Jinju “JJ” Byrd

Name: Jinju Byrd
Aliases: JJ
Age/DOB: 26/September 19th, 2003
PB: Kuraki Mai
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation: DJ & Fixer

Height: 5’5″
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown/Redish Brown

JJ has managed to go pretty much undamaged in the apocalypse. She doesn’t have any tattoos or obvious scaring. She tends to wear her hair up with she works and while most wardrobe choices are limited to what you can scrounge, she does like to wear loud or quirky outfits.

JJ is very outgoing and some people might call her ‘spunky’. She tends to talk a lot, once you get her started you better hold on because you might not get her to stop. This comes in handy in her little radio show she hosts. She’s a collector of broken things. ‘Stuff’ has always fascinated her and she loves to figure out how things work- and how to make them work better.

JJ is not a ‘get out there and adventure’ type. She’s a stay back and trade service for goods type. She survives by helping people, fixing things in exchange for food. She has been known to go scrounging on occasion, but only in places she knows are safe… and never alone.

Friends are very important to JJ, she tends to dislike very few people and for her most people are strangers or friends. Yes, there are a few ‘bad guys’ out there, but she tends to ignore them. More intimate friends JJ is very naive about. She’s never been in a serious relationship with anyone. Not that she doesn’t want to, but in The End, it tends to be difficult- at least she finds it… then again she probably doesn’t go to the places you can easily ‘hook up’ with someone. And since she’s only been in Carter a few months… while she’s already made a name for herself, she’s only recently settled in.

  • Powers
  • Skills

Mechanical/Electrical Intuition – The intuitive knowledge of how machines work and how to build or fix them. This is a passive power for JJ, just by working with a machine she just knows how it works.
Limitations: JJ can’t explain what she knows. She doesn’t have any proper education in the matter so she doesn’t actually know any of the lingo. She tends to refer to things as ‘doohickeys’ and ‘thingamajigs’. Her power is also sometimes limited by her supplies. Many times she knows how to fix something, but if she doesn’t have the parts she may not be able to accomplish it (this is one reason why she has a ton of spare parts around). More complicated items also sometimes take time to figure out, by holding and examining and items longer she can get a better idea of what’s up.

Technopathy/Technoempathy – A byproduct of her Intuition, she can ‘feel’ and ‘talk’ to machines. Not all of them talk to her, and they have to be assembled, though not always completely assembled. She can’t talk to the parts.
Limitations: Not all machines talk to her, only some. Those that are talkative she has to touch before they can talk. Once touched a conversation can be held at any point, but she must have touched it at least once. This means no machines calling for ‘help’ in an abandoned house unfortunately. Conversations also aren’t always that productive as most have a limited range of knowledge, but some that have been around have some interesting stories. Oh, and their personalities tend to be pretty succinct to their purpose.  

Dimensional Storage – JJ has the ability to create something of a pocket dimension. She can put items in and take them out of this location. It helps with scavenging.
Limitations: The storage ‘hole’ must be located within something, such as a backpack, bag or even something like a car trunk. Items put into storage must be able to fit through the opening of the hole. The storage works in a; last item in, first item out manner so in order to access an item deposited first, everything else must be removed (she tends to use it only for scavenged parts for this reason and not supplies she might need when out). She can only create one storage dimension at a time. If a storage dimension is closed, all items inside are destroyed. Currently the longest one of her storage dimensions have lasted is three days. At that point it collapses, so she would need to empty it before she gets to that point to salvage any items inside.

JJ has learned to barter pretty well, get the best deal for her services. She’s also gained some basic survival skills like, how to make a fire, how to fire a gun, etc. But is far from an expert, she’s tended to trade with others who have those skills in her travels.

Before the End
JJ doesn’t have many memories at all before the end. She knows she was born in California, but the exact location is lost. She knows her father was Asian and her mother was American, but their names are long gone. She does remember her brother, TJ, very well, but hasn’t seen him in over three years. He survived…

After the End
It was just JJ and her brother, the two of them in California. All the early days are foggy, but for about four years it was just them, surviving together. They traveled from southern California and got as far north as Monterey Bay before they decided to start heading east. Along the way they met other travelers and many times would join the groups for a few days. JJ would help fix any broken items they had, or sometimes trade ones she had scavenged for food or security. Life was hard, but so long as the two of them were together, then it didn’t matter.

Then one morning, when they were near the Nevada border, JJ woke up and her brother was gone. She waited a week for him, going out and trying to search the surrounding area he might have gone to, hoping he hadn’t gone off to scavenge on his own and gotten hurt, killed, attacked, every night she feared the worse, returning to their campsite to no avail. Then the weather started to turn and it looked as if it was going to storm, she couldn’t stay at the campsite. So she did her best to create a mark in the fire pit deep enough that it wouldn’t wash away so he’d know where she went. They hadn’t been split up many times before but they’d always talked about what they’d do… just in case.

As she ventured east she kept leaving marks for him, hoping that he would be following. Then, she reached Vegas. Most people stayed away from big cities, in the larger ones people tended to run into raider gangs and violent types. Turned out, Vegas was no different. Luckily, she didn’t even enter the city before she saw someone else fleeing, projectile powers flying past him. JJ hid behind an abandoned Semi and as the person passed she quickly pulled him behind the large truck with her. The raiders didn’t have any real intention of giving chase once the person was out of their territory so the two of them waited and prayed until it seemed safe. She introduced herself to the man and they both decided to stick together for a little bit and head south, maybe go around the city.

A day and a half later they found Carter, what used to be Goodsprings, NV. The ‘Welcome to’ sign had been spray painted over, they would find out that at The End only one person was left in town, a young teen named ‘Carter’ and so he decided the town was his. The boy got himself killed when he pissed off some raiders, but none of the towns new settlers had bothered to change the name and just continued to call it Carter. JJ started to explore at some of the houses on the outskirts of town, old ranches and found one with an old antenna. No one else had settled in the house at that point so she decided to claim it and get the antenna back up and running. Eventually she found some radio equipment and a transmitter and transponder and everything she needed to transmit on a radio frequency. She rebuilt a generator to power her tower and has over the previous threeish years collected an assortment of music which she has turned digital so it can be stored on the computer she rebuilt out of many broken ones. When she’s not doing her little radio show, the station plays the grand assortment of music. Sometimes she’ll put together playlists, but others she just selects all and presses shuffle so the types of music that play can be quite… eclectic.