Name: Angel of Death
Race: Moon Elf
Class: Rouge
Archetype: Assassin
Occupation: Assassin
Mark: Sofia
Alignment: LE
Deity: Bhaal, God of Murder
Age: 232
Connections: Mark, Sofia
Brief: She lives by her own set of rules. She will kill for money, and anyone who gets in the way of her completing a job. Women, children, pets, she doesn’t care. She doesn’t find joy in killing, it’s a means to an end. Currently she is coming to town on a new contract, seeking a new markā€¦ Sofia the court sorceress.


Name: Sir William Turner, Paladin of Helm
Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Occupation: Paladin protector of Godfrey
Alignment: LN
Deity: Helm, God of protection
Age: 33
Connections: Employed by Godfrey. Courting Apple
Brief: Sir William has been the protector of the warlock Godfrey for many years. He obeys the law and is an upstanding citizen, except when it goes against protecting his charge. He has recently started courting the maiden Apple.


Name: Harper, The Raven Queen

Race: High Elf

Class: Rouge
Archetype: Thief

Occupation: Leader of Thieves Guild in LB: The Ravens

Alignment: CN

Deity: Mask, God of Thieves

Age: 324

Connections: Employs Dael as guard of the guild, and frequent lover.
Brief: Having been in Little Bear for well over a century Harper managed to overthrow the previous thieves guild and establish one of her own. She’s fair to those who know their place and will not hesitate to make an example of, or put down a thief who doesn’t pay their dues. Ignorance is not an excuse.

Pet: Nyssa

Name: Master Tristan Payne
Race: Half Elf
Class: Warlock of Mab
Occupation: Warlock with power goals- future ruler of all
Alignment: CN
Deity: Mab, Fae Mother
Age: 54
Connections: Apprentice Sibylle. Servant/Bodyguard Abdul.
Brief: Tristan is a Warlock operating out of a home within Little Bear. Along with his apprentice Sibylle, and his servant Abdul, Tristan seeks power and to one day rule Little Bear and beyond.  He is not forgiving and it’s best not to cross his path. But if you’re handy to him you will be rewarded, so long as you remain useful.

Familiar: Oslo

Name: Astrid

Race: Human
Class: Ranger
Occupation: Protector of the Forest

Alignment: CN

Deity: Mielikki, goddess of forests

Age: 23

Connections: Sammy, friend

Brief: A ranger intent on protecting her section of the forest. Astrid only enters town when required for supplies she can’t scavenge or make on her own. She has three wolven animal companions who have bonded with her and they work together like a dream team. Her best friend (non-wolf) is Sammy, the Druid. Together they help keep the forest safe and respected from those who would seek to destroy it.

Companions: Mutt, Rocco and Chico

Name: Domino

Race: Gnome
Class: Bard
Occupation: Bard

Alignment: CN

Deity: Milil, god of poetry and song

Age: 450

Connections: Anyone who would come into a tavern he’s playing in.

Brief: Domino loved to play his instrument for the crowds. Making a crowd enjoy their evening is what he lives for, gives his purpose. Those who balk at his attempt to entertain tend to find themselves with a gnome following them everywhere, singing to any passer by about all the horrible things (real of fictional) about said person.


Name: Kirik

Race: Kobold
Class: Ranger
Occupation: Scout/Guide for hire

Alignment: CG

Deity: Silvanus, god of nature and forests

Age: 65

Connections: Josh, son and partner

Brief: The two Kobold’s can frequently be seen in the forests or the taverns looking for jobs. They live in a small cave outside of town and work as scouts and guides for travelers. They are very well versed in the area and while they might not be someone’s first go to hire, those who do will find themselves in good hands.


Name: Amalia Ishar

Race: Sun Elf
Class: Gold Dragon Blood Sorceress
Occupation: Owner of The Sleeping Fox; Tavern and Inn

Alignment: CG

Deity: Mystra, goddess of magic

Age: 300

Connections: Wife of Chase

Brief: Having spent much of her young adult life as an adventurer, Amalia found herself falling for a fellow. They traveled together for years, thankfully a he being an elf meant they spent many years together. About fifty years ago, they desired a change and opened The Sleeping Fox, settling in Little Bear permanently. They share duties managing the inn and tavern together and can frequently be seen stealing sweet moments behind the bar, still in love after so many years.