Patrick Keller

Name Patrick Keller
Nickname Patty, Pat
Apparent Age 50
Date of Birth March 25th, 1968
Race Human
Hometown Southend, England
Sexuality Bisexual

Occupation Lawyer; Solicitor
Current Residence Hotel
God she follows Primat

Wife – Emily, deceased
Son – 23

  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Powers
  • Skills
  • Strengths/Weaknesses

Eyes: Light Brown
Hair: Dark Brown (with greys)
Height: 6’1″
Build: Tries to keep fit, little underweight right now
PB: Skeet Ulrich
In the past year Patrick’s look has changed. He used to be clean shaven, fit, always sharply dressed. Now, he tends to be seen in a pair of ripped jeans and a t-shirt with his leather jacket. Honestly, if he could just stay in his pajama’s all day he would. His hair has greyed and he has a nice bit of facial hair he trims when he remembers.

When he was younger he had more of an alt look. Hair a bit long on the top, bad Tee’s and his leather jacket- well an older one that in no way fits anymore. He was thin and had a sexy little bit of facial hair, neatly trimmed. He could have been a heartthrob, if not for the tracks on his arms.

Pat has a scar on his right abdomen from a bar fight when he was in his mid-twenties. The track marks on his arms are faded, but those who know what to look for can see a slight discoloration from where they scared slightly. He has a butterfly tattoo that is newer, only about a year old, for his wife when she passed. It’s located on his right shoulder. He has a zodiac symbol for his son near his heart. And a quote “To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.” on his left shoulder.

Which Patty do you want to know about? The partying Patty? The one who is high all the time? Or the family man Patty? The one who got clean and settled down, despite having what felt like a part of him torn out. Or how about the Patty of now? The one who is in pain and suffering and isn’t thinking ahead about anything he is doing.

He was happy, had found peace, got clean after a decade of use. He was a father, and a pretty good one. At least as good as he could be. He was a lawyer, who was good at his job. He was… Now, everything has fallen apart and his life is spiraling.

Even when he got clean, Patty always enjoyed a good party, socializing with people. Granted being sober meant they were different sorts of parties. But he learned to enjoy them, networking, schmoozing. It was part of the job. In his off time, he enjoyed spending time with his family and exercised a lot. He was happy, 99.9% of the time. That other .1% was set aside for missing those he’d left behind or lost over the years. Friends, lovers…

Now that his wife has passed, he has slipped, hard. He hasn’t spoken with his son since the funeral and has gone back to using cocaine and Oxy. Patrick feels lost, and is numbing the pain. This means, on the outside he seems to be very energetic and outgoing. Acting on a whim and without a care in the world. And then, he crashes… hard. Will not move for hours until he gets another fix to numb the world. And then he’s right back to ‘Happy, everything is okay’ Patty.

None, he’s HUMAN! Yay.

He has his law degree and can practice law as a Solicitor in the UK. He can ride a motorcycle and has been in a fight or two to know how to take and throw a punch (but nothing professionally trained).

Strengths: Determined, Intelligent (more than he let’s on), Loyal to his friends

Weaknesses: Addiction (Former Heroin, current Cocaine and Oxy), Hot headed, Impulsive

Patrick Francis Keller was born a mistake. His father let him know this every day of his life. Patrick’s birth took his mother from his father and he was blamed for it. He grew up in Southend, basically raising himself as his father wanted nothing to do with him. Many nights he’d sleep on a friends couch or sneak in late. The physical abuse wasn’t as bad as the emotional in the boys mind. He could take the hits, but being torn down and told he was nothing while they happened… that cut deeper. He felt he had to prove he wasn’t. So, he applied himself at school and worked hard, tested well and managed to get into a good college. It was there he’d meet the man who he’d learn to look up to- in the worse way possible.

Morgan was between stints in rehab when they met at a party. Patrick was taken by the man, five years his senior. He was charming, confident, attractive, and brought out feelings that Pat hadn’t felt since glimpsing Brian Madson showering after gym class. But, his father didn’t raise a Poof, so he’d pushed those feelings aside. Until that night.

The spiral down was quick. Drinking was easy, then he was offered a hit of Ecstasy. The next party some H. It all seemed perfectly fine, after all, he was just experimenting. Experimenting with drugs, alcohol… sex. Somehow, life was easier to deal with when high. His classes were easier, the course load, his father. To this day, he’s not sure how he managed to pass a single class, but he did- some of them barely. He almost lost his apprenticeship, thanks to a long weekend he has no memory of. He slept around, returned to Morgan a lot, but when he was high it didn’t matter who’s bed he ended up in. That was unfortunately how he met Emily- a one night stand.

Three years later, Morgan OD’d and while he didn’t die, he did vanish without saying goodbye. Pat saw a man he assumed was related to Morgan in some way, and knowing his friend came from wealth, he could assume that his family intervened and took him away. A week after, Pat was laying on his bed, he was working as a low level clerk at a law firm despite having the graduate degree for more, but the ambition wasn’t there. Chasing the next fix was more important. While he had still used Heroin when with Morgan, his daily fix had come from Cocaine or Oxy pills he’s swiped from his pa’s place. His life was close to rock bottom, if he’d OD’d that night, he’d have hit it. But an angel came knocking on his door instead. Emily.

She explained to Patrick that the night he’d hooked up, she’d… gotten pregnant. Too stoned to use protection apparently. She was worried about him, heard about Morgan through mutual friends and knew they were close. She gave him an out, a life line. And he took it.

It was hard, but he got clean, and what started out as a friendship and co-parenting turned into a bit of a romance and wedding bells. Patrick put in the effort at work and was able to work up to a higher position, more money, more security for his family. Life was good for a long time. He watched his son grow and tried to be there for him. He got a bit harsh when they found pot in his jacket, and wasn’t always there as much as he’d like… but he tried. Everything was good, occasionally he thought of Morgan, his wife often caught him looking at an old picture and tried to encourage him to reach out, but he never did. He watched his son grow into a man and them move out, then one night, he got a visit from the police. There’s been an accident and his wife had been killed. He felt broken. He saw his son at the funeral and they got in a big fight. That night, he found his wife’s prescription of Oxy she’d gotten after a minor surgery. She’d not taken a lot of them, but they were hidden in a place she’d thought he didn’t notice. After those two pills numbed his pain, he found himself back to where he’d been before she’d saved him. But at least he didn’t hurt as much.

Two days later he utilized the bereavement leave and a crap ton of unused time off and made his way to the United States. It had taken some time, but a few months earlier his wife had found out where Morgan was. She’s surprised him with the info, wanting him to reach out to his old friend- see how he was doing. So, Pat headed to Little Bear, got a hotel room and… we’ll see.