Fitz Killian – Bio

Full Name: Pierce Fitzpatrick Killian
Nickname(s)/Alias/Code Name: Fitz, (cat names) Oliver, Mew, Mr. Tumbles
Age / DOB: 37 / February 22nd, 1982
Gender: Male
Place of Birth/Place of Residence Prior to Destruction: Washington
Prior/Current Occupation: U.S. Army, Private Security / Faction Scout/Spy
Sexuality: Homosexual
Marital Status: Single
Family: Parents are deceased. Only child. A lot of Aunts/Uncles/cousins.

Current Residence: With Kyrie as her pet
Mutant Danger Level: Assigned upon acceptance

Sebastian Stan
Fitz has blue eyes, brown hair and stands at 6′ even. He has tone physique and no real distinguishing marks. Free of tattoos, piercings and obvious scars (most cuts and scratches haven’t been serious enough to cause a permanent scar). He tends to dress very casual and frequently has a face of stubble.

While he can change into any type of feline he’s seen, there are three forms of house cats he frequents. The first is Oliver, the form he arrived to the island in. Oliver is an orange tabby. Mr. Tumbles is a gray and white cat. His most frequently used form is Mew, an Egyptian Manx. A gray cat with a stubby tail.

He used to be very outgoing, confident and charismatic. Fitz still can be, but all the time spent as a cat in the recent years has sort of messed with his humanity. He has some feline quirks that he’ll slip into when he’s not paying attention, such as the way he stretches or the way he scratches an itch, it’s nothing overtly odd but you can definitely see cat in the moves. He might been caught sniffing at someone new sitting close to him, it’s just all habits he adopted by being a cat. Thankfully his time with Kyrie has helped keep him from going completely off the deep end. While he spends 80% of his days as a cat roaming around, those evenings he can risk being a human and socializing with another human have saved him.

As a cat he is very friendly, always up for a pet or belly rub. Loves to play and act like he doesn’t know the red dot on the wall isn’t really a laser pointer. He is very convincing. Fitz can also be a bit territorial, especially around his home.

  • Power – Feline Animporph
  • Power – Matter Manipulation (Limited/Passive)
  • Power – Animal Mimicry

Feline Animporph
Capabilities Fritz can turn into any species of cat he’s seen (live or in pictures). A few important facts about his shifting ability: first, when a feline he has all the capabilities of a feline (running speed, jumping, ability to talk to other cats). Second, there are a few features of being a cat that have ‘stuck’ to his human form caused by all his shifting; one, he has sharp canines two, his skin, while appearing as normal skin, has a soft furry sensation to the touch, every inch of it.
Limitations While he can stay as a cat for hours, or even days, the longer he stays in feline form the more painful it is to change back. While he’s gotten used to this pain, it occurs nonetheless. He can drink while in feline form and it will sustain him, however food ate in feline form doesn’t fully sustain him and he is required to partake of most meals in human form or suffer normal side effects of malnutrition.

Matter Manipulation (Limited/Passive)
Capabilities When Domino shifts, anything he is wearing or holding (must be able to be carried easily or worn, like a backpack) shifts with him. It is as if his body absorbs the matter in such a way that it shifts with him until he shifts back.
Limitations The power is passive. He cannot prevent something from shifting or manipulate it in any other way.

Animal Mimicry
Capabilities Fitz can access some feline aspects when not shapeshifted, these aspects are; excellent balance, enhances sense of smell, sight (mostly night vision) and hearing.
Limitations These are passive abilities, always turned on. These abilities are the same as the average feline, mostly a house cat. So while better than human, they’re not extraordinary, well balance might be.

He was born in Washington, the only son of a school teacher and electronics salesman. He was named after his two grandfathers, Pierce and Fitzpatrick. From an early age he went by Fitz. Fitz wasn’t exceptionally smart or strong, he did play football in high school but was never really one of the popular kids. He sort of just blended in. He had three friends he was pretty close with and that’s really all he needed.

After high school, after the towers fell, he enlisted in the Army along with his three friends. They were all split up on their first assignment. Fitz was sent to Afghanistan and saw and did a lot of things he doesn’t speak to to this day. He found out three months into deployment that one of his friends was killed. When his service ended, he decided not to re-enlist and went back home. A year later his mother passed away thanks to stomach cancer, a year after that a heart attack took his father. Fitz started to work for a private security company that one of the guys he’d served with recommended.

He learned some basic electrical instillation and helped sell and install high tech security systems all over Oregon and Washington. He spent a lot of time working in Washington, about a year before destruction island was established, he found out he could shift into a cat. It happened as a bit of a shock, he was doing an install and there was a small area he was working in and dropped an item behind a panel. He couldn’t reach around or over to get to it and he was getting very frustrated. The next thing he knew perspective on the entire world changed. He was able to moved around the panel and get the item. He also as on all fours, had paws instead of hands and a tail. After some personal experimenting after that he realized he could turn into cats.

He shared this secret with one other person. The sister of his best friend. When his fried died in the line of duty, Fitz felt obligated to be there for her. It wasn’t even really an obligation as he wanted to. He’d made it back and his friend didn’t. Her name was Kyrie and she was a bit of a sheltered flower. A beauty Queen. But Fitz tried to be there for her, attending her pageants, an ear or shoulder when she couldn’t go to her parents. The older brother she’d lost. While not trying to replace him, he wanted her to know she wasn’t alone. 

When Kyrie’s own powers were discovered and her parents decided to send her to the Island for her own protection, Fitz agreed to come with. They had a whole plan. He’d go on as her pet orange tabby ‘Oliver’. That way if things weren’t good they wouldn’t know about him and he’d find a way to get them off the Island. Neither of them expected the type of security they had. They were stuck for the time being, but Fitz remained a cat most of the time. He managed to fiddle with the camera’s in her place blocking them ‘accidentally’ or shorting them out. She wasn’t on their radar so they didn’t worry about fixing them often. When they did, he just ran around as a cat for a few days before messing with them again.

Shortly after arriving to the island, he found himself with an opportunity to make his situation mean something. He wandered around the Island for quite a while before he was approached one day. A woman picked him up like all the other people who wanted kitty pets did, but she spoke knowingly to him. She said she knew he wasn’t really a cat and offered a chance to make a difference. Then she put the cat down and walked away.

Fitz, against his better judgment, went to the location she’d told him to and revealed himself as human to the woman. He had no idea how she knew what he really was, assuming it had to be telepathy or something. After a long talk with her, he agreed to join the Faction as a bit of a spy. He’d stay in cat form out in public and try to target the homes of some known Agents and other places that an animal might be ignored (or pampered) and report back.

Only a handful of people in the Faction know who he really is. Those who hold positions of power, and who have been in for enough time to be trusted, vetted. Others have heard his voice in telepathic meetings, but don’t know his face. He’s far from the only ‘secret member’ who people have only encountered via mental voice, but he’s probably the only one who’s an animal.