Kendra Cook – Bio

Name: Kendra Cook
Nickname: Nixie
Age: 16
Date of Birth: Jan. 23rd, 2002 (Approx. exact date unknown)
Race: Half-Oceanid (Half-Water Nymph)
Nationality: Unknown, assumed Greek
Hometown: Unknown, found near the Iraklion Air Station, Crete. Grew up in various US Air Force bases around the world, most recent home was Oahu, Hawaii.
Sexuality: Unknown
Grade: Intermediate
House: Sphinx

Class Schedule


Required Subjects Geometry, Chemistry, Economics, History
Electives Elemental Power Training, Astronomy, Supernatural History
Art Requirement Creative Writing
Sports Requirement Swimming
Additional Extracurriculars Debate Club


Required Subjects Geography & Earth Sciences, Trigonometry, Physics, History II
Electives Elemental Power Training, Law & Justice, Ancient Languages & Runes
Art Requirement Creative Writing
Sports Requirement Swimming
Additional Extracurriculars Debate Club, National Honor Society

Kendra stands at 5’3″, With long blonde hair and crystal blue eyes, like the color of the sea. She tends to dress in what’s ‘cool’ or ‘popular’, in layers and sometimes a hipster vibe. She also has a nice collection of comic book and pop culture themed clothing and accessories. Her color palette, while possibly clichéd because of what she is, tends to be a variety of blue colors, accented by black, whites or greens. She likes to dress up when she has the opportunity. It’s not really that she takes pride in how she looks, she dresses in what’s comfortable for her. She’s just used to having to be kept up as it was expected of her growing up- some of those habits picked up as a military kid.

While she has no piercings other than a single hole in each ear, and no tattoos, she’s not against them and has dreams of getting one when she turns 18. She enjoys wearing jewelry and is almost always accessorized in one way or another.

The Oceanid in her allows her to blend into water, her figure taking on the appearance of liquid while still remaining a solid form. She can truly only blend into water when she’s submerged, such as a lake or the ocean. Her skin and takes on a hue of the water around her, normally a clear blue and her form almost becomes see through, or at least it has that illusion without actually being see through. Beyond having the appearance of being like liquid, she still has the ability to hold and touch things as she would in her normal form as she’s not actually a liquid.

A friend once called her a ‘cool nerd’ and she decided to own it. Kendra grew up with certain expectations and has always done her best to live up to them. She pushes herself to do well in school and get good grades, sometimes pushing herself too hard. In her downtime she reads comics and watches old cartoons on Netflix and however else she can get them. She enjoys video games, board games, RPG games, TV and movies and doesn’t let people making fun or criticizing her get to her- at least not anymore. Now that YouTube made it cool for people to get their geek on, she tries to emulate that and not let others get her down because she loves her DnD 5th Ed Rouge Halfling and that’s supposedly ‘not cool’.

She’s learned how to be very adaptable, one thing that seemed to come naturally to the half-water girl, as she never lived in a place more than a few years before having to move, once it was only six months. This means that she’s had to start over a lot, but it also means that she has friends all over the world- some she’s still in touch with. As much as Kendra wants friends to be important to her, it is sometimes hard to get close to someone, knowing that any day she may have to move away. Most of her best friends, and those she still keeps in touch with, are other military brats. It also got easier as she got older to deal with the constant changes. When she was a little kid it was hard to understand why she had to leave another best friend.

Thanks to her almost constant movement, Kendra hasn’t ever really dated anyone since she started ‘dating’ at 11. She’s been on dates, but never been with anyone seriously. She likes the idea of being romanced, or having a relationship play out like a romantic comedy with a meet cute and some small issue that keeps them apart until they find each other and fall madly in love. Of course logically she knows that every relationship in a romantic comedy is seriously doomed, but that doesn’t cancel out the daydream.

There are some aspects of her military family upbringing that stand out with her. First is that her room is always clean complete with the bed made. She’s also very punctual, normally early. If she’s running late then something really bad must have happened. She also has respect for adults and those in authority.

  • Powers
  • Skills
  • Race

Like most other Nymphs she has control over her element of water. This is an ability she’s recently learned she has and still has a long way to go and doesn’t know the full extent of what she’ll be able to do. Right now the coolest thing she’s done is pull a small glass of water toward her as she ‘pulled’ the water. She can breath under water.

The main aspect of her Oceanid power comes from her ability to take on features of her element (when submerged). This is more restrictive than a full Oceanid as she must be submerged to take on a water like appearance unlike a full Oceanid who can take on the element outside of water. (This does mean that if just her lower half is submerged but not her upper; her lower can still change while her upper remains human.) Her form also remains human shaped, where full Oceanids can learn to be more ‘liquid like’. Eventually she can learn to control how much of the element features she takes on (becoming almost completely indistinguishable or appearing more human like), right now it’s sort of out of her control and a half way blend. She will never be able to change when not submerged and will always have a solid, human shaped form.

Thanks to her time traveling and desire to communicate with others in the country she was in Kendra speaks fluent English, Greek and German with passing knowledge of Italian and Japanese (more conversational and she understands them better than she can speak them). She’s sort of knowledge sponge, while not a genius by any means, she does have a knack for retaining information.

Oceanid’s were said to be beautiful maidens who would protect sailors across the sea. They claimed that a sacrifice of a bull or a gift of flour or honey could grant a ship clam seas and friendly currents and most seafarers routinely prayed to them to protect their voyages. However, if you disrespect the maidens, then a ship could find themselves facing storms and other nautical hazards. When the new moon comes, most will venture ashore or be found ‘adrift’ by a ship and seduce a male human, only to return to the waters at morning. Unlike Mermaids and Sirens who are sometimes thought to seduce sailors to doom, Oceanid’s are more guardians and protectors of sailors, who sometimes ‘gift’ a sailor with a night of passion.

Kendra never knew her mother or her father. Born the union of a human man and Oceanid (a fact Kendra just recently found out), she was found on the beach on the isle of Crete by a US officer when she was just a year old. Unbeknownst to her, her mother had been killed and as a baby she’d been set adrift. Eventually she wound up on shore and was found by Master Sergeant Peter Cook. There was something about her that caused him to almost instantly fall in love with her and want to take care for her. Of course this wasn’t some movie where he could just pick up a lost child and take it home, so he took her to the authorities. For the next few months he checked in on her, hoping to find if her parents had been found. After six months, no one had claimed her and MSgt. Cook started the paperwork to adopt her.

Christening her Kendra, he had her baptized and the two of them became a family. Peter was fortunate to have a friend who he was stationed with who had a family of his own that lived on base, this made for an easy babysitter while the soldiers were at work. Her father gave her the nickname ‘Nixie’ while she was still in children’s services. It was a nickname meaning ‘Water Spirit’. When she became his daughter, the nickname stuck and others started to call her Nixie as well.

They moved from Crete when she was four and moves to Germany. They lived there for three years and then they moved to Italy for a year, Crete for six months, Japan for two years, back to Italy for another year and then finally to Hawaii. Each time she moved she had to start almost completely over. Thankfully most of her schooling was done on base, but even still she did end up missing a few years, which is why she’s not starting high school at fifteen. Still, she’s always gotten good grades and pushes herself to excel. She’s always wanted to get more involved in school, but never wanted to commit to something that she’d risk abandoning for another move. This is something she’s hoping to change at her new school.

Now Peter Cook may have been a man in the US Air Force, but before that he was a human with an unusual gift, he was a psychic, Terrakinesis to be exact. It was fate that he was the one to find her as any other person may have had a bit of a bad reaction to seeing her Oceanid half one night at bath time. Kendra was playing around with bubbles and when her fathers back was turned she slipped under the water. He turned back and panicked. Looking in the water he almost didn’t see her as completely submerged she was able to blend in with the water. It took him draining the tub and her un-submersion for her ‘camouflage’ to drop, this was also much longer then a human should have been able to last under water. He was crying and holding her, she was confused. Reaching out to a friend from school, Peter helped narrow down what his daughter was and tried to nurture her talent and gifts after that- when he could of course.

They were in Hawaii for a few years, Kendra was done with Junior High and it was time to think High School. Peter had many options on the island, but decided that the best course of action for his very special daughter was to send her to his alma mater, St. Margaret’s.

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