Lefty McMillan – Bio

Name. Marcus McMillan
Codename. Lefty
Nicknames. Lefty, Marc, Mack
Age. 46
Date of Birth. April 2, 2028;
Gang Affiliation. Cybermen
Gang Role. Former Leader
Joined Cybermen: Officially joined when it started 2066; Was a member of previous cyber themed gang since 2046

Occupation. Owner and Proprietor of Lefty’s Pub
Orientation. Straight
Dating Status. Single
Dating History. None Yet

Mother. Margret (Thompson) McMillan (deceased)
Father. Andrew McMillan
Relatives. Nick McMillian (younger, deceased), Brother (younger) Sister (younger), Sister (younger)
Height. 6’2″
Build. Average
Hair. Dark Brown/Black
Eyes. Honey Brown

Marcus is quite relaxed, since his fight against death he’s become much more aware of living life for every day. He’s very fatherly and protective of all the Cybermen and is the first to enter a fight to defend any of them.

Legend – Marcus ‘Lefty’ McMillan is a legend. He’s one of the few who can say they were there when the treaty between the gangs was signed, and has the distinction of being one of those very people to do the signing. This gives him status in his gang, or former gang, and gives him instant respect from members of most other groups as well. While not everyone likes him, not many want to see what happens when they stand alone against a legend.

Addiction – Marcus has a slight addiction to pain killers. Right now he’s not suffering any ill effects because he takes regular injections, but if he were to stop he would go through some pretty bad withdrawals. The frequency of his need for injections is slowly increasing as well.

Pariah – As much as he is a legend and respected, he is also a pariah in his own circles. Sure anyone badmouths Lefty, they’ll have to answer to the Men, and many can call him friend; relationships are hard because a cybergirl doesn’t wanna get with a reject. And while guys will come to him for advice on business matters, the gang hangs at his bar and uses it as a headquarters, he’s restricted from actually participating in any runs or shakedowns- forced to leave the gang.

Even before the pub Marcus has always been good with money. He managed to save up enough to buy the bar from his cut from jobs and now that he has the place he’s never found himself hard up for much. While he can’t go buy three yachts or an island, he never needs to worry about how he’s going to pay rent, buy stuff for the bar or feed himself.

He used to be pretty good in a fight and while still knowledgeable in tactics and techniques of ‘street fighting’ he’s not very good at them himself.

Marcus is experienced in mixing and serving drinks.

He also has a little weapons training, guns and knives- though his skill level is diminished a bit since the loss of his arm.


Tattoos. He has one of a cross on his left shoulder, one of a celtic knot on his back shoulder blade and the words ‘… makes us stronger’ on his chest.
Scars/Marks. He has various scars from the removal of his cybernetics. His right eye is false (non cyber) and he is missing his left arm (but has a prosthetic one)

Lefty tends to dress very casual, flannel shirts and t-shirts. He also has a prosthetic arm that is an older model as any metal inserts cause a bad reaction.

Missing & Prosthetic parts – Thanks to his cyber-rejection Marcus is missing his left arm, just below the shoulder. He’s gotten used to functioning one handed and is actually quite skilled by it, but it does limit some things he can do. His right eye is also a prosthetic which is purely for show, it has no function and is only there for vanity.

Lame Leg – Marcus had a number of muscle enhancement cybernetics that have since been removed. Most of his muscles repaired themselves and returned to a reasonable state, but the ones in his left leg caused damage that has yet to repair itself. This makes it weaker than the other leg and he either needs to wear a motored brace, or walk with a crutch. Both of which give him a very bad limp.

Cyber-rejection – After his cancer and the treatment, his body could no longer maintain the cybernetic implants he had to have them removed. His body will not accept any cybernetic implant, this is not limited to ‘vanity’ implants- if his heart fails he cannot get a cybernetic one.

Marcus was always a Cyberman really, even before the gang was officially set up. His father was a member of a gang, and so was his mother. He was raised apart of the angry, violent world of gang life. As Marcus grew up he stuck with the cyber way of life, getting his first implant when he was 18 and went from there. He proved himself early on a viable member of the gang, fighting with his brothers against their rivals and bringing in large scores. By the time he was 26 the group was officially going by the name ‘Cybermen’ and the different groups who hung out in what is now the Red Zone all banded together. When he turned 30 had his own territory to shake down and a week before he turned 35 he’d managed to beat his way to the top. While the Cybermen had never had an ‘official’ leader, and the title could theoretically change hands on a week by week basis all depending on who was tougher, no one could seem to knock Marcus from his throne.

The ‘war’ was pretty bad between the gangs, there were unwritten rules about not stepping on anyone else’s turf and keeping to your own territory, but the groups constantly pushed their luck. Even the Cybermen were trying to gain more space. Marcus lead the group through the ‘war’ and fought it as ruthless as all the others, he lost friends and even his one of his younger brothers to the cause but he wasn’t going to let that stop him from leading the Cybermen into victory over the city. When talk of the treaty started to spread Marcus thought it was complete bull and just a weak man’s way out. A year before the treaty was to be signed something happened to Marcus to change his mind.

Marcus was diagnosed with stomach cancer and started to undergo treatment. His brothers were supportive, but still completely wrapped up in the turf war. Marcus realized one night after undergoing a harsh round of treatment that without a strong leader like himself, the Cybermen were going to be eaten alive after the treaty was signed. He knew that they had to sign it to ensure their preservation. When he was finally released from the hospital he started to attend the diplomatic sessions, a treaty was already in the works as the rumors had said and Marcus managed to ensure that the Cybermen would be apart of it. He got them territory and security to keep doing what they were doing, and guaranteed they’d last longer than they would if they hadn’t signed.

Marcus stepped down from his position a month later, after his body had a reaction to his cybernetics and he had to go in for emergency extraction surgery. He’s since opened a bar ‘Lefty’s Pub’ and retired from the gang life. He still hangs out with many of the Cybermen, who frequent his pub, and is getting used to his new ‘tame’ life.

Of course, now that the treaty has dissolved, Marcus hopes that the solidarity he helped instill in the Cybermen stays strong, otherwise there is a good chance they’ll just disband into a bunch of small gangs like they were before.