Jericho Wells

Name: Jericho Wells
Aliases: Jer
Age/DOB: 40/December 15th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Single/Widower

PB: Jason Momoa
Hometown: Lotsee, OK (outside Tulsa)

Job: Strong Man – Ten-in-one
Job Details: Jericho works in the ten in one as a strong man. One of ten acts, he shows off his strength for patrons, lifting weights and bending metal bars with his bare hands (thanks to a little elemental help). He makes extra coin selling pitch cards to those who would take it.

Mother, Father – Alive back in Lotsee
Siblings – Two brothers, Two sisters – back in Lotsee
Brother – (Name) Wells, in Zion
Wife – Eleanora Wells (deceased)
Daughter – Elizabeth (Lizzy) Wells – 9 (DOB August 25th)


  • Recruited into Zion at age 30, married, had a child and lost his wife in the first year.
  • Shares a small tent with his brother and daughter.
  • Has many tattoos, and a number of scars from his time at the ranch and on the railroad- one prominent scar in his left eyebrow.
  • Eyes shimmer like copper, blonde in his hair sometimes look gold and his blood appears a red metallic.

Height: 6’4″
Hair: Brown with blonde highlights that come out in the sun
Eyes: Copper/Bronze, has a metal sheen to it.
Jericho is a very fit man who looks the part of ‘strong man’. He had a number of tattoos he’s acquired over the years and a scar in his left eyebrow. He tends to have a more rugged and practical look to his wardrobe over the fashionable. He keeps his hair long and a generous amount of facial hair- which any other man might be ridiculed for, but his imposing presence tends to keep men’s mouths shut.

Jericho does embody his element, he is strong and stoic, a man of few words- well until plied with spirits. He prefers to be more a man of action. When he’s set his mind to something, not many can get him to back down. Like a man forged to be a weapon, he will defend family and friend with everything he has should the situation arise.

He is extremely protective of his daughter, and she’s the only one that can bring out a softer side to him. Turning him into aluminum, he’d crinkle and bend any way for her. While he knows a carnival might not be he best place to raise a child, Zion has proven to be safe and supportive. He often thinks of sending her back home to his family, but couldn’t bear to be apart from her- and the money he makes to send home is too good to leave.

Since his wife’s passing, his time has been taken up with raising his daughter. Despite propositions, he’s let them down and remained alone. Maybe one day he’ll open himself to share his bed again, but for the time- his focus is firm.


  • Species
  • Elemental Quirks

Type: Elemental
Tier: 3
Focus: Metal
Powers: Jericho grew up learning practical uses for his powers. Making and shoeing horses, branding cattle, fixing fences and a handful of other ways that manipulating metal helped on the ranch. Much of this helped when he was on the railroad as well. Now, he uses his powers in his show to accentuate his strength. He’s strong as it is, but being about to pretzel a steel bar is extra impressive.

Jericho has been using his gifts, channeling his elemental side on and off most his life. This has created a few quirks.

  • His eyes have a bronze/copper look to them and sheen.
  • His blood has a metallic look to it (while still being red).
  • The blond in his hair sometimes almost looks gold.

Jericho was born the eldest son of half a dozen kids. His fathers family were second generation cattle ranchers, and the town they lived was of and only their family. Lotsee, OK, located outside of Tulsa consisted of the Well’s family ranch, homestead and acres of land surrounding it. His family would venture into town to sell choice cattle, trade eggs from the chicken coops at the auctions and farmers markets. Some instances, like the local doctor, were good enough to trade for services. At least, they had been when his grand-folks were still alive. See, Jericho’s mom was of mixed race, and his daddy falling in love with her was a bit of a scandal. His grand-folks were respected, so long as they were alive no one said nothing, but after they died some folk were inclined to judge their father mighty harshly. Granted, not everyone held these standards, but many times they found themselves needing to do their trading in another place where they weren’t well known.

Growing up, the Well’s were kept home. They worked on the ranch in the morning, had schooling with their ma during the day and helped their pa again in the afternoon. It was a wholesome Christian family who had a strong family. Of course, they were also special, blessed by god, or so their gran used to say. Both their parents were Elementals. Jericho and his other brother Eden took after their father. They were taught how to manipulate metal and used it quite regularly on the ranch. Everything was going well, until one season when all their cattle got sick. A plague washed through their herd and even though they tried to isolate the sick, it didn’t seem to matter- they all died. Things were rough, and the family wouldn’t do well going into the winter without the money the normally made from selling their stock, but less be able to buy new cattle. Jericho, now 28, heard the railroad was hiring. They were putting in some expansion lines farther west, and they were paying well. Eden, 23, opted to go with him. With a bit of sorrow piercing his stoic veil, he said bye to his family and headed to his new job. They’d write and send money back home, and secretly he was glad that Eden was joining him- that he wouldn’t be alone.

They worked on the rail for a few years. Jericho had made a bit of a name for himself. He found many a man wanting to pit themselves against him in a show of strength. And while he wasn’t the strongest there was (though he was mighty strong), he did have an ace up his sleeve. Many times there was money to be wagered, and when an arm wrestle wasn’t spectacle enough to prove who was stronger they often moved on to other ways. Like being able to bend a steel rail tie. Soon, men weren’t even trying to prove they were stronger, just betting whether or not he could put a bend in something. With Eden’s help in making sure the wager was always something metal (or something his normal strength could actually accomplish), the boys made a nice bit of coin to send back.

Of course, this little side hustle on the rail caught the attention of an unlikely source. While they were working one day Jericho was approached by a man of average build and a small girl. They gave him an offer that seemed hard to pass up. A chance at stardom, more money he could make on the railroad and the ability to travel all over- instead of a straight line. There was even a chance he might make it back home for a visit. After talking it over with his brother, Jericho accepted- so long as Eden could have a place as well. And that was how the Well’s brothers ended up at Zion Mystique.

Jericho was put in the ten-in-one as a strong man act. He pretty much did what he did on the rails, without the extra hard labor and made about the same amount. In the first year they were there, they stopped off in a place outside Austin, TX and Jericho was taken by a beautiful woman. In the past he’d never really found someone worth settling down with, but this woman captured his heart and after a whirlwind courtship, he married the (now) Eleanora Wells after only two months. Less than a year later, she gave him a beautiful daughter, Elizabeth. Of course, life had a way of being cruel as it seemed as soon as the world brought Eleanora into his life, it took her away. The birth was bad, and she died- bled out. Jericho mourned her loss, but also had a newborn to care for. Part of him thought of sending her home- letting her grow up in a family outside the Carnival. Or going home himself. But he couldn’t bare to abandon his child, and the ranch still hadn’t come back- they needed the money he sent home.

So, Jericho raised his daughter, did his show and tried to give her a great life. After celebrating Lizzy’s 9th birthday in 1919, Jericho has finally come to terms with his wife’s loss. He had to remember the time they had together, and looking at his daughter he knew she had been put along his path so they might make a treasure such as her.

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