Pierce Fitzpatrick Killian

Birth Name Pierce Fitzpatrick Killian
Current Alias Fitz Killian Du Terte
Age 32
Date of Birth December 13th
Nationality British
Sexuality Bisexual (Possibly open to poly?)
Marital Status In a committed relationship

Job Churro joint, Candy Floss joint, Ring toss, Spill the milk
Job Details Fitz jumps around between a couple different games and food joints. Basically taking turns with some other carnies to keep things fresh.

‘Brother’ (Lover) – Benoit Du Terte


  • Lives in a wagon with Benoit Du Terte.
  • Some people actually think they’re brothers. Most know they’re not.
  • Has a lower class British accent.
  • Speaks a little bit of French- poorly.
  • Is not a thief, is a collector of unique and eclectic shinies.
  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Powers

Height: 6’1″
Build: Thin
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Light Brown
PB: Hale Appleman

He has a few scars on his hands and arms from when he worked at the cannery. His hair always has a stray lock that always seems to fall in his face. In his animal forms they all have a small cowlick that sticks up in the front. He tends to dress however Ben tells him- having been a bit dependent on the man for clothing and what not. He often finds himself ‘borrowing’ the other mans clothing so sometimes it runs a little large on him (unless he cinches it up)

Fitz is extremely outgoing. He loves to hear other peoples stories and has a way about him that people just open up to. That said, he keeps a lot about himself close to the vest (honestly not thinking his own story is that interesting… and also he doesn’t want to get his lover in trouble). He is quite flirtatious, which just makes him fit in with the Carnival crowd. He loves working the games and watching the kids as they win a prize, cheering them on. Or just relaxing after a long day around a fire sharing a drink with this place he’s come to call a family.

Occasionally Fitz can be a little flaky. He spent a lot of time over the years as a small furry animal and some of that may have taken a toll on him. Already a bit ‘off’ because of his animal side, he finds himself acting on impulse when it comes to certain things more than he normally would. He tends to sniff anything handed to him, which can be very interesting when a customer hands him payment. He also has a habit of stealing procuring shiny objects. This tends to happen more in animal form than human form (much to Ben’s annoyance when he puts his hand in his pocket to find a broken necklace chain), and he will often find himself looking at his collection for no real reason other than it makes him happy. And if asked, he has no real explanation why.

Species Shifter
Type Mustelidae
Powers Frequent shapes are that of the Stoat, Ferret, Badger and Otter.

Born working class in London, Pierce Fitzpatrick Killian was used to having to make due and scrape by. He started to work when he was ten with his father in a factory until he was 16 when his father died of heatstroke on the job. Fitz and his mother were evicted from their home and moved in with his aunt. He couldn’t stay with them long term and ended up moving to South End to work on the docks for a bit, sending home money until his mother passed in a fire. When he turned 18 he got word that there was work in France and he moved there. Luck was on his side for a change as he found a job at a cannery. Things were finally looking up. At least until he turned 21 and was laid off and found himself homeless again. Tired of the back and forth of things, Fitz decided to do what he wanted. If life kept taking from him, he’d take from it. Thankfully, he could be small enough to make that possible.

From an early age Fitz knew he was different, First full moon he changed into the neighborhood stray cat. Scared his mother half to death and his father had to finally come clean and tell him he was a shifter. He taught Fitz about what he was and how to change his form. Set him up for what to expect as he settled forms- something he did shortly after his father passed. If asked, Fitz honestly couldn’t tell you why mustelidae, he couldn’t even tell you what that word was. But something about ferrets, badgers, otters and stoats just intrigued him. He’d spent a long time in the London zoo looking at them and they just felt more right than anything else. And, it came in handy when he found himself homeless- again.

Fitz took to a bit of petty crime, sneaking into the homes of the well off and stealing what he could before putting on a nice outfit and walking out the servants entrance with a bag of goodies. He’d watch a home for weeks before he targeted it to make sure he’d not get caught. He was getting pretty good at it until one day… someone came home early. Benoit Du Terte, a man imposing for the time and quite striking. Apparently he’d forgotten something and heard a noise in his bedroom- or so Fitz would find out later. He came into the room to find a naked man rummaging through his bureau. Upon being confronted, Fitz changed into a badger, angrily hissing at the larger man. As he tried to flee, he found himself surrounded by a ring of fire. What was the most shocking to the 22 year old, was what happened next. Apparently life had gotten the message and decided to finally give back a little. Ben grabbed a robe from his closet and tossed it at him- the fire going away- and told him to dress and follow him downstairs. Fitz was certain he was going be turned in- and with the threat of being burned he had to obey. Then, he was lead into a kitchen, and fed. Fitz knew it was his last meal before he’d live behind bars forever. Then, the home owner started to question him. Ben asked him his name, what he was doing there and with every answer had a follow up. By the end of the meal Fitz found himself with a place to live and a job.

For about a year, maybe a little less, Fitz worked for Ben as his house boy, manservant, butler, whatever you want to call it. He set out (and after a while picked out) his outfits, helped him dress, made sure everything was clean. He ensured that the cook and diver knew when their services were needed, ran errands and all the little things one did for their boss, master, whatever. Then, one day… something else changed. The other made the first move, or maybe they did, the story will change depending on when you ask- or who. But one day the emotional friendship they’d cultivated, lined by sexual tension, exploded in a fire passion of- well, let’s just say they became something of an item. Or maybe just bedfellows. To the outside world and even those who worked for Monsieur Du Terte didn’t know of their trysts. This continued for a long while. Then, one day Ben surprised Fitz with an invitation out- well sort of. Fitz had been curious for a while about the soiree’s Ben attended and seemed interested in going. But it would be unseemly to have another man on his arm so after a discussion they decided that Fitz could pose as Ben’s exotic new pet.

Okay, while many might think this must have been very degrading to him, Fitz actually loved the idea. It was mysterious and just like some mystery detective story playing in real life. So, it became a regular thing. Fitz would get to see the parties from Ben’s shoulder, then they’d go home and live as something like a couple. They never actually talked about what they were to each other. Fitz still did the work required around the house, but it seemed more like he was a housewife than a butler or servant. Things were going smooth- well save for those moments Fitz couldn’t resist and snuck a shiny trinket into Ben’s pocket.

He should have realize that things had been good for too long. It was only a matter of time before life decided it had given too much back and took it all away again. That was the night they decided it was time for Fitz to join the real party- attend as human. It was nice, he got to meet a lot of interesting people. But they got careless. The thing to know about France at this time, it was technically illegal to be homosexual, but it was socially illegal. And when Ben and Fitz got caught sneaking away for some PDA, the clock started to tick. One of Ben’s allies worked with the police and gave him a warning that he was going to be served and taken in for moral and socially illicit behaviour- which was a real thing. He probably would get off easier, thanks to his money but it would leave a scar on his family name. Fitz, Fitz would probably do a lot of time. There was only one choice. But before Fitz could turn himself in and claim that he seduced Ben- taking all the blame, he found himself on his way back to London- for the first time in years.

The two of them didn’t stay in London more than a couple weeks. Ben booked them passage on a ship to America with what little liquid money he had. They sold some things they had taken with them worth anything and upon getting to New York (under the guise of brothers) managed to get themselves a small apartment. The shame of the Du Terte name hadn’t spread to America, so Ben was able to leverage it to attend some fancy parties. Somehow, Fitz managed to talk him into attending, once again as a stoat. While Ben schmoozed and mingled with the members of society, Fitz… well he found a way to acquire pocket books and jewelry, and other things of value. Not enough to get caught, but just enough to afford food and lodging. Fitz felt bad that Ben was having to lie to people he knew, old friends and ‘his people’ all while living among the lower class. But if Ben was upset about it, he didn’t really show it. Somehow they still found happiness.

You would think that Fitz would have been tired of changes, but life had one last big one to throw at him. They were walking through the market in the fancier side of town- Ben needed a new jacket and they’d been saving up to get one. Fitz couldn’t resist taking time to snatch a few pocket books. As they were in the tailor and one man had removed his jacket to get fitted. While Ben sat there waiting, Fitz snuck out of his jacket and over to the abandoned one. He pulled out the mans book and dragged it off the couch. Before he could get very far an older man with strong hands had him by the scruff of the neck demanding to know what he thought he was doing. To both of their surprise, the man did not harm Fitz, or press charges. Instead he put a card in Fitz’s mouth and whispered something in his ear. The ferret ran out of the shop, followed soon after by Ben. When they got home Fitz- sort of freaked out- said the man told him a time and the description of a wagon. The card read Zion Mystique: Carnival of the Strange.

Curiosity, fear the cops would be called, or just a desire for a possibly suicidal adventure… whatever caused it, the two went to the carnival. The wagon they were told to find said ‘Management’ on it and inside the old man was found. Kristoph, he introduced himself and invited the two of them to join the carnival. It almost seemed as if he already knew they’d come and what they could do. Ben got a job in the Ten-in-One as a fire breather (after much encouragement from his personal cheer section) and Fitz got a job working games and food joints on the midway. After a while they managed to afford their own wagon and added it to the camp. While Fitz kept going by the Du Terte surname, and they were referred to as ‘brothers’, the two of them were able to be a bit more ‘out’ than they had before- at least when there were no townies on site. After about five years, Fitz is finally starting to realize that maybe, just maybe all the crap in life he’d been through was to bring him to Zion. A home he could really call home.

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