Jimmy Wise – Bio

NAME. Jasmine O’Hare (nee Wise)
CODENAME. Jimmy Wise
OCCUPATION. Most money is made through racing but also works as a booster for the SSR. Legally she’s a chauffer.
GANG ROLE. Racer & Booster
JOINED SSR: October 25th, 2069

AGE. 22
DATE OF BIRTH. October 25th 2052

DATING STATUS. Married to Mike O’Hare
DATING HISTORY. None of note yet

FAMILY. Mother – Mary (Murphy) Wise
Father – Charles Wise
2nd Cousin – Alan Murphy
2nd Cousin once removed – Alan Murphy Jr.
HEIGHT. 5’3″
BUILD. Thin and boyish
HAIR. Black
EYES. Crystal Blue (Fake)

  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Skills
  • Cybernetics

Jimmy tends to dress in boys clothes that tend to be a bit large for her, frequently binding her chest to make it appear flatter. She keeps her hair short and stays away from most jewelry and makeup. Her most notable features are her blue cybernetic eyes. 

Jasmine has always been a bit of an introvert, she’s not devoid of emotion or anything, just don’t expect her to jump up and down cheering or have many other outbursts of emotion. She’s also quite humble about her talent behind the wheel, and gets embarrassed when people cheer for her after a win. When it comes to men, she’s a real romantic. While most people consider her ‘one of the guys’ and her gender seems fluid sometimes, she just wants to find a guy who will be good for her and won’t mind her racing, boosting or hanging out with a bunch of grease monkeys.

She can be very reckless behind the wheel, she’s good and she knows it so sometimes she pushes the boundaries expecting things to come out in her favor. This happens a lot, but you can only flip heads so many times on a coin before it’s gonna come up the other way.

Jasmine has an issue backing away from a challenge when it comes to racing and will take on almost anyone who confronts her. She also follows other races, knows most racers stats and patterns, it’s almost an obsession for her.

Now I bet you’re wondering about the name she goes by and the way she dresses. “Is she trans? Confused? Tom-Boy? What?” Well, honestly, she couldn’t tell you. The name started in high school, her name sounded too prissy to her and she wanted something else. So she picked Jimmy. The nickname Jimmy Wise, despite it being her actual last name and not real nickname was because a friend of hers thought it ‘sounded cool’. She dresses like a boy and has been known to wrap her chest on occasion, not because she’s trans. She really doesn’t want to -be- a boy, she just feels more comfortable socializing as one. She never wore dresses or make up (except the few times she was talked into black eyeliner) and she was never into girly things. So while she doesn’t really know -what- she is she knows this; she likes wearing guys clothing, she feels more comfortable being ‘one of the guys, she’s attracted to guys and likes the idea of being romanced. Take from that what you will.

She is a crack driver and has been told on more than one occasion that she should go into a professional circuit or even stunts.

She knows how to use a gun and is a pretty good shot, better with stationary targets than moving ones.

Jasmine knows quite a bit about cars and how to repair them, trick them out and hotwire them.

She’s got mad quick reflexes. Helps her on the streets and behind the wheel.

Cybernetic Eyes – Jasmine had both eyes replaced with cybernetics.
Stats: Night Vision w/light diffusion – Allows the user to see accurately during the night and prevents light trails.
Minor Zoom – 10% magnification ability.
Datachip – Implanted in her left inner forearm
Datajack – She has two behind her right ear.

Jasmine is the only child of Charles and Mary Wise. Her parents had no direct association with the SSR, but when Mary’s cousin joined (to eventually become leader) they were pulled into the scene. Jasmine was about four years younger than her second cousin Alan Jr., but despite the age difference they got on pretty well. Their families would spend holidays together. Jasmine always looked up to Alan Jr., which scared his mother a little, knowing that Alan Jr. did have a tendency to get violent at times, however despite that Jasmine turned out to be a pretty even balanced kid.

Jasmine’s first time behind the wheel was when she was 9 years old, Charles was a conductor on the subway on the last line to be converted to complete automation. She got to sit in her fathers small booth, on his lap and press some of the buttons that steered the train along the cities underground. When she started High School she started to hang out with Alan more, hanging out at the garage after school and was a frequent observer at the street races. She picked up mechanics from hanging around the garage and driving tips from all the drivers. The moment she had a license she -knew- she had to be on the track. She’d train with some of the SSR drivers, getting to go on ‘practice runs’ when they were trying out new routes. When she was behind the wheel it was like she was one with the car, and one with the road.

Jasmine’s first official race was during an amateur night, where anyone could race, three months after she turned 17- by that point she was an official Rat, vouched for by her cousin. She made it to the last four in the race and lost to one of the drivers after an illegal move. A fight broke out between the SSR and the smaller group that was there in support of the other driver. During the fight Jasmine was thrown into a chain-link fence- face first, and fell to the ground, having been injured by a broken link that stuck out of the fence like a weapon. Her attacker wailed on her and as much as Jasmine tried, she couldn’t get the other guy off her. Eventually the cops showed up and the scene cleared quickly. Two of Jasmine’s mate’s grabbed her up and got her into one of the cars and they fled to a guy they knew who was always willing to patch up a Rat, with no questions asked.

Upon examination of Jasmine’s wounds, the doctor discovered that the broken fence had punctured her eye, which explained all the intense pain and blood on her face. Jasmine was patched up and given… well… a patch while she healed up, eyeless. It was Alan Sr. who stepped up as family and helped arrange for Jasmine to get a cyber eye, and then her second after the seizures a year later forced her to decide between two fake eyes or one real.

Since then Jasmine has continued to work at the garage for fun (she doesn’t actually get paid for it) and race in the street races. She’s also started boosting cars for the SSR and for a day job works as a driver to rich corporate types that need discreet transportation around town. She spends her spare time working on her car.