Domino Maddox – Bio

Name Domino Maddox
Nicknames Dom
Occupations Bartender
Age 22
Date of Birth March 15, 1995
Species Shifter (Mountain Lion)
Orientation Omnisexual
Dating Status Always Open
Hometown Seattle, WA

Mother – Alice Maddox
Father – Crispin Jacobs
Step-Father – Taylor Maddox (Deceased)
Siblings – 2 older sisters (by Crispin, shifters)
2 younger sisters (by Taylor, human)

Height 5’8″
Build Slim, works out
Hair Black
Eyes Hazel

Domino has a trim, yet nicely defined frame that he does his best to keep in shape. He has a curly mop of black hair atop his head that he always keeps on the ‘shaggy’ side. He’s been known to flip between a scruff of facial hair when he’s in the mood, or clean shaven- it never normally goes more than a few days without being shaved. He loves to change his look, one night he’ll get dressed in a suit and tie to go out for the night, cleaning up nicely. The next he’s in something more akin to a club kid look. Around the house he typically will stick with what’s comfortable. It is not uncommon for him to ‘go all out’ for a rave; wearing clothes that leave very little to the imagination and by the end of a night of dancing close to so many people have to be peeled off after dampening to his skin. Domino is also unafraid of certain taboos like piercings (though he only has one in each ear and one in his tongue), tattoos or make-up (on men).

Domino’s a creature of sexual impulses and he’s not afraid to let it be known. While he does had the ability to tone it down, he doesn’t always find a need to. He doesn’t care who, or what someone is and will be the last to judge someone on preference, always going for the ‘new and mysterious’ every time. This doesn’t mean Dom’s never had a serious relationship before, in fact he’s had quite a few, and some of them were exclusive even. This is because he is good with rules. Lay down the law and he can follow, don’t and he’ll probably just act on instinct. Now if he gets bored or feels ignored… then he might end up breaking your heart. He’s most frequently the person who will make someone blush, just by saying hello and still doesn’t get why one-night-stands are a bad thing.

Apart from his flamboyant party, carefree attitude, Domino was raised right by his mother and knows how to be a gentleman. He can step up when need be, even when he’d prefer not to, and is very loyal to his friends.

Domino has carried the title of; man-whore, gay best friend, straight best friend, boyfriend, friend with benefits, brother, confidant, partier, shoulder to cry on, friend to just sit with and many more. He’s endlessly social and almost seems to be powered by it. If he’s sick and thus away from people he tends to become morose and lethargic. The moment people show up, he recharges and is back to his old self.

  • Powers
  • Skills
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses

As a shifter Domino can change into the form of an animal. His ‘chosen’ form is that of a cougar. Aka Mountain Lion, Puma, or Panther. When shifted he stands at about 28 inches tall and seven feel long (nose to tip of the tail, tail being 30 inches long). His coat is a tawny color with a light underbelly and the dark around his eyes.

Domino has a talent for flirting and seduction, and isn’t afraid to use it. He’s also a dabbler in music. While not apart of any band (though used to stand in once or twice while in Seattle) he knows how to play the guitar and piano, and even has a decent tenor singing voice. Domino is also a decent dancer, and pretty skilled with glow sticks.

Loyal – Domino is loyal to his friends, family and even his job. Most people know that they can depend on him, and will trust him with things because of that. He will always be the first to jump to someone’s defense or get into a fight in someone’s name so long as they’re a friend. Even if he is a little flighty sometimes.

Ego – The most important person in the room is… Domino, of course. Domino’s favorite person is Domino. This doesn’t mean he won’t notice others or respect them. He just tends to think the earth revolves around him. Even when he’s putting his friends first, it’s because they came to HIM for help because he was the only one who could.

Sexually promiscuous –  Domino is quite quick to take just anyone home (or the bathroom, or the car, or the… you get the idea) for the night without regard to their relationship status or his own. Domino -can- stick with just one person at times, but temptation can be very strong and he’s more than once given in. Odds are good he has a kid out there somewhere he doesn’t know about and he routinely gets tested and tries to use protection. It is statistically impossible that Domino hasn’t caught something yet and might say something about his taste in partners but he’s managed to defy odds.

Doesn’t think things through – Domino is very bad about leaping before looking or doing something without thinking of the consequences. This most happens with sex, but he’s also frequently said something before stopping to think about it first (foot and mouth are well acquainted.). Many times this is brushed off as part of his charm, but it has been known to have some physical consequences. Like the time he stole a girl away from her jock boyfriend and sported a black eye, or the few times he’s gotten a little too drunk and lost time. This has made him dabble in illegal substances twice and despite the risk might do again if the opportunity came around (lucky not thinking means he doesn’t always seek out the trouble, he just doesn’t say no when it finds him).

Born in Seattle, WA, Domino is the middle child and only son of his mothers brood of 5. With two older sisters and two younger, Domino learned fast that women are strange and peculiar creatures. He was the only boy in a house full of women. Domino’s dad was never in the picture, and his step father passed away when he was five after his last sister was born, his mother never remarried again. He loved his step-father, or what he can remember of him but he never knew his father. The only thing the man ever did for him was pass down a gift. It was a gift that he shared with his two older sisters. They were shifters.

This gift could have been a horrible thing, but when his sisters first discovered their ability and then eventually Dom, their mother didn’t change anything about how much she loved all her children. She worked a lot and laid strict rules on her three gifted children to keep their gifts a secret and never to do it outside the house (even after supernaturals were widely known of). She also worried about her two youngest feeling jealous because they were ‘normal’ but the young girls loved their ‘furry’ brother and, with their older sisters, would encourage Domino to shift and then dress up the ‘kitty’. Eventually their mother put a stop to the playing dress up. Domino got a bit of a kick out of it actually.

School was pretty normal for Domino, at least to start off with. He wasn’t the most popular kid, which became even more so his freshman year of high school when his sexual preference was wavering more and more to somewhere in between and then more to guys than girls. He did his best to keep to himself and his close group of friends where he was actually praised for being so open minded. The older Domino got, the less picky he became about who he flirted with and who flirted back. Part way through his sophomore year he got a reputation that seemed to split into a few camps. There were his friends who knew and loved him no matter what. Those who thought he was a whore and a slut. Some thought it was an ‘honor’ or something to ‘get with him’. Then there was a tiny few who wanted to be him.

Little did anyone know that the amount of sexual partners Dom had throughout high school was two. One guy who was a good friend of his and one girl who was also a close friend. Now, the amount of people he made out with and maybe got rounded a few bases with were more than a few, but really Dom just got really good at making self-conscious high schoolers feel attractive and good about themselves.

Grades wise Domino was a passing student, strong B average. He scored high in band and theatre and low in science and really had no ambition or long time goals. The year after graduation Domino sat in as a regular sub in a couple of bands for when their guitarist was out. He dabbled in his own music but nothing much ever came by it. Eventually he got a job with a PR firm that had hot men and women go around to different bars and promote a beverage. It was fun and his scene and he got paid to have a good time. He also worked as a bartender for a year. His life was one long ride that would eventually need to come to an end.

The move to Portland wasn’t a planned one. One night, on Domino’s day off, he was out with some people, partying as normal. The night started like normal; dancing, drinking, bathroom sex, more dancing and drinking. When it came time for the club to close this guy who one of his friends had hooked up with invited the group to his place, he’d take them all in his limo. Not one to say no to a free limo ride most of his friends jumped at the chance for an after party. This guy was rich, his place was a large not-quite-a-mansion and it wasn’t long until the party was at full swing again. Then out came the designer drugs.

To this day Domino can’t tell you how many drinks he’d had or everything he took. He can’t tell you who called the ambulance or his mother. What he can tell you is that being forced charcoal and the subsequent emptying of the stomach is much worse than you think it is and the only thing that made him feel worse that night was the look his mother gave him after he’d fully come to. She was so disappointed in him. She’d given him a lot of room to find himself and despite all the partying, he was actually working a job that paid well and had a savings. That made her proud and ok with his decisions. Being pulled out of work to got to the emergency room, being told her only son had OD’d and not knowing if he was alive or dead… that… that broke her heart.

He was twenty-one and a bit to old to ground. He’d moved out the year prior into an apartment with five friends. She had no way of making sure her son wasn’t going to do a stupid and not survive the second time. What she did know was she needed to do whatever was in her power to change the environment her son was exposed to. As much as some of them meant well, his friends didn’t have his back (in her opinion) and weren’t good for him. So she made her son a deal. He would move to Portland, Maine where an old friend of hers resided. They would help Domino find a place to stay and a job. She would pay for the move.

Yea, that was the deal, it was kinda one sides, but Domino saw what his choices had done to her. His mother, the only person he loved more than himself now thought he was a screw up, a mess. Of course little did Domino know when he agreed to this that his mothers old friend would routinely reporting back to her about his actions and if he was keeping out of trouble.