Nori Traverse – Bio

NAME. Natalie Traverse
OCCUPATION. Writer of Erotic Fiction
AGE. 26
DATE OF BIRTH. November 5th, 2048

GANG AFFILIATION. Children of Darkness
GANG ROLE. One of Fathers Pets
JOINED COD. 2053, became Father’s Pet 2072

ORIENTATION. Straight but flexible
DATING HISTORY. One of Fathers Pets (Current)

FAMILY. Mother – Unknown
Father – Unknown
Siblings – Unknown

  • Personality
  • Apperance
  • Skills
  • Cybernetics

Nori is a creature of sexual impulses and is not afraid to let it be known. She finds inspiration and muses in sexuality. It’s not all about physical intercourse either, it’s about being sexual, sensuous, passionate. She’s always up for having a good time and loves a good party. That being said she sometimes doesn’t mind slowing down, it’s all about experiencing the world and everything it has to offer.

Despite writing the book about it, Nori finds it hard to talk about her past. She does when she needs to or when it can help others, but she still hates pulling up the feeling of abandonment when she was a child and the terror of no control when her John almost killed her.

Nori also loves being a part of CoD and even one of Fathers pets. It’s the closest thing she’s had to a family and wouldn’t give it up for anything.

Nori has a few flaws though. She’s got a very addictive personality and drugs are a common substance she partakes in. She also is very sexually promiscuous, while she doesn’t need it to function, she finds having the same partner every time boring. Most commited relationships she’s been in have failed because she’s cheated, or thrived for a while due to their open nature but fail for one reason or another.

HEIGHT. 5’7″
BUILD. Thin and curvy
HAIR. Naturally brown, changes frequently
EYES. Hazel

Nori typically dresses in gothic style clothing. Lots of blacks, chains, belts and the occasional spike. She also is rarely seen in public without some sort of collar on. This is partially to show her position as one of Father’s pets but also to hide the scar that goes around her neck from her attack.

She dabbled in dance (pretty good with a glow stick), she also has a talent for flirting and seduction. This probably brought her to the attention of Father. She is also a very talented writer, many of her novels have been published for sale (digital of course) internationally and does many Net interviews. Her publisist becamse affiliated with the CoD shortly after she’d written her first book. She has four under her belt and is working on a fifth.

Datachip – Nori has a datachip implanted in her right forearm.
Datajack – Nori has two datajacks behind her right year and one behind her left.
Superficial Nanites – Nori had an injection of nanites that can manipulate her hair color and length, it was a high end cyber order, a gift from Father when he chose her to be his pet.

Nori was born Natalie Traverse, or so it said on her Ident chip. She was found when she was three years old wandering the streets of New Dublin by a cop. Her chip had her date of birth and identity, but no family history. She was raised in a boarding house with other orphans, no one ever came to claim her. Early on she found herself coming up with stories about a life she could have been living. She did well in school, until high school at least when she hit puberty and started to explore her sexual side.

Nori dropped out of high school at the end of her Freshman year and started to sell herself on the streets. It was a choice not a nessecity. It was fun for her to experiment with different people, different things. At least it was until one instance got violent. She was 19 and a gentle spanking session got rough, not rough but violent. She would have been dead if not for her friend (and fellow street worker) in the next room hearing her cry for help. The girl took a risk that it wasn’t part of the roleplay and barged in (with the help of her own John) and pulled the man off Nori. The chord he’d been using was carefully removed from her neck by some EMTs. She was taken to the hospital and treated for a broken rib and damage to her throat. For weeks she couldn’t talk and it hurt to swallow, after her healing she’d have a scar from where the chord cut into her porcelain skin. She took that time to get out her feelings in writing. It would become her first book, “Pretty & Damaged”. It was different than the more erotic novels she’d write later. While still containing plenty of sex, it also spoke to the fear and dangers a girl on the street encountered. It was also the only book to be published under her real name.

Nori was picked up by a publisher and to celebrate the release of her first book her friends took her to the nightclub Warehouse #5. Run by the Children of Darkness, the whole place was dark, gothic but also sensual and the music and dancing pulsed into your soul. Her friends and her took to the dance floor quickly, a few drinks in them and the entire world washed away. They were noticed and invited to the VIP room. Not one to pass up an adventure the girls went upstairs and were introduced to the clubs owner a man who was introduced to them only by ‘Father’. The night progressed, drugs, drinking, dancing, it was wonderful. They shared with ‘Father’ and the other people in the VIP room their reason for being in the club that night and Nori was invited into a small room off the larger by their host.

The room was full of art of all sorts. The man confessed to reading an early edition of Nori’s book (her publicist was an affiliate of the CoD) and enjoying it. It wasn’t long before the two were wrapped in a sensual embrace and naked on the floor. When it was time to depart Nori was invited back and her ident chip was programmed for access to the VIP room whenever she wanted.

Months passed and Nori found herself more and more at the club. More and more with Father (he even started to call her Nori and she’d use that name for her future publshings). Eventually she joined the gang, published her second book and stopped walking the streets. When she was 24 and her third book was published Father made her one of his Pets. He’d been grooming her for a while, having watched the way she interacted with other members and VIPS. She was perfect for making people feel comfortable in their own skin and he saw her talents could be used for so much more within the family.

Now she’s 26 and just published her fourth novel, life is good where it is. She works with various members, affiliates, partners and even rivals of the CoD when they need special attention. It’s not always about sex, sometimes it’s just about feeling needed, wanted, secure, comfortable, etc.