Sanda / Liam Turner

Name: Sanda / Liam Turner
Age/DOB: 32/October 17th
PB: Lucy Hale / Ben Barnes
Gender: Female / Male
Sexuality: Straight / Straight
Occupation: Doctor


Height: 5’2″
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Brown
Build: Thin

Height: 6’1″
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Build: Fit

For all their differences, Sanda and Liam are the same person. But there are subtleties in their personality that do differentiate one from the other. For example, Liam tends to think things through a lot more often than Sanda who will more often than not give a gut response to something. Their powers have a big impact on that. Sanda is a lot more physical about things than Liam who tends to be focused more on the emotional. Neither of them like to see others suffering needlessly, which is one reason they feel they got into medicine in the first place. They both take their work very seriously and while they both carry the same knowledge and skills at being a doctor, Liam’s bedside manner is a lot more gentler than Sanda’s.

They have yet to really work out the logistics of intimate relationships, or at least anything longer than a one time thing. Both of them being straight and all. But with trying to survive and everything it hasn’t been a priority. They do tend to play the fact that they’re the same person close to the chest, thus far not staying in one place for very long that it has been an issue. As they venture into making Carter their new home this will definitely be a challenge to overcome. 

  • Joint Powers
  • Sanda's Powers
  • Liam's Powers
  • Skills

Body Sharing: Sanda and Liam share a body. They can switch between each other at will, or when triggered. Any injuries sustained are not carried between them and will only be healed while active. Ie. Sanda gets a cut she has to be the dominant person to heal it, if Liam takes over then when Sanda comes back she still has to heal the cut, no matter how long Liam was in control.  The injury sort of goes on a hiatus. They also only age when they’re in control. The two try to keep this even, though Liam has clearly had more time being dominant. This does mean that they could possibly live twice as long so long as they keep trying to keep things even.
Information stored as long term memory, such as names, faces, locations, learned knowledge is shared between them. Otherwise they do not have a full account of what the other does. When they switch they are disoriented for a moment but there’s a brief moment if they focus they can recall what they were doing at that exact moment. Which as come in handy a few times when said thing was an action- like driving.
Limitations: There are instances they do not have the choice to switch. Certain times external emotional reactions will make them switch. Switching is also painful, while on the outside it’s an almost instantaneous change, internally the change in height and build can be quite painful. Thankfully they’ve gotten accustomed to it. If one of them dies, they both die.

Superhuman Strength: Looking at her you wouldn’t think she could lift a heavy box much less a car, but looks can be deceiving. Sanda was blessed with immense strength, she can lift up to 2 tons.
Limitations: Her power is always on, not something she can generate or call up. This means that without control everything she’d touch would be at a superhuman level. Hugging someone would crack a rip, turning on her phone would crack the screen, opening a door would break the handle or the door itself. She has had to learn how to control this, it takes focus and over time has become second nature. Just like a normal human that can control the swing of their punch to inflict more or less damage, she has learned the refined motor skills needed to be able to strike someone without hurting them. However she has been known to slip, and thus far it’s only her phones that have paid the price.

Body Manipulation: San’s control is restricted to her body and only her body. It also has no external uses. She can internally alter her body on a cellular level allowing her things such as increasing lung capacity, expelling toxins, increasing or decreasing blood flow, etc. Basically it allows her adapt to various environments (such as increased blood flow to keep her warm in a cold environment) and to perform at peek efficiency. She’s learning new techniques constantly.
Limitations: The ability is entirely passive. It also takes time to work, and while most effects it can process quickly there are instances when the in between she suffers, such as walking into a room of toxic gases, the first minute or so it takes her body to fully adapt, she will suffer the effects of the toxin. Once fully adapted she’ll be fine. Repeated exposure quickens the body’s response time.

Accelerated Healing: A passive offshoot from her Body Manipulation power. Sanda heals at an accelerated rate, when injured her cells moved to auto correct the damage. The speed of which varies depending on the severity of the injury. A small cut could heal in an instant where a deeper wound may take more time. A sprain or strain doesn’t last long but a broken bone will take some time. If she’s not at rest injuries take longer to heal, but if she’s at rest then even serious injuries can heal much quicker.
Limitations: She still can feel the pain that comes with the injuries and while she can theoretically re-attach a limb, and regenerate internal organs so long as there’s something left (two theories she’s never tested), she cannot heal if there’s nothing left of the organ or if the limb is completely gone. She also cannot heal decapitation.

Telepathy: Liam is a pretty powerful telepath. He can read another mind as well as communicate mentally. His telepathy is constantly on, but he has learned how to control it, filtering out surface thoughts as if they were white noise until certain ‘flags’ are heard (Such as ‘kill’, ‘gun’, etc.). He can create mental blocks in his head to block other telepath’s if he wishes and can also help to create blocks in others. While he hasn’t yet, he can form a mental link with someone which (so long as he’s active) that person can ‘open’ a channel to him instead of him having to be the one to initiate it. It’s basically a telepathic string that connects them and the other person tugs on it.
Limitations: So far he can only mentally connect up to three people at a time to communicate with each other without him having to be a relay (in theory with a second telepath this number could be increased). However he can ‘blast’ up to fifty people at once with a message, it just doesn’t leave the person open to respond. Telepathy is a bit of a mental strain and while he has worked hard on his control and practice there are days where he will suffer migraines and with the limited pain medication he has to find alternate remedies. The mental strain can also cause fatigue physical and mental. Those with strong mental blocks can also keep him out.

Mental Projection: Liam has the ability to create a mental mindspace he can inhabit and bring up to three other people into it (more if aided by another telepath). The mindspace is a construct of his imagination and thus can be anything he wants and within it the people can physically interact with each other. Anything that happens to them their mind believes is physically happening to their body however nothing really happens. So, for example, if someone is stabbed, they will feel the pain as if stabbed in real life, but will not actually be stabbed. He can also mentally project himself to other people in the real world and in the same way as his mindspace the person will think they’re being touched.
Limitations: Thus far his mindspace has only been able to remain open for a hour, however it would be possible to keep open for eight though it will be taxing on him physically. Also, he cannot affect an unwilling mind into his mindspace, however he can project himself to an unaware mind- but once they realize he’s a projection if they then are unwilling to have him in their head in that way the projection will go away.

Telekinesis: Liam has the power to move things with his mind.
Limitations: This is the weakest of his powers. He can lift items up to one and a half times his body weight. He cannot sustain suspension for more than ten minutes without considerable strain on his mind and body. He is better at manipulating smaller items and doing fine motor tasks such as putting a key in a door and unlocking it. Too much strain can tire him out, cause nose bleeds, etc. While it is the weakest of his powers comparative, he is still very practiced in it.

Unbeknownst to them Liam was enrolled in medical school and was about a year from starting his residency. They both share the knowledge learned during that time (but of course have no memory of where or how they learned it). Any gaps in their knowledge has been picked up from a few books they had on them when the end happened and a few more they found over the years. And as much as they’d dread to admit it, a few things they’ve learned has been through trial and error. In general their knowledge is general and emergency medicine (very much ‘field medicine’).

Before the end
Neither Sanda nor Liam are quite sure which of them is the ‘original’, they each share bits of memory/facts from before the end. Feelings of people they can’t remember. They remember the same birthdate, where they were born, the knowledge from all of their schooling. Just, as with everyone, the how and who’s are foggy. But on top of that since they share the same set of memories, it is virtually impossible for them to figure out who was born and who appeared when their powers developed. Liam theorizes that because he appears closer to their actual age that he may be the original, but they honestly have no way to know.

After the end
As with most, the first few days and months at the end are foggy. They were in Tucson, AZ at the UofA and all the items they had with them seemed to suggest they’d been a student. The medical knowledge swirling in their head also seemed to suggest this. The first year they spent in Tucson, but as the city had been almost wiped of people, the javelina and coyotes started to sort of take over and while Sanda was sure she could take them all, Liam decided leaving might be the better choice. They spent a few months gathering supplies and things and loading up a car. They also made sure to gather medical supplies and a few of the books that they’d had on medicine. Then they headed out.

The two of them traveled north, it was a slow going, navigating the abandoned cars and wrecks on the freeways. Eventually they got to Phoenix and things went bad. Their car was destroyed after they were attacked by raiders. Sanda being the dominate at the time grabbed as many supplies as she could and ran. They had to lay low for a while and it took them a few weeks to get through Phoenix. They spent the next couple years surviving and slowly heading north westish. There were a few detours and a lot of abandoned towns. Occasionally they would run across another group of travelers and he or she would travel with them a few days before branching off on their own again.

About a month before Carter, they passed into Nevada, their ultimate goal was to head to the west coast (out of the desert), but the lack of GPS and any real ability to navigate they sort of just tried to go from town to town. Thankfully Sanda was able to stay dominate during more dire times of water shortages. Her powers allowed her body to function on less food and water for a time. A week before Carter, when Sanda was dominate, she was sleeping in an old gas station when she was jumped by a group of raiders. Granted she could probably have taken a few of them no issue, but she was very much outnumbered. She knew she had to be careful. If things went wrong and Liam came out for some reason they’d both probably end up dead. So she stayed calm and bided her time. They found the medical books in her bag and forced her to help some of their members who had been injured. She did, all the while watching for an opening. One night that opening came. She’d been quiet and timid and unassuming and they’d let their guard down. As in, they only left one to watch her. So, she easily broke her restraints and took the guard out with out too much trouble, though he did get a few good stabs in, deep too. Ones that would take a while to heal. But she was running on adrenaline. She quickly gathered some medical supplies and food and fled while everyone slept.

The next day she ran across the small town of Carter, still healing from the stab wounds. It seemed like a nice place to stay for a while. They had no idea they’d be making it their new home.

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