Merrit Palmer Yates III – Bio

Name: Merrit Palmer Yates III
Aliases: Merry, Merr
Age/DOB: 33/September 22nd, 2041
Occupation: Lawyer @ Carter, Wynn & Yates
Gang Affiliation: Joint corporate loyalty to The Wire & CoD
PB: Joseph Morgan
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Single

Height: 5’11”
Hair Color: Ginger Brown
Eye Color: Blue

Mother – Tippy Yates
Father – Merrit Palmer Yates II

Merrit is often in a suit and tie as his the dress for his job. He tends to keep a bit of trimmed facial hair. In his off time he dresses casually, a comfortable t-shirt and jeans and of course his leather jacket. He often has a dark and brooding look that tends to track with his childhood.

Merrit is a perfectionist, or at least he was raised to be one. He grew up expecting to follow a certain path and be a certain way and this has taken it’s toll on him. Merr is an alcoholic, he numbs his demons with alcohol in hopes to forget- but never does. He’s also convinced he’s crazy as growing up he kept seeing his imaginary friend- even after being too old to have one. His parents put him on an anti-psychotic and he continues to take the meds to this day (not realizing yet that he’s not crazy).

Relationships are hard for him, especially physical ones. Growing up being abused by his father while his mother let it happen made it difficult to trust people. He tends to have acquaintances more than friends and hasn’t ever dated anyone seriously. He’s had flings, but has been drunk each time and they rarely last more than a night.

At work he is an animal. He’s a confident and charismatic trial lawyer for his firms clients and is ruthless when it comes to getting them a win- even when he thinks they’re guilty. Because that’s his job.

  • Cybernetics
  • Skills

Datachip – His data chip is located in his left forearm

Datajack – He has one datajack behind his left ear

ICD – Has an implanted ICD

Intracranial Electrical Regulator Chip – Merrit has a chip in his brain that helps regulate the electrical impulses in his brain to keep him from having chronic  seizures. It is equipped with Wifi.

When the chip was implanted it’s programming was cloned by another chip that, thanks to a glitch in the program, linked to the second chip. This causes some interesting side effects.

  1. The chips have the ability to project an image of the other through the visual cortex where they can see the area around the person and the person can see them. It’s basically allowing their minds to process data input from two places at once.
  2. Memories are sometimes shared through the connection.
  3. Thought and emotions are shared through the connection causing the person to hear and feel what the other is thinking/feeling (and in some cases forces the to feel that way themselves. ie. One is drunk, the other feels like they’re drunk).
  4. Through electrical signals fooling the brain, the two linked can ‘touch’ each other. While the projection cannot actually make physical contact, the chip can fool the brain into thinking they are.

Merrit is a college graduate and a certified lawyer. He’s an experienced trial lawyer with many cases and wins under his belt. He has some basic firearms training he learned for defense seeing as he doesn’t always represent the safest of clients. And he can play the piano.

Born to Tippy and Merrit Palmer Yates II, Merrit III was a child of expectation not desire. At first, everything seemed okay, he was healthy and eating. Then as Tippy was holding him she noticed his eyes roll back in his head. The doctors took him and a number of tests were run. They discovered that he’d been having rapid seizures, low grade so they weren’t obvious but they would start doing permanent damage if something wasn’t done. So they implanted a chip to help regulate the electrical impulses in his brain. Little did anyone know, this chip was cloned and a second chip with the same identical programming was implanted in someone else and his life would be affected by her forever.

From the outside, Merrit’s home life had everything he wanted. his father had just merged his company with a larger one and they were living in a large house among the elites. They were living in luxury, wanting for nothing. Only problem was, the view from the inside was anything but. Sure, Merr didn’t have to worry about stuff, but he didn’t have people. His mother self-medicated and he was raised by a nanny who taught him German. The only friend he had growing up was his imaginary friend Zee. Merr and Zee were best friends, and he frequently found comfort in talking with her when things were tough.

When Merrit was 8 years old things took a turn for the worse. Up to that point, his father had been verbally abusive and physically it had been not as bad. Grabbing and pulling his arm, that sort of thing. However, that all changed one night after his mother had passed out yet again from pills and booze. Merr got a visit from his father. He hadn’t seen his imaginary friend for a while, having grown out of it. But that night he felt like he needed her, but when he saw her… she wasn’t doing any better. That night was the first of many that Merr lived through with his father. For a while the 8 year old talked to Zee a lot more, finding support in her. One day his mother caught him talking to his imaginary friend, whom he insisted was there with him. Merr had to believe she was there because the truth of what he’d been living through alone was horrible and if she was real then he wasn’t alone. The boy was taken to a therapist.

When he was 13, Merrit had been taking anti-psychotics and they seemed to be working, occasionally he heard a female voice or saw Zee, but mostly he was free of her. Except for the night he dreamed he saw his imaginary friend die- at least he’d convinced himself it was a dream. Still, he screamed for her and when he reached out to touch her he felt a shock and ‘woke up.’ It was at this point that Merr started to steal his mothers alcohol to help cope. He was visited by his father up until he was eighteen years old and moved out of the house to stay in the dorms while he attended college. The verbal abuse never seemed to stop, at least in private. In public there was nothing but good things to say about his son.

Merrit attended college and majored in law, passed the bar and got a job at his fathers firm. He started at the bottom and worked his way up. All his past had been pushed down into the bottle, which he clung to most nights. The amount of times he saw Zee seemed to be getting fewer and fewer- which he chalked up to the medication working. By the time he was 25, he’d made junior partner at the firm, but didn’t take the ‘cushy’ cases. He liked being in the courtroom and so instead of taking contract negotiations and business deals, he worked the criminal cases. His firm was major representation for two of the five gangs that ruled New Dublin, The Wire and Children of Darkness.

Merr frequently found himself representing drug dealers, thieves and hackers but his prowess in the courtroom did occasionally have him representing someone non-gang affiliated, typically in fraud or embezzling charges. However his most recent case was different and affected him in a way he didn’t expect. A record producer and label owner had been charged with child endangerment and statutory rape. Merrit was assigned the case by his father. Being the lawyer that he is, Merrit got his client off. However, he felt in his gut that the guy was guilty. Now he has to live with that.