Jason Penn – Bio

Name: Jason Penn
Codename: Arthur
Nicknames: Jay, Arty
Occupation: Personal Trainer @ Avalon
Gang Affiliation: Camelot
Gang Role: Arthur (Leader)
Joined Camelot: August 20th, 2060

Age: 29
Date of Birth: August 15th, 2045

Orientation: Omnisexual
Dating Status: Single
Dating History: Many none of note yet

Family: Mother – Lillian (Miller) Penn
Father – Kevin Penn
Uncle – Lucas Penn
Cousin (Older)
Height: 5’11”
Build: Trim and Cut (he works out!)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

Jason has a pretty outgoing personality, he loves to have fun and party when he can however he does take the gang and its activities very seriously. He’s strictest with his ‘knights’ when it comes to holding up their code and protecting their zone. Jason is also very active in the gym and teaches some of the defense classes. While he does carry his air of authority with him, he is very approachable- there’s just something about him that projects confidence and kindness. It’s as if he can project his protective nature out for others to feel. He does have a darker side however, which is all wrapped up in his addiction. It tends to make him take risks and do things he normally wouldn’t do to satisfy his needs. But he does his best to hide that part of him from ‘his people’.

Jason tends to dress athletically when around the Community Center, and casually (jeans and t-shirt type) when hanging out socially. When the situation calls for it Jason can dress up, and looks pretty sharp when he does. As King he finds himself having to play this role that is a lot more elite than he is. Thankfully he looks good in a suit. As far as body modifications, outside his few cybernetics, Jason is pretty pure of body (which is ironic considering the lifestyle his addictions causes) however he does have one tattoo on the inside of his left arm. He got it when he joined Camelot as a sign of commitment.

  • Skills
  • Cybernetics
  • Weaknesses
  • Strengths

Arthur is skilled with the sword and knife. He knows how to fire a gun, but doesn’t have much practice with it.

He is a third-degree black belt in Taekwondo, a shodan in Seitei Jodo and participated in Sanshou tournaments. He has also picked up a few stray moves from others in his gang as well as other basic defense moves (which he teaches on a regular basis).

Aurthur has a Datachip implanted in his right inner forearm. He also has a dataport, though hasn’t used it much since he was a kid.

He suffers from insomnia – Intermittent Transient Middle-of-the-Night Insomnia to be more specific. For as long as he can remember sleep has been an issue. ‘Episodes’ last from a couple of days to a couple of weeks and tend to happen every few months or so (depending on how long they last, the shorter… the more frequent they’ll be). He’ll be able to fall asleep just fine, but somewhere in the middle of the night he’ll wake up and have difficulty getting back to sleep. During these times he tends to suffer from many of the same issues that comes with sleep deprivation. He is currently not taking anything for it.

He can be overconfident. He’s managed to get this far in life with no problems he couldn’t handle, and most of that time he’s done it all on his own. This tends to get him in trouble when he takes more work on his plate than he should– or take on more guys than he can handle in a fight.

He has an addiction to sex. Yes, Sex. He loves to have it. He’s overflowing with passion that must be shared. When he’s single he’ll go to bars to pick up random people (guys or girls). He knows of quite a few bars with ‘back rooms’ and knows most of the bouncers by first name. When he’s in a relationship he’s always trying to sneak in ‘quickies’ and skip dinners to go straight back to his place. If he goes more than six days without having sex he tends to be very irritable. And no, ‘self sex’ doesn’t quench that, he actually has no porn because it doesn’t do anything for him. He does get tested regularly and tries to be as safe as he can, but one day he might not be as lucky as he’s been.

Arthur is a natural leader. He took to his roll like a fish to water. People look up to him, listen to him and they respect him. He’s quick on his feet, especially when trying to deal with conflicts between his ‘ranks’ and can be something of a smooth talker at times– at least enough to make peace between parties.

Arthur was born Jason Robert Penn, the only son of Kevin and Lillian Penn. His parents died in a car accident when he was 11 and he went to live with his uncle Lucas Penn. His uncle wasn’t the best role model and probably could have cared less about Jason. This gave Jason a lot of freedom, no curfew, no restrictions it wasn’t necessarily the best thing for him. In the beginning he hung out with his cousin who was a couple years older than him, but as soon as the older boy hit high school he didn’t have much interest in hanging out with his younger cousin any longer.

Jason’s decision to join Camelot wasn’t one that seemed at all ‘life changing’ at the time. He was 13 and he made friends right off the bat in high school. Those friends just happened to hang out at Avalon Community Center. Jason started to take classes and became quite passionate about Tae Kwon Do. After only a few months he was practically a ‘run away’, but it was less that he ran away and more like he didn’t frequent home. He’d crash on friends floors or couches, and when he couldn’t find a place to crash he’d go back home. His uncle never reported him missing and never really paid attention to him when he was there anyhow.

By the time he was 14 he’d joined Camelot was an official junior member of the gang, or a ‘squire’ and was given a mentor. Jason liked his mentor Carl, he was called Sir Kaye, and taught Jason a lot about how to fight and defend as well as the codes that Camelot tries to live up to. He learned all about how the gang works and its history. He got a part time job working at the community center after school and helped some of the self defense instructors and personal trainers teach classes. Jason served as one of Kaye’s squires until he was 19 when he was promoted to knight. He wasn’t made one of the round table, however so he wasn’t re-christened with a new name like others. Jason was unaware that he and his three fellow former squires were being considered as a possible ‘heir to the throne’ and that throughout Camelot history the three other Arthurs trained under a Kaye and moved from lower knight to king. Jason had made an impact with his attitude and commitment and it had been noticed.

On Jason’s 25th birthday he was chosen to become Arthur. In the short time he has been ruling he’s been accepted as a fair leader, ruling with his ‘queen’. Two years ago the Guinevere running the gang along side Jason stepped down and a new one took her place.

Granted Jason had wondered if he would have made the cut had the others known about his extra curricular activities. His first sexual encounter was when he was thirteen with another teen at school in the locker room showers. After that the addiction was slow, but over time it took over much of his off hours. He acquired a fake ID to get into clubs to pick up guys or girls. Fooled around in cars, bathrooms, alleys… where ever. It’s something he plays close to the chest and he’s come close to getting caught a few times. Now that he’s King, there have been a few times he’s slept with donors and managed to secure a bit of an extra donation.

The recent death of one of their own hit Jason hard, with the treaty dissolving soon after he’s even more determined to make sure his people and community is safe.