Eva Alta Valdez

Name Eva Alta Valdez
Performing Alias Angel
Age 30
Apparent Age 26
Date of Birth March 15th
Date of Death July 22nd, 1915

Nationality Spain
Sexuality Straight, but will flex for coin
Marital Status Complicated, technically single

Job Dancer and more
Job Details Dances in an adult show at the carnival and keeps company for coin

Sire – OPEN


  • She tends to feed from those in her ‘menagerie’ of ‘pets’ so she can summon them when she’s wanting.
  • Will never refer to a pet by that title, except to her sire.
  • Lives in a wagon with blacked out windows.
  • Has been at the carnival a little over a year, has headlined the Dancing Girl show since May 1919.
  • Often refers to her sire as cousin, though is a bit more handsy than most cousins- which some question if they’re actually cousins or not.
  • Has a Spanish accent. Speaks English and Spanish.
  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Powers

Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Brunette
Height: 5’8″
Build: Thin
PB: Eiza Gonzalez

Always on point, Eva is always wearing what is ‘in’ fashion- or at least what she can afford and get her hands on. Rarely does she every look under-dressed, even her casual look is chosen to look good.

She is adaptable if anything. Eva enjoys the company of people. She has a way of making anyone she’s with feel special, loved, desired, cared for- whatever they need. If anything, her change in life has made her want human interaction more than she did before her death. She is always up for a dance, and takes it very seriously.

When it comes to those she likes, she can be quite possessive. After all, they need her- and she them. Whether friend, be fellow, or more, she doesn’t like it when strangers start nosing around what she feels is hers. Interacting with each other is fine, but if she feels that someone is trying to take away someone form her- she can lash out. Mostly, it’s verbally. But there has been a time or two she found herself with another woman’s hair between her fingers as her sire had to pull her away before she did something she’d regret. Those she really cares for she tends to feed from at least once- if only to be able to call them back to her when she wishes.

Species Vampire
Type Nightwalker
Powers She’s still very new, so her powers are still a bit erratic. She doesn’t always know her own strength, or has issues summoning someone she hasn’t before (or recently). But, she’s learning.

Born in Spain to a baker and a housekeeper, Eva had a modest life. Growing up, she had many brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, and other family around her. When she was sixteen she worked at her Uncles bar, serving drinks and cleaning up. Early on she learned that men just wanted attention, and she learned to give it. A kind word here, a gentle touch on the arm there and she found that some of the men in her village would come to the bar just to see her.

Life was good, until the war broke out. Spain remained neutral, but her village was close to the border with France and many felt the fear of inevitable conflict. Food riots weren’t uncommon either. One night she was at her family home, everyone else was out and she was preparing dinner for all to return from work and the fields when a soldier came upon the casa. Or at least she thought he was a soldier at the time. Eva, frightened at first, noticed the man was injured and she felt for him. Quickly, she helped him into the house and sat him in a chair to look at his wound. He was attractive- extremely so- and as she looked, she noticed his wound was not nearly as bad as a bullet wound should be. His hand brushed her face as he thanked her and told her he only needed a little of her help and he’d be healed to get on his way.

Before she could question or protest, his lips were at her neck and she felt a warmth through her. Eva had no idea she was being fed from. He laid her back as she felt weak in the knees for him. He got up to leave, but she felt drawn to ask him to stay for dinner. He just smiled.

Before her mysterious soldier could leave, however, another knock came to the door. Eva managed to make it to her feet, but the soldier seemed on edge. She assured him that if it were his enemy she’d direct them away. She didn’t have a side in the war- but also wouldn’t purposefully, knowingly, put someone in harms way. As she was about to open the door, five men barged in. What happened next was a blur for her. She heard gunfire and the next thing she knew, her home was engulfed in flames and she was bleeding and then darkness.

When she woke, her soldier stood nearby. They were in a cellar, everything was dark. She felt hungry but none of the food sounded good. Her soldier introduced himself and threw one of the men who had attacked them on the floor before her. She was shocked as she watched him slit his throat- and was even more shocked when the smell of his blood hit her and… it was good. Eva practically flew at the man, her lips taking in his blood. What was she doing?

It took a few days for him to explain what had happened and what he’d done to her. He was a vampire and the men who’d attacked were hunters. One of them had shot her when attempting to shoot him and he felt he owed her for being so hospitable and tried to save her, but she was too gone and there’d been only one option. So he turned her into a Nightwalker like him. They stayed in Spain through the rest of the war, moving farther west. It broke Eva’s heart to leave her family but her sire had insisted it was for their own safety. Remembering how she’s drained the hunter, she couldn’t really argue.

A few months before the war ended, her sire was able to book passage across the ocean to America. He had friends and connections that got them into the country with fake papers. The threat of hunters following him- them was still prevalent as a few times they cut it close. They had to find a place they could be safe for a bit. So, on a tip, they found Zion Mystique and managed to join the crew. Eva had always loved dancing, and she had a body men desired (or so she was told), so she fell in easily with the dancing girls. The group who was there taught her some thing, and her sire learned a lot from their talker. They were a small pack of shifters who had been saving up to move on to Canada. Five months ago, the mesmerizing Angel became a solo act- though it never was solo for long.

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