Harrison Pravett – Bio

Name Lt. Harrison Pravett, M.D.
Nicknames Harri, Doc
Occupations Doctor, Ex-Military
Age 33
Date of Birth March 18, 1983
Species Human Witch
Orientation Straight
Dating Status Single
Hometown Chicago, IL

Lillian Pravett (Witch)
Byron Pravett (Witch – Deceased)
Sister (Younger) – Pravett (Witch), Brother (Older) – Pravett (Witch)

Height 6’1″
Build Average for someone who works out regularly

Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Blue with some hazel in the left eye. His left eye is also visibly cloudy.

Harrison is stands at 6’1″ and wears his dark brown hair short and normally is clean shaven (though recently hasn’t cared very much and let it grow out a bit). He has a few tattoos, mostly symbolic to events in his life and all of which can be hidden by clothing easily. He’s in good shape, even with this recent events he tries to keep healthy. During medical school he tried to dress on the more presentable side, even when casual but after years of fatigues he loves to slip into a cotton T-shirt and jeans (even at work). Oh, and he’s got one arm, the right one and wears a prosthetic on the left (sometimes).


Harrison has slightly conflicting personalities. Had he never joined up with the Army Medical Corps he probably would have either gone into family or emergency medicine after residency. During his year as an intern he was always complimented on his bedside manner and how well he worked with patients. He still has that person in him somewhere, but too many years in the Battalion Aid Station and in the Combat Support Hospitals have affected him greatly.

Most times Harrison can be pretty quiet. He loves good conversation, good women, a good time but he prefers things more mellow. That’s not to say he can’t go out and have a good time at a party, but friends normally have to drag him and he tends to need frequent trips outside to take in a moment of quiet. However, if you were to sit next to him in a bar or at a diner counter he’d be very willing to get into a conversation- politics and the military are probably his least favorite topics outside of other officers but anything else he’s very responsive. His sense of humor is a little subtle and doesn’t get how much of the lude/crude/’pot’ humor is actually funny. He’s a fan of black and white movies (but can’t get enough of Die Hard) and prefers True Crime and some Sci-Fi to most fiction. He is also a guilty fan of medical shows (and loves it when they actually get things right).

  • Powers
  • Skills
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses

Harrison’s focus was more on spells then potions growing up, learning how to cast enchantments and the like. It was the more exciting kind of magic and even though he’s a little rusty (and learning how to cope with one less appendage) it’s still his strongest field. However, his mother made sure he knew even the basics of potions as well. As he grew older and got into medicine, he made it a point to learn a handful of specific potions or herbal based spells to help with healing and pain.

Harrison has been through basic Military Training (so has skills in basic hand to hand combat, and basic weapons training). He has a wealth of medical knowledge from his years of schooling and practice. He also has a fair deal of Occult knowledge taught to him by his parents when he was younger (most of which he can only remember when reminded of something… or already on a tangent- at least the non-magical knowledge).

Calm in a crisis – Harrison is very calm in a crisis. Training and preparation help him remain cool when the blood is flowing around him. Despite all his issues with large crowds and noise, when you get him in a life or death (or just medical) situation he’s like a completely different person.

Quick on his feet – Thanks to field experience, Harrison has learned to think very quickly on his feet. Sometimes it’s just a matter of seconds that will dictate whether someone lives or dies (at least in the field it was) and if you can’t get the right answer the first time then the outcome isn’t good.

Insomnia – Intermittent Transient Middle-of-the-Night Insomnia to be more specific. For as long as he can remember sleep has been an issue. ‘Episodes’ last from a couple of days to a couple of weeks and tend to happen every few months or so (depending on how long they last, the shorter… the more frequent they’ll be). He’ll be able to fall asleep just fine, but somewhere in the middle of the night he’ll wake up and have difficulty getting back to sleep. During these times he tends to suffer from many of the same issues that comes with sleep deprivation. He is currently not taking anything for it. Stress and other outside factors can make this worse.

Amputee – Harrison is a trans radial amputee on his left arm. He uses a cable-operated prosthesis and harness. The use of the harness and cables can be physically exhausting, and while his prosthetic isn’t a ‘hook’ or anything, it’s clearly not a hand. Harrison suffers limited abilities in his left arm, while he can pick up things and operate day to day, there are a number of more subtle and detailed things he struggles with if needing both hands. This can be an issue being a doctor. Somethings he can learn how to adapt to over time, but seeing as the whole ‘one armed man’ thing is still so new to him, he has a long way to go.

Limited vision in his left eye – Harrisons left eye is clearly screwed up. Even without knowing something happened to him, by looking at him you can see something happened to him as the eye is visibly cloudy. His vision isn’t completely gone (though sometimes he thinks it would be easier if it was) as most times it appears that things are just hazy and out of focus. He frequently will close the eye when trying to do things, or wear the patch he was given (at least when alone).

Mild PTSD – While Harrison hasn’t developed full blown PTSD, he does occasionally had nightmares of war and gets agitated when crowds get too loud and move too much. And sometimes he swears he sees people he lost in the field walking down the street. Blood is probably the only thing that isn’t a trigger.

Born to Lillian (a teacher) and Byron Pravett (a mortician), both practicing witches, Harri was the middle child of three- his sister being the younger and brother being the elder. Raised in Chicago, IL, Harri didn’t see much of the world outside the windy city. He spent most of his youth around witchcraft and the occult as his parents made sure their children were taught how to use and more importantly respect magic. Lillian and Byron were big advocates of using magic when needed and to better the world around them. They were raised in something akin to the Wiccan religion but, more so. They were taught to respect the world and the energies in it and taught that when they tapped into their gifts there was always a price. As a teen Harrison was very interested in defense magic and that eventually moved into using magic for healing.

He joined the student EMT and became First Aid Certified in high school. When he graduated he got accepted into NYU- to the dismay of his parents who’d’ve preferred him to go to school locally. Harrison did internship and started his residency a hospital in Hells Kitchen. The nine years flew by and before Harrison knew it he was being asked to pick a path for residency. His father, proud of the path his son had taken, encouraged him to surgery or some other ‘prestigious’ career path. However, the urge to give back kept gnawing at Harrison and he instead enlisted in the Military Medical Corps. His father reluctantly acknowledged that this was the right path for his son, but his mother took it hard. She hated the idea of her son being in some scary place in danger.

Harrison served most of his time in the middle east after his eight week basic training. He served his first fifteen month tour and was only back for two months before being deployed again a consecutive tour of fifteen months. Harrison served two more tours with small breaks between and was three months into his sixth, and his second in a Combat Support Hospital, when his life got turned around. He got word that his father had passed away after a long battle with lung cancer. He was released from duty to attend the funeral, but couldn’t stay long. He spent a week with his family before heading back overseas.

A few months after his father had passed, Harrison was sitting in his tent when the alarm went off, letting them know there were wounded coming in. He, and the rest of the doctors, flew into the yard to wait for the trucks to show up. Apparently there had been a bombing a few miles away- they’d all heard the echoes- and a lot of soldiers and civilians had been caught in it. Bodies rolled in and Harrison worked with the other doctors to triage and help those they could. There were about two dozen injured that came through, each one seemingly as bad as the last. Once all the trucks were unloaded they got word of a last one that had been delayed and Harrison ran out with two nurses to meet it. If his adrenaline hadn’t been pumping so much he may have taken a moment to acknowledge the ‘this is wrong’ feeling that crept up on him, however he also may not have been able to react as fast, and the piece of shrapnel from the exploding truck may have pierced his chest instead of almost severing his arm.

Harri awoke a week later, in a VA hospital in Germany. He had fuzzy memories of the previous days, and a strange sensation in his left arm. His left eye was also a bit fuzzy. A doctor came to his bed and informed him that he’d live. He’d suffered massive internal bleeding from the impact of the explosion and that they’d had to amputate what was left of his arm just below his elbow. He’d also sustained damage to his left eye and while they didn’t think his vision would completely go away, it would remain diminished greatly. He was informed that a group of insurgents had killed the soldiers in the truck and called in a false report of more casualties, using the truck as a suicide bomb once it got into camp. Both the nurses who’d been caught in the explosion would live as well, one had sustained a number of broken bones and had been closer to the blast so she sustained a great number of burns on 20% of her body. The other nurse had been much farther back than each of them and was recouping from a punctured lung, but they suspected she’d be back on active duty in no time.

Harrison was approved for permanent medical retirement from the military and was eventually returned to the states where he spent some time in a small VA hospital in Texas for injured vets. Harri was fitted for a trans radial cable-operated prosthetic arm and trained how to use it. Harrison eventually returned home to his family, it was a sobering welcome. No one really wanted to talk about his injuries and he really didn’t either. His mother started to baby him, his siblings were avoiding him and Harrison felt aimless. He wanted to get back to what he knew, helping people. He took out all his savings and, at the recommendation of a colleague he’d served with, he moved to Portland, Maine. He had been told that the owner of the local practice was selling. Within a week Harrison was living in a new state, starting a new job and adding to his repertoire of medical knowledge. After worlds eyes were opened to ‘other’ things in the world, Harrison had chosen to keep his talents secret. He wasn’t sure how the military would react and since he wasn’t a threat he just continued on in his life as if nothing was different. Of course his curiosity and the doctor in him did his best to keep up with the papers and essays published about different supernatural anatomies and how to treat them. He, himself, had never had the opportunity to work on anyone not human. As he took over the practice he made it a point to study up and take any advice the previous doctor was willing to provide.

Six months passed and so far things haven’t completely fallen apart. He’s gotten better at one-handed stitching and re-learning how treat patients with only one hand. He’s also found a few ways to use his magic in practice, with poultices, potions and teas to help with pain and speed up healing a little. He’s also ben working on spells to help aid with pain as well. Life is still a challenge every day for Harrison, but he has a reason now.