (because he’s always willing to help others). When it comes to what he wants however, he won’t always take others feelings into consideration. Such as when he up and decided to leave home for Hollywood without considering what it would mean to leave his brother. On the other side of that, when Lucky followed him out, he insisted his brother stay with him and made sure that he got settled and even helped him get a job.

The boy also has an issue with thinking before acting. This can, and will, get him into a lot of trouble. Most times this is brushed off as part of his charm, he says what he thinks, doesn’t hesitate when something needs to be done… but sometimes this can get him into trouble… like hitting on someone elses girl or taking a risk that ends up with him suffering injury- or starting a running away with the carnival. It’s probably what will kill him eventually but so far he’s been lucky. Thankfully, Domino keeps people smarter than him around, which tends to help keep him out of too much trouble.

Species Human – Sorcerer
Type Elemental Tier 3*/ Death Tier 3/ Divination & Light Tier 1 (haven’t regularly practiced since he was a teen)
Powers Like any sorcerer, Domino can technically cast any type of spell if focused enough- though success of the spell is low outside his specialties. His Elemental specialty has sort of paired well with his personality. His magic tends to be flashy and loud, much more impulsive in truth. While he started learning Divination and Light when he first started practicing, he found he didn’t have the patience at the time and sort of was drawn to the elements. He has a few spells that are his go to, such as a small fire spell to light a room or heat something up and an electricity spell to turn things on around his apartment without needing to touch them.

Death magic was something he had dabbled with as a teen in a bought of rebellion, but sort of put it down until his brother’s accident. Since then, he’s focused heavily on learning more in hopes to help him brother with his situation.

*With his temporary passenger, his control over the elements has grown with regards to electricity. It will take time to fully learn to control it, but he will have access to this power without the use of spells- in a limited extent. He will also be able to absorb electricity rather than be affected by it.

Shortly after joining Zion, Domino ends up storing an electric elemental in his body. This will be interesting.

He was born the eldest son to two loving parents who owned a cattle ranch outside a small town in Montana. A couple years later, his parents welcomed a second child into their family, a younger brother by the name of Lucas (however, he would quickly garner the nickname Lucky). Growing up, Lucky had issues saying Dominic’s name and started to call him Domino instead, this stuck as a nickname growing up. His life was different than other kids his age. Dom and Lucky were home schooled in the afternoon after doing chores around the ranch during the day. They were riding horses almost as soon after they learned to walk and started to learn magic around the time that Domino was ten. It was on their tenth birthday that their parents marked them with a bindrune to help protect themselves.

Growing up, Domino loved being a big brother about as much as he loved learning magic. When he was twelve, his mother took him to the theatre for the first time and he discovered something he loved even more. The moment their house got their first radio, Domino would sing along with music and re-perform the radio shows they listened to (often making Lucky act off him). His father pushed him to focus more on his magic and the Ranch, but his mother supported his more artistic endeavors; often telling his father that if he weren’t good, she’d tell him to stop. But Domino was good. Their home had a piano that their grandmother would play during holidays that Domino taught himself how to play and soon started to make up his own songs. Eventually his mother got him lessons in town on the violin. Later, when he was older, he’d learn the guitar and drums as well.

Domino had no desire to stay and live as a rancher, and his mother and brother knew it. Hell, his father knew it but refused to admit it. Shortly after his 18th birthday, Domino packed up his things and moved to Hollywood, California. He was going to be a star. He was certain of it, but he wasn’t the only one. Many had come to Hollywood for fame. Domino got a small apartment with some seed money his parents gave him and he went to every audition he could. He flitted around different day jobs, until he found one playing the piano at a upscale restaurant. He was charming, attractive and good. He enjoyed it. He also worked in the evenings, which left him days to go on auditions. Unfortunately he hadn’t reached the screen test part of things, but that never dissuaded him.

When Lucky turned 18, he moved to join his older brother and Domino welcomed him with open arms. He even helped Lucky get a job as a server at his work. Things were looking up going into his 22nd year, he’d gotten cast in a radio show (before being quickly recast) and had a few nightclub gigs with other musicians who needed a stand in. He’s just gotten understudy in a play too when things would be forced to be put on hold. America found itself joining the war. The two brothers had family who had fought in the Great War and felt compelled to do so as well. So, they enlisted.

Lucky was sent to Europe, while Domino found himself in the south pacific. Dom and his positive, outgoing nature has tried to block out much of what happened. In the four years he served, he lost brothers in arms and experienced fear in real battle. Near the end of the war, Domino was caught in an explosion that took down the building he was in. He couldn’t react quick enough to get out, but he had a spell ready that kept the building from crushing him and the two other men he was with. They thought it was a miracle- that the building just feel around them. But, Domino didn’t come out unscathed. His right shoulder and back had caught a load of shrapnel and he eventually found himself recovering in a hospital in the states. As kismet would have it, in it’s own twisted way, Lucas was admitted to the hospital not long before he was from a leg injury. The two cried and hugged and helped each other through recovery.

Then, the war was over, they were back in Hollywood and Domino was determined to make a name for himself once again. Of course, the first full moon would cause a small delay in matters as his brother, once a sorcerer like himself, turned into a huge, angry wolf that tried to kill him. Domino managed to log himself in a closet (using magic to make the door stronger) while Lucky tore up their apartment. It took three full moons before Domino managed to find something that would keep his brother safe, a set of spelled manacles that would tighten around his legs and couldn’t be broken or unlocked without a special key. It had taken him that long to realize that no spell would work on Lucky himself, so he had to get creative.

Over the next five years Domino worked every month to help his brother when he needed him, while also trying to get into films. The most he was able to accomplish was a handful of background roles and one film he even had a line in. But he wasn’t deterred. He was with his brother and working regularly (if not finding his name in lights), he was on his way to something great. Or would have been, had he not run across Zion in it’s unexpected journey to the 1950s.