Jakob Hale – Bio

FULL NAME: Jakob Hale
AGE: 29
DATE OF BIRTH: July 16th, 1987
HOUSING: Bedroom 6: 230
CURRENT OCCUPATION: Agent (Will join the game as brand new agent)
FORMER LOCATION: The world (seriously the boys been all over)
FORMER OCCUPATION: Nomad Photographer.
PARENTS: Birth parents deceased (real names unimportant). Various foster parents (names unimportant). Final foster parents – Tom and Estelle Simmons
SIBLINGS: Leonardo Hale (Younger Brother), Melody Hale (Younger Sister).
OTHER RELATIVES: Former foster brothers and sisters out there. Otherwise unaware of any others.

HEIGHT: 6’2″
WEIGHT: 165ishlbs
HAIR COLOR: Dirty Blond
PERSONAL STYLE: Bordering somewhere between hobo chic and hipster trend without the name brands, Jakob tends to wear what is comfortable and can be found at thrift stores. This is a habit from when money was tight and most foster parents didn’t want to spend a lot of money on ‘temp kids’. Since he’s been traveling a lot, his wardrobe has shrunk a lot, basically to what you can fit in a backpack. As he settles down his style will probably expand a bit, but even still he likes hats, scarves and colorful converse that have had him labeled as a hipster in the past. Really though, comfort is key.

Jakob has had three major phases in his life that has influenced his personality. The first was when he was a kid, before his powers manifested. He was a good big brother who was outgoing and happy. He loved to play ball and perform and craved attention. His daring and risk taking side developed during this time when he was always willing to push the boundaries his parents pushed on him. He also cherished his siblings, despite having to give up some of his parents love for the new babies that came in, he realized that he could get attention and praise by being a good older brother. As he got older the need for attention, praise and the love of performing faded while the daring, risk taking side who loved his siblings grew.

The next phase that influenced him was his time in foster care. This is where the protective older brother side developed as well as a paranoid outlook on life and a slight criminal side. He did whatever he could to protect his siblings and this went above and beyond basic support. A handful of times he pushed the envelope and almost got himself arrested, but each time stopped before he did something that would take him from his siblings. During this phase an anger developed that accompanied a lack of self control. While he has been able to temper his anger and self control, it still surfaces in extreme situations. Most of this phase has stuck with him while the criminal side was tempered a bit by his parents inheritance so he didn’t have to steal stuff to survive, he did tend to travel to places without proper paperwork and has trespassed on more than one occasion. Paranoia is still with him, though not in an extreme amount and he will forever be the protective older brother, no matter how old his siblings get.

The last, and most recent phase of his life has brought new outlooks on life. Jakob has traveled the world, seen and experienced many different cultures and they all have influenced him. He’s a lot more zen about every day trivial matters but he’s also determined more to fight for the mutant cause. After running into mutants from all over and seeing how different governments react to them he realized that this cause is important and this has sparked a bit of a crusader within him.

This is the Jakob of today. He is a protective risk-taker who doesn’t let every day issues get in the way of the bigger cause.

  • Primary Mutation
  • Secondary Powers
  • Skills

TRIGGER: Dread – that feeling you get right before something bad is about to happen.

Primary – Teleportation – Jakob has the ability to teleport himself and up to three other people comfortably from one place to another. While he could feasibly do more, it would be a huge strain and consciousness may be a thing he’s not on the other side. Teleporting to places he’s familiar with is simple and take very little effort or thought for him. Teleporting to a place he’s never been is a bit more tricky. He has to know where it is geographically or be able to have a clear picture in his head (like through a picture or video). However, the less information or less clear a place is the harder it is to hit his target and he can be anywhere from a few feet to a few miles off.

Secondary – Kinetic displacement – This is a secondary power keenly tied into his primary. When he teleports his exit creates something of a kinetic bubble around him that will displace anything in his teleportation area. This means that if his drop point happened to be on a table, the field will force the table out of the way, or if he misses and would teleport into a wall, the wall will suddenly have a human size hole in it. Now this only works with objects that can be moved with a fair amount of force. Items like a steel wall or something securely bolted to the ground cause a different effect as the force will displace him instead, thus moving him to a clear spot, not the object. There is no real control over this power as it just kind of happens when he jumps. (One reason he has to be certain about where he’s going)

Secondary – Superhuman Elemental/Chemical Physical Resistance – This ability is handy when teleporting into an unknown environment. It’s very minor and only works with the elements and chemicals. For example, when teleporting into a below freezing environment, Jakob has longer than average to get into warm clothing before suffering damage from the cold. The same come if he were to teleport into a room full of say, chlorine gas, he has a few moments to get out or protect himself before being effected (not that that has happened, just an example).

Secondary – Omnilingualism – Surprised the boy who barely graduated high school is a language savant? So was he. This power isn’t something that happens instantaneously, it takes days to trigger and is triggered by exposure. The longer he’s exposed to a language, the longer he hears it, sees it, the more he understands it. It takes at least a month to get to any level that would be close to fluent and even then when he leaves the exposure the information may still be there but it’s not quickly accessed, say he was in China two years ago and hasn’t been exposed to any Cantonese or Mandarin since. If he sees or hears something in that language he will not instantly know what it means, it will take a few minutes. Now if he’s constantly exposed to a language or had ‘refreshers’ the information will come to him quicker. This has come in really handy with all his travels.

Jakob is ace at reading a map, directions and finding his way through a new place. He’s also got some training in self defense and how to fight (mostly learned from here and there so there’s no actual style, just an amalgamation of what he picked up). He’s also a pretty good photographer, it started as a hobby and a way to capture the places he’d been to send to his brother but ended up being a real skill.

He was a happy kid, with his little brother and sister and loving parents. It’s amazing how quickly that all can change. Jakob was really excited for his school talent show, he was standing back stage and his father snuck back to give him a pep talk. He was told how good he was gonna be and how his little brother and baby sister were watching and his mom and the whole school and suddenly Jakob got really scared, but not the scream and freak out horror movie kind of scared. He got the ‘I’m about to screw this up and everyone will point and laugh’ kind of scared. It gave him this sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach and made his skin crawl, he then felt a little light headed and was suddenly in his room.

Thankfully, it had just been his father and him back stage, everyone else had been busy they missed the incredibly vanishing boy. About two hours later, after his parents searched the whole school, his father refusing to believe that his son had just literally vanished before his eyes, they arrived at home to a very scared Jakob. He was crying and hugged his mother and father, confused and scared about what had happened. When he’d jumped home he’d displaced the bed two feet. What happened next he still doesn’t fully understand, and at the time was certain had to be a bad dream or a bad joke. His parents them up, all of their kids. Just up and left them.

Foster care was hard. They jumped from house to house, bad situation to worse. Not every home was bad, but most that were nice were struggling some other way. Some parents were violent and abusive, of which Jakob always positioned himself to take the brunt. Some didn’t feed them well, in which case Jakob went hungry to make sure his siblings ate. Jakob occasionally took to a little shoplifting to get some extra food and from the thrift store to get new clothes for them. He almost got caught a handful of times but managed to duck around a corner and teleport away. He never stole for fun, only for survival. He learned that life is tough and unfair.

During this time he also learned how to control his powers, it was something that he needed and on more than one occasion saved him and his siblings, like the time that one of their foster fathers was drunk and got upset over something small, he teleported his siblings outside where it was safe while he went back to take the beating to save them having to see or suffer it themselves. He took risks and experimented with how often he could jump, how far, etc. For example, when trying to see if he could jump somewhere he had never been, he ended up in the girls locker room. He’d miscalculated though and ended up in the showers. He had a hard time explaining to his teacher why he was coming back from the bathroom soaking wet.

When Leo developed his powers, Jakob got even more protective, despite his brother proving he could handle himself. When they were finally placed into the Simmons household Jakob was almost free from the system. He still had his final year in school, but he was an adult. He’d never planned on what would happen when he aged out of foster care, when he was free. He always assumed he’d try to get custody of his siblings and just keep them together, but he didn’t plan on Tom and Estelle finding them. The couple was so nice and accepting of the kids, even their powers. They were also better off than most other foster families and basically promised them that they would make sure they all had a home until they grew up- but they hoped they would remain in touch.

January after graduation Jakob was feeling restless. He’d barely graduated and didn’t want to got to college. He wanted to travel. He had a long talk one night with Tom and Estelle after Leo and their sister had fallen asleep. They talked about his future and what he wanted out of life. Jakob wanted to see the world. For someone who could teleport almost anywhere he was desperate to -see- anywhere. They supported his decision to leave on a ‘spiritual journey’ and made sure he had some cash and an active cellphone with international plan to keep in touch with everyone. After saying goodbye to his siblings, he took off.

Not long after his journey started he got a strange call about his parents death. Jakob hated his parents for leaving but wouldn’t say no to their inheritance. He felt it was only right that the kids they hated so much live their freaky lives long and off their money. He put aside some for Leo and his sister, despite Leo insisting that he wanted nothing to do with it, he figure opinions might change and if they did then they’d have a little nest egg. The money also allowed him a bit more freedom as he traveled, while he didn’t go for the four star hotels or anything he was able to afford hostels and never had to worry about not being able to eat. He traveled all over the world, interacting with all sorts of different cultures. He spent six months in China with some monks, four months working a farm in India, seven months helping aide workers in the Sudan and all over. Sometimes he was a tourist, other times he learned from the people by working beside them. He never had to worry about air fare, though a few times he had to ditch government officials or cops because he didn’t have any documents.

He tried to keep in touch with his family during this time but through the decade he traveled there were many times he was out of cell range. Recently however, he has gotten back in touch with his younger brother. Most of the chaos that happened in the US and other places in the world as mutants became an everyday fact, he missed. While he did catch some things online on the news, he’d been in a remote area of New Zeland and the moment he heard of everything he immediately made his way back to the states. His priority was making sure his family was safe and that’s when he got in touch with Leo. He informed him about the Sanctuary and what it did and encouraged Jakob to join him. In his travels Jakob had spent a lot of time helping others and that did make him feel good so he decided to give it a shot.