Laura Keene – Bio

FULL NAME: Laura Olivia Keene
ALIASES: Fey (Only by Tristian)
AGE: 32
DATE OF BIRTH: April 20th, 1985
GENDER: Female
BIRTHPLACE: Harlem, New York
FORMER LOCATION: London/Kent, England
FORMER OCCUPATION: BAE Systems (Applied intelligence & Electronic Systems divisions)

PARENTS: Maria Benson and unknown father
SIBLINGS: Tristian Keene
OTHER RELATIVES: ‘Step Father’ Jackson Keene (mom’s boyfriend)

HEIGHT: 5’7″
WEIGHT: 125 lbs

PERSONAL STYLE: She tends to dress conservatively for work and even when going out, though sometimes she will just wear jeans and a t-shirt, she tends to dress on the ‘professional’ side. However since leaving New Haven she’s pretty much got what she has and has been forced to sport the jeans and t-shirt look as she rebuilds her wardrobe.

Through most of her life she was referred to as ‘the quiet one’. She and her brother were like two sides of the same coin. He was loud and liked to socialize. Laura was a lot more reserved and while she liked people she always needed Tristian to push her into things. Once she got that nudge she was good though, just not as overt as her twin. They did occasionally do the annoying thing of finish each others thoughts and while neither of them are telepathic, they did tend to have a knack for what the other was thinking. As they grew up it faded, but she swears she can still tell when he’s either sick or really sad.

A good chunk of her life she felt out of place, at first it was because she was always ahead at school and when she was finally able to test out of school early and attend University it was because she was so much younger than everyone else. She learned how to deal with things alone a that point. So, while she can work with a team when required she very much prefers to ‘just get the job done’. Her time at New Haven and now Sanctuary have forced her into more team assignments which she’s reluctantly getting used to.

Personal relationships outside of family have always been hard for her. Not that she doesn’t want them, but she finds associating with people to be a little trying. It’s not that she has an ego and things she’s smarter than everyone else, just she kinda is. And while she recognizes that worldly experience is just as important as book smarts the majority of guys she’s attempted to date didn’t fit that mold. Then again she hasn’t really tried dating since coming to the states. She’s also a little bit of a cheesy romantic and wants to at least be ‘swept off her feet’ once.

  • Mutation – Primary
  • Mutation – Secondary
  • Skills

Primary – Mental Library/Superior Intelligence – There is some question as to whether this is specifically a mutation or not as it developed prior to puberty, but due to the complexity of it most attribute the ability to a mutant power. Laura is able to recall almost every moment of her life, of things she’s read or heard or seen since she was five. Some things she uses every day will stay easily accessible to her, but if she needs to draw on information she hasn’t accessed in a while then it can take a few moments. Once accessed though it’s easy to pull from related topics. At times this can be overwhelming, and she has suffered migraines due to it in the past. She can also sometimes get lost in memories and withdraw from a conversation until snapped out of it. Also, just because she’s read how to do something and can recall it word for word doesn’t mean she knows what it means or how to apply it to reality. This is where education and learning are required.

Secondary – Photographic Reflexes – This works similar to her intelligence but in a more physical way and doesn’t get nearly as overwhelming. Any action she’s done before or seen she can replicate. The more recent the action the quicker she can draw upon it.

Secondary – Power Mimicry – While not directly memory related, Laura does have the ability to touch someone and temporarily gain use of their powers. While she is still working on extending the length of time she can access the powers as currently the time fluctuates without any sort of reason, she has been able to focus control on which power (or all in some cases) she mimics. Powers that link, such as superhuman senses are easier to mimic all at once where two that don’t have a direct link are harder, but she can choose just a specific one to mimic. Mimicking powers used against her is still something she’s working on, it tends to be a roll of the dice on if it’ll work or not.

Laura is a pretty fast reader and has a knack for solving puzzles. Perhaps a side effect of having learning based powers but she has always been good at crosswords and other brain puzzles. She is fluent in French, German and Latin without the need to ‘dig up’ translations and knows a little Welsh. She also has two Masters degrees, one in Engineering Sciences and one in Computer Programming.

Laura Olivia was born to Maria Benson, with her boyfriend Jackson Keene by her side, alongside her twin Tristian Victor in a Harlem, New York hospital. Maria and Jackson were two of the surviving mutants from the original Willowbrook, two people that had been lucky enough to get out alive. Jackson was not Maria’s children’s father, however he was happy to stand by her and help raise the two fussy babies and it was not long after their birth that Maria packed things up and married across the pond, wanting to get as far as she could away from Willowbrook as was possible and reasonable for the moment.

They made a home in the countryside of Chiddingfold, Surrey. Neither had a job, however Maria and Jackson were perfectly alright with using their abilities to get by in life. Jackson could easily manipulate and control others, which was how they procured a home without having to jump through any hoops or even pay rent; it was only initially however, because Maria did want to build a proper life for her family.

It took a few years, and monumental effort on their part as survivors of the hell that was Willowbrook, to manage to get jobs and to rent a home for themselves. But they managed. Laura and Tristian were placed in primary school, but every day when they returned home it would be to either Jackson, or Maria who would then educate them on a different history entirely. Maria wanted her children to know what had happened to the mutants, their history in the world, and what they were capable of.

Laura was about five years old when her parents started to notice that something was a little off with their little girl, she seemed to be a lot smarter than her brother. She was reading before him and at a faster rate than normal kids her age. They took her in for testing and were told that she possibly had a genius level IQ. As proud as that made them, they wanted her to have a normal childhood. So Laura started school when Tristian did and that persisted until she was 14. Before that, however, other powers manifested. It was around this point Tristian started to call her Fey, it came as a joke after learning the welsh word for perfect, parffaith. Meant as a gentle ribbing turned into a term of endearment and respect.

The first obvious power manifested for her practically the same moment as her brother. At first they thought that they had the same power as she has mimicked his, but shortly after that she mimicked Jacksons and then her mothers. All of which wore out very quickly. So they assumed she had the power to copy others powers. She had actually manifested photographic reflexes a few months prior, when she was watching a music video and was able to perfectly recreate the dance number but that wasn’t obvious enough and it wasn’t until six months later that it was discovered.

Laura helped her brother learn how to use his powers while he helped her strengthen her mimicry. She would copy his and they would both try to do stuff. He even dragged her to some of his private training sessions. That was before she decided that school was boring and she was going to try to graduate early. With the reluctant support of her parents who wanted her to stay with them longer but at the same time didn’t want to tell their kid they shouldn’t succeed, she was able to graduate high school at the age of fourteen and was approved for admission at Oxford. It was around this point her mother thought her intelligence might be a power, mainly because as time passed she exhibited a memory that seemed even more astute then ‘normal geniuses’ as well as the way she spoke about her ‘mental library’.

So, Laura went off to University, there she double majored first in Engineering Sciences and then in Computer Programming. Class itself was pretty easy for her but socially she felt alone. So she tended to take a larger class load and spent most of her time alone studying. She ended up making a few good friends a few years in, when she was 17. They kind of protected her and would hang out and do stuff she could do as well, unlike other college kids who might go out drinking they went to movies or bowling and things like that. She still keeps in touch with most of them.

Eventually she completed both Masters programs and was approached by BAE Systems to work in their Applied Intelligence department, working on cybersecurity projects in Kent, England. She was transferred after five years to their Electronic Systems division in London. Laura requested the transfer to be closer to her parents, and to do something different. Her parents didn’t really fully approve of her job as the company did have government contracts, but Laura promised that she’d be safe and who knew, it could give them a leg up if her work did impact mutants- it never did.

When Tristian went to New Haven he reached out and asked Laura to join him. At first she wavered as she’d actually been doing a lot of good with her job, but when he told her what New Haven was doing, all those lessons and horror stories their parents had told them over the years came flooding back- in vivid detail of course. So she put in her notice at work, and joined her brother in the states. It was nice to be back together again. Granted it didn’t stay nice for long as the government raided the place.

During the escape she was able to mimic her brothers power to get some people out (after so many years mimicking his powers they last longer than any others she mimics). She wished they could have helped more people but eventually they had to go or risk being captured. As the survivors settled in their new home Sanctuary she joined the IT department, putting her gifts and education to use. Laura also signed up to be an agent. After witnessing first hand the horrors her parents told them existed, and that memory forever accessible in vivid technicolor, surround sound glory, she needed to make sure that others those who were taken and others they didn’t know about were rescued and that those who caged her kind were punished.