Domino Maddox – Bio

FULL NAME: Domino Maddox


AGE: 21

DATE OF BIRTH: May 22nd, 1995



HOUSING: All housing will be assigned upon acceptance.




FORMER OCCUPATION: Student @ Yale, Theater Studies Major (dropout)

PARENTS: Mother – Alice Maddox, Father – Crispin Jacobs, Step-Father – Taylor Maddox (Deceased)
SIBLINGS: 2 older sisters (by Crispin), 2 younger sisters (by Taylor)

  • Apperance
  • Personality

HEIGHT: 5’8″
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Tattoo on back left shoulder blade

PERSONAL STYLE: Domino has a trim, yet nicely defined frame that he does his best to keep in shape. He has a curly mop of black hair atop his head that he always keeps on the ‘shaggy’ side. He’s been known to flip between a scruff of facial hair when he’s in the mood, or clean shaven- it never normally goes more than a few days without being shaved. He loves to change his look, one night he’ll get dressed in a suit and tie to go out for the night, cleaning up nicely. The next he’s in something more akin to a club kid look. Around the house he typically will stick with what’s comfortable. It is not uncommon for him to ‘go all out’ for a rave; wearing clothes that leave very little to the imagination and by the end of a night of dancing close to so many people have to be peeled off after dampening to his skin. Domino is also unafraid of certain taboos like piercings (though he only has one in each ear and one in his tongue), tattoos or make-up (on men).

Domino’s a creature of sexual impulses and he’s not afraid to let it be known. While he does had the ability to tone it down, he doesn’t always find a need to. He doesn’t care who, or what someone is and will be the last to judge someone on preference, always going for the ‘new and mysterious’ every time. This doesn’t mean Dom’s never had a serious relationship before, in fact he’s had quite a few, and some of them were exclusive even. This is because he is good with rules. Lay down the law and he can follow, don’t and he’ll probably just act on instinct. Now if he gets bored or feels ignored… then he might end up breaking your heart. He’s most frequently the person who will make someone blush, just by saying hello and still doesn’t get why one-night-stands are a bad thing.

Apart from his flamboyant party, carefree attitude, Domino was raised right by his mother and knows how to be a gentleman. He can step up when need be, even when he’d prefer not to, and is very loyal to his friends.

Domino has carried the title of; man-whore, gay best friend, straight best friend, boyfriend, friend with benefits, brother, confidant, partier, shoulder to cry on, friend to just sit with and many more. He’s endlessly social and almost seems to be powered by it. If he’s sick and thus away from people he tends to become morose and lethargic. The moment people show up, he recharges and is back to his old self.

Domino is loyal to his friends, family and even his job. Most people know that they can depend on him, and will trust him with things because of that. He will always be the first to jump to someone’s defense or get into a fight in someone’s name so long as they’re a friend. Even if he is a little flighty sometimes.

The most important person in the room is… Domino, of course. Domino’s favorite person is Domino. This doesn’t mean he won’t notice others or respect them. He just tends to think the earth revolves around him. Even when he’s putting his friends first, it’s because they came to HIM for help because he was the only one who could.

Domino is quite quick to take just anyone home (or the bathroom, or the car, or the… you get the idea) for the night without regard to their relationship status or his own. Domino -can- stick with just one person at times, but temptation can be very strong and he’s more than once given in. Odds are good he has a kid out there somewhere he doesn’t know about and he routinely gets tested and tries to use protection. It is statistically impossible that Domino hasn’t caught something yet and might say something about his taste in partners but he’s managed to defy odds.

Domino is very bad about leaping before looking or doing something without thinking of the consequences. This most happens with sex, but he’s also frequently said something before stopping to think about it first (foot and mouth are well acquainted.). Many times this is brushed off as part of his charm, but it has been known to have some physical consequences. Like the time he stole a girl away from her jock boyfriend and sported a black eye, or the few times he’s gotten a little too drunk and lost time. This has made him dabble in illegal substances twice and despite the risk might do again if the opportunity came around (lucky not thinking means he doesn’t always seek out the trouble, he just doesn’t say no when it finds him).

  • Mutation – Primary
  • Mutation – Secondary
  • Skills

CLASS: 2 (He’s really learned all about his powers he can, but in general they’re not that strong compared to others.)
ABILITIES: Primary – Feline Animorph – Domino can transform into any feline breed he has seen (in real life or in pictures). He cannot shift into anything other than felines. He can maintain the shift for a pretty decent amount of time, his longest time on record being three days. A shift of a few hours doesn’t really have any side effects, but a long shift can be a bit painful when changing back. He can shift between shapes as well, though again, the longer the more strain on his body. He does gain all the abilities of his shifted form. There are some features of this ability that have, over time, ‘stuck’ when he’s not shapeshifted. First, his skin, while appearing as normal skin, has a soft furry sensation to the touch (every inch of skin, this is something Dom excuses as using a good lotion and definitely takes advantage of the sensation in intimate situations). Second, Domino has slightly extenuated canines. Not full fangs, but they have a definite point and could probably do some damage if he really tries.


Secondary – Matter Manipulation (Limited/Passive) – When Domino shifts, anything he is wearing or holding (must be able to be carried easily or worn, like a backpack) shifts with him. It is as if his body absorbs the matter in such a way that it shifts with him until he shifts back. He cannot prevent something from shifting or manipulate it in any other way.

Secondary – Feline Zoolingualism – As part of Domino’s shifting ability he can also speak with and understand other felines. This is true for all feline species but not other animals.

Secondary – Animal Mimicry – Domino can access some feline aspects when not shapeshifted, these aspects are; excellent balance, enhances sense of smell, sight and hearing.

Domino has a talent for flirting and seduction, and isn’t afraid to use it. He’s also a dabbler in music. While not apart of any band (though used to stand in once or twice while in college) he knows how to play the guitar and piano, and even has a decent tenor singing voice. Domino is also a decent dancer, and pretty skilled with glow sticks. Despite how he comes off sometimes he’s smart, not genius level or anything, but if he applies himself he can achieve stuff (he did get accepted into Yale after all).

Born in Seattle, WA, Domino is the middle child and only son of his mothers brood of 5. With two older sisters and two younger, Domino learned fast that women are strange and peculiar creatures. He was the only boy in a house full of women. Domino’s dad was never in the picture, and his step father passed away when he was five after his last sister was born, his mother never remarried again. He loved his step-father, or what he can remember of him but he never knew his father.

Domino learned at an early age that he was different. When he was 10 years old his older sister was being bullied at school and came home with a broken arm. Domino got so mad and at 10 marched out of the house with the intent to go beat the kid up. He was so angry, to his core. Then, his life changed. He suddenly found himself on all fours, his senses erupted with input and he ended up running and hiding under a bush. He hid there for three hours until he change back. He was terrified and ran home, not telling anyone.

School was pretty normal for Domino, at least to start off with. He wasn’t the most popular kid, which became even more so his freshman year of high school when his sexual preference was expanding from girls to guys to both. He did his best to keep to himself and his close group of friends where he was actually praised for being so open minded. The older Domino got, the less picky he became about who he flirted with and who flirted back. Part way through his sophomore year he got a reputation that seemed to split into a few camps. There were his friends who knew and loved him no matter what. Those who thought he was a whore and a slut. Some thought it was an ‘honor’ or something to ‘get with him’. Then there was a tiny few who wanted to be him.

Little did anyone know that the amount of sexual partners Dom had throughout high school was two. One guy who was a good friend of his and one girl who was also a close friend. Now, the amount of people he made out with and maybe got rounded a few bases with were more than a few, but really Dom just got really good at making self-conscious high schoolers feel attractive and good about themselves.

Throughout this time Domino explored his powers on his own. He realized he could change into any feline from a lion to a house cat. He’d venture outside of town and run through the woods exploring every shape he could. He also learned he could speak with other cats. He didn’t share his gift with anyone, not even his family. At least not until he was 15 and he’d meet the man who changed his life. It was a night out and his friends were celebrating something ultimately not important. None of them had the money to afford the dinner they ordered and the idea to dine and dash was presented. Domino had never done that before but it sounded like a bit of a thrill. They made a plan to split up so they couldn’t all be caught if someone was gonna get caught. Domino took the back door to the alley. The moment he got out back and out of sight of anyone he shifted into a cat. Little did he know that the head chef was hot on his tail. The man had a hunch that paid off and before Domino knew it he was on his knees in the alley, no longer a street cat.

The man, he would later know by Aidan Fitzgerald, was the first person to ever know Dom was a mutant. Thankfully, he was a kind man who took pity on the boy. To pay off the check he’d bailed on he did dishes in the kitchen for a month. After that he kept coming by the restaurant when Aidan was working and soon to the mans home. He became a bit of a mentor to Domino, finally giving him the courage to tell his family what he was (and being pleasantly surprised when his older sister also came out as a mutant thanks to his courage). Aidan also pushed Domino in his studies, encouraging him to strive for more.

The encouragement paid off because Domino pulled up his grades and maintained an average that got him accepted into Yale. Thanks to a combination of scholarships and a payment from Aidan (unbeknownst to Domino) he was able to attend. College was an interesting time to Domino. He did manage to get his Associates, but the longer he was there the more he realized he didn’t want to go to school. He spent his weekends in New York at clubs and bars working (illegally with a fake ID) with a PR group that sent hot young people to bars and clubs to sell specific brands of beer or sometimes just to make a place seem ‘hip’ and ‘happening’. Domino found himself in a bit of a spiral, he dropped out of school and got a loft in the city with a bunch of other people. He’d probably still be there, aimlessly partying his life away if it weren’t for one night.

It’s strange how one moment can change your life forever. First it was when he discovered his powers, the second was meeting Aidan, the third was saying yes when he should have said no. Dom and a group of friends found themselves at an event in the Hamptons. It wasn’t something set up by the firm he worked for, it was an off the books event that a guy a friend of a friend hooked them up with. $1000 to show up and have fun. Domino found himself, 21 years old, drunk almost to the point of blackout and being offered some pill. An hour, three more drinks and who knows what other substances later Domino found himself barely conscious as a light was shown into his eyes, followed by colorful flashing lights. Four hours later he awoke to the horrible taste of charcoal in his mouth as he laid hooked up to multiple machines. The doctor informed him that he’d OD’d and was lucky to be alive.

Domino was kept overnight for observation and as he laid there, he tried to figure out how he ended up in those circumstances. The next day he took a flight back to Seattle to visit his family, none of them aware of what happened. After a few months, he got a hold of Aidan and found out about Sanctuary. He asked if there might be a position for him, figuring that maybe what he needed was a purpose for a little while. So Domino was hooked up with a position in logistics for when he arrived, eager to try something new.