Jakob Hale – Bio

Full Name: Jakob Hale
Nickname(s)/Alias/Code Name: Jake, Blink, Agent Hale
Age / DOB: 24 / May 25th, 1995
Gender: Male
Place of Birth/Place of Residence Prior to Destruction: Seattle, WA/Riken Experiment
Prior/Current Occupation: Teenager/Government Agent / Undercover Government Agent on DI
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Family: No biological family. Grew up in a few group homes.
Current Residence: Seattle

Current Residence: Assigned upon acceptance
Mutant Danger Level: Assigned upon acceptance

PB Liam Payne
While most of his scars are psychological, he does have a few scars on his back, most have faded with a few deep enough to still be around. They were caused by a belt in one of the worse group homes. He has a number of tattoos on each of his arms which he acquired all while underage. He has brown hair and eyes and stands at 5’10” tall. He’s quite fit, as he keeps a ridged work schedule. While he does have a bit of a quaff to his hair, he does keep it short and trim.

Growing up Jake was always a protector. He would protect the younger kids in his group homes even from the ‘parents’. This toughened him up quick and he learned how to take a beating and where his limits were (and he stretched them). In some cases he even fought back. He has a breaking point, when pushed too far he will respond in anger and will lose control if he gets too angered. He was never afraid to talk back (which tended to get him beaten) and was always quick witted.

This Jake still exists somewhere, and there are times you can see it peek through the Agent facade. Now Jake is a loyal Agent of the Government. While they do have him on a tight leash, he believes wholeheartedly in what the government is doing. When pushed for a reason as to why he supports the ‘imprisoning of mutants’, he’ll spout government rhetoric. He’s a good and loyal soldier- they made him that way.

While undercover, he tends to channel a lot of who he used to be. But it is all an act. Part of his training did help him resist telepaths, or at least letting his ‘true thoughts’ forward. At the moment his assignment is just to report what he sees, so his opinion of everything is kept quite neutral. He’ll join in and vent about ‘normal’ things (like when guards are overly rough), but he won’t outright speak against the government.

  • Power – Teleportation
  • Power – Kinetic displacement
  • Power – Superhuman Elemental/Chemical Physical Resistance

Jakob has the ability to teleport himself and up to four other people comfortably from one place to another. Teleporting to places he’s familiar with is simple and take very little effort or thought for him.

Limitations While he could feasibly teleport more than 4 people, it would be a huge strain and consciousness may be a thing he’s not on the other side. Teleporting to a place he’s never been is tricky. He has to know where it is geographically (like longitude and latitude, or google maps) or be able to have a clear picture in his head (like through a picture or video). However, the less information or less clear a place is the harder it is to hit his target and he can be anywhere from a few feet to a few miles off.

Kinetic Displacement
A secondary power keenly tied into his primary. When he teleports his exit creates something of a kinetic bubble around him that will displace anything in his teleportation area. This means that if his drop point happened to be on a table, the field will force the table out of the way, or if he misses and would teleport into a wall, the wall will suddenly have a human size hole in it. Now this only works with objects that can be moved with a fair amount of force. Items like a steel wall or something securely bolted to the ground cause a different effect as the force will displace him instead, thus moving him to a clear spot, not the object.
Limitations He has no control over this power. It occurs every time he teleports.

Superhuman Elemental/Chemical Physical Resistance
Capabilities This ability is handy when teleporting into an unknown environment. It’s very minor and only works with the elements and chemicals. For example, when teleporting into a below freezing environment, Jakob has longer than average to get into warm clothing before suffering damage from the cold. The same come if he were to teleport into a room full of say, chlorine gas, he has a few moments to get out or protect himself before being effected (not that that has happened, just an example).
Limitations It doesn’t last forever, it’s a temporary effect lasting no more than five minutes.

Born to two parents he never met, Jake was a jail baby. When he was born both his parents were incarcerated in federal prison outside Seattle and he had no family who would take him in (he had an Aunt but she refused to take him). So, Jakob was put into foster care. As a baby you would think that he’d be a shoe-in for adoption, and you’d be right. When he was only six months old he was adopted by a nice couple. Unfortunately when he was three they died in a car accident and he was put back into foster care because they had no family to take him (he was at home with the sitter). After that point foster care and group homes were his new life.

He started to shop lift when he was six and did a stint in Juvie when he was twelve after assaulting the owner of the group home when he go handsy with one of the young girls (that home was closed a month later). When he was released a year later he had gotten his first tattoo inside (pretty well done for a prison tattoo) and over the next few years became the ‘test subject’ for apprentices at their homes. He has a lot of really nice work from people who were refining their skill (but had talent).

The last group home he was in had mostly older kids ranging from 13 to 17 and he bonded with quite a few of them. It was in this home he, and other kids, started to exhibit strange powers. His first teleport was when he was trying to sneak in after curfew. Jakob really wanted to be in his room so he didn’t have to take on extra chores that week or loose privileges. The next thing he knew, he was in his room. Some of the other kids started to do things on accident, like moving objects or the one kid who glowed. The owners of the group home called the government who sent agents to look into this ‘strangeness’.

After the Agents questioned the kids, they left. That night they returned however, with the knowledge of the owners they drugged all the kids to knock them out and transported them to a facility in Nevada. They did so to ensure none of the kids escaped. A few of the kids, like Jake, were kept in a sedated state to prevent them from using their gifts until they could find a better way. In the beginning Jake was affixed with a collar that would shock him every time he tried to teleport. Eventually it evolved into a microchip attached to his spinal column.

While in the Riken facility, Jake’s powers were tested and refined. He was submitted to extreme mental conditioning and torture until his spirit broke and he became a bit of a clay they could mold. They molded him into the perfect Agent. Skilled in many areas of combat and infiltration, he was basically given elite training reserved for FBI, CIA, Navy Seals, etc. His powers were also expanded and refined, though always controlled with the implant. Whenever he tries to teleport he’ll feel a resistance, like he can’t. If he pushes he’ll get a high volt shock to his spine which till temporarily paralyze him.

Once the higher ups felt he was fully conditioned, he was sent to work at Destruction Island after the failed ‘uprising’ attempt. They thought that having ‘one of their own’ might help keep the peace. The planted him ‘undercover’ giving him an ID and everything as if he were a real resident, except for when his badge is scanned everything is always cleared. Only those in command positions know that he’s an agent. His powers are still off for the most part, but he has been given limited range access. He can teleport around the island, but if he attempts to jump farther, he’ll get shocked- not that he’d want to. On the very rare occasion he is called upon as an asset for an EXFIL situation. But otherwise, he’s left to live as just another mutant, so long as he covertly reports in to his handler regularly.