Domino Maddox – Bio

Name Domino Maddox
Nickname Dom
Age 16
Date of Birth March 15th, 2002
Race Born Were-Cougar (Mountain Lion)
Nationality American & Filipino
Hometown Seattle, WA
Sexuality Omnisexual

Mother – Alice Maddox
Father – Crispin Jacobs
Step-Father – Taylor Maddox (Deceased)
Siblings – 2 older sisters (by Crispin, Human)
2 younger sisters (by Taylor, [OPEN for the future])

Grade Intermediate
House Kitsune

Class Schedule


Required Subjects English, Physical Education, History, Supernatural Studies
Electives Music Appreciation, The art of Transformation, French
Art Requirement Music: Choir
Sports Requirement Track & Field
Additional Extracurriculars Debate Club


Required Subjects Algebra, Biology, History II, English II
Electives Literature, Anatomy & Physiology, Home Economics
Art Requirement Music: Choir
Sports Requirement Track & Field
Additional Extracurriculars Debate Club

Height 5’8″
Build Slim, works out
Hair Black
Eyes Hazel

Domino has a trim, yet nicely defined frame that he does his best to keep in shape. He has a curly mop of black hair atop his head that he always keeps on the ‘shaggy’ side. Ever since he started growing it, he’s been known to flip between a scruff of facial hair, or clean shaven- it never normally goes more than a few days without being shaved. He loves to change his look, one day he’ll get dressed in a suit and tie, cleaning up nicely. The next he’s in something more akin to a club kid look. Around the house he typically will stick with what’s comfortable. It is not uncommon for him to ‘go all out’ for a party; wearing cloths that are tight and leave little to the imagination. Domino is also unafraid of certain taboos like piercings, tattoos or make-up (on men). He himself has a piercing in each ear and one in his tongue.


His cougar/mountain lion/puma/panther or whatever term you want to use for his form, stands at about 28 inches tall and seven feel long (nose to tip of the tail, tail being 30 inches long). His coat is a tawny color with a light underbelly and the dark around his eyes.


Domino is sort of a force to be reckoned with, not in a bad way… more of a force of nature way. He’s constantly ‘on’ and has this flamboyant, party, carefree attitude about things. He’s the type of person to make friend easily and doesn’t acknowledge he has any enemies. He loves meeting new people and finding new ways to have fun. He’s a constant flirt (with everyone) and loves to make people feel better about themselves. He’s fiercely loyal to his friends and will defend them even if their at fault (and then give them a friendly ‘what were you thinking’ talk later).

Domino is not held down by social stigma, actually doesn’t really seem to acknowledge it at all. Many times it seems he has no shame about things. Which is handy when you get stuck across town after a full moon and have to make your way home in your birthday suit. He also has a bit of an ego on him, but not in the way one normally would think. His ego drives his motives, but it doesn’t make him selfish. He notices others needs, for example if a friend is down about something, Dom will jump to help believing they came to him because he’s the only one who can help.


The boy also has an issue with thinking before acting. This can, and will, get him into a lot of trouble. Most times this is brushed off as part of his charm, he says what he thinks, doesn’t hesitate when something needs to be done… but sometimes this can get him into trouble… like hitting on someone elses girl or taking a risk that ends up with him suffering injury. It’s probably what will kill him eventually but so far he’s been lucky.

  • Powers
  • Skills

Domino can shift into a mountain lion. As with all other weres he’s compelled by the power of the moon. He’s pretty good at shifting when he wants to, though sometimes if he focus’ TOO much he’ll sort of psych himself out and can’t change. He also has a lot of issues controlling himself when he’s real emotional, mad, sad, scared, all the ‘big bad’ ones tend to make him change. One time, which was the closest he felt to being embarrassed, he couldn’t control it was when he was making out with a girl. Fortunately it was friend of the family who was also a were, but it did sort of make his mother realize that a special school might be a good thing.

In human form he’s pretty normal, but does have slightly enhanced senses, smell, night vision and hearing- better than human but not as good as if actually shifted. He also has fantastic balance.

Domino is very musically inclined. It’s his passion… besides flirting. He taught himself how to play the guitar and took piano lessons when he was younger. He can also sing and sometimes even dabbles in song writing.

Born in Seattle, WA, Domino is the middle child and only son of his mothers brood of 5. With two older sisters and two younger, Domino learned fast that women are strange and peculiar creatures. He was the only boy in a house full of women. Domino’s dad was never in the picture, and his step father passed away when he was five after his last sister was born, his mother never remarried again. He loved his step-father, or what he can remember of him but he never knew his father. His mother was a were and passed the gift/curse onto Domino.

The first full moon after he was born it was clear Domio’s life wouldn’t be the same. His older sisters each were fortunate to not receive the curse from their mother, and growing up Domino found himself constantly being encouraged to change by his sisters. His mother would come home to find him sitting there with ribbons pinned in his fur and doll dresses (then real dresses as he got bigger) on. As much as she tried to put a stop to it, she was a single mother who worked two jobs to support her litter. She was a great role model for Dom.


However, the lack of parental supervision did mean that Domino did have a lot of freedom. While he tried to make good choices, he did end up in the hospital more than once with a broken bone of fracture because he’d tried to do something stupid and paid for it. As he hit his pre-teen years Domino started to notice girls, and boys. He didn’t think anything of it, he was starting to hit puberty and certain things were becoming more obvious. The fact that he was ‘supposed’ to be more attracted to girls never even clued into him. All people were interesting and it didn’t matter their gender.


Then came his freshman year of high school. Or what it wasn’t. Domino is not a stupid person, but he was very unmotivated. Public high school didn’t have much structure or discipline and Domino failed more because he never attended classes then actually failing assignments- the ones he was there for a turned in were actually decent. So in the first, and only time in his life of feeling actual shame, he had to stand there and be told by his mother how disappointed she was in him. After getting caught making out with a girl (and subsequently changing shape because he got sort of turned on) his mother decided that enough was enough. She hadn’t wanted to split her family up by sending him away, but she felt she had little choice. His mother had attended St. Margaret’s after getting bitten and cursed herself, so she knew it was a good school and would have the structure and discipline Domino needed… with just enough freedom it wouldn’t stifle him- she hoped.