Tristan Conrad Payne

Name: Tristan Conrad Payne
Aliases: Tris
Age/DOB: 32/November 14th, 1996
PB: Hale Appleman
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Occupation: Scavenger/Taxi

Height: 6’1″
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Light Brown



Tris has a few scars from his travels, typically found on his torso. He has no tattoos or other distinguishing marks. He tends to wear his hair a little long and almost always has some scruff of facial hair as it’s not the easiest to keep up the hygiene regiment in the apocalypse. He also tends to wear light layers, light so he doesn’t over heat but layers so he can shed them when he needs to. As he is currently living in Carter, he does travel a bit and so sometimes landing in a place with a colder temp it’s best to come prepared… easier to shed layers than find them when you arrive.

Tris can be pretty outgoing most of the time. He has seen a lot and has a lot of stories. He tends to act as a source of news for the town, giving updates of the rest of the world based on his travels. Sometimes though, being the only source of information can be tiring when people try to probe him about places, or to get him to go to places they’re curious about. Those times he tends to lock himself in his home and will rarely see any visitors

In his travels, as is the nature of the world, he’s witnessed a lot of horrible things. These have played a bit of a toll on him. He can be on edge a lot, especially after he just returns to town. He also suffers from nightmares and a little PTSD… though who doesn’t nowadays? Because of all this, in an attempt to forget or numb things, Tris has been known to drink a bit heavily sometimes – especially on bad nights.

Relationship wise he’s always been an open book, though he’s yet to find ‘the one’, he has socialized with a few different boys and girls. As far as friends go, Tris is loyal to those he considers a close friend but also can hold a grudge if crossed. Do not go on a trip with him and piss him off… he will leave you to walk back.

As far as survival goes, Tris has learned how to keep himself alive pretty well. Through scavenging and charging very high barter rates to taxi people around, he has kept himself in food and supplies. His abilities also allow him to venture into empty areas of large cities to scavenge and get out before any raiders detect him. So that’s always a plus.

  • Powers
  • Skills
  • Olso

TeleportationTristan has the ability to teleport himself and up to four other people comfortably from one place to another. Teleporting to places he’s familiar with is simple and take very little effort or thought for him.
Limitations: While he could feasibly teleport more than 4 people, it would be a huge strain and consciousness may be a thing he’s not on the other side, 4 plus himself is his comfort zone. Teleporting to a place he’s never been is tricky. He has to know where it is geographically (like longitude and latitude, or google maps) or be able to have a clear picture in his head (like through a picture or video). However, the less information or less clear a place is the harder it is to hit his target and he can be anywhere from a few feet to a few miles off.

Kinetic displacementA secondary power keenly tied into his primary. When he teleports his exit creates something of a kinetic bubble around him that will displace anything in his teleportation area. This means that if his drop point happened to be on a table, the field will force the table out of the way, or if he misses and would teleport into a wall, the wall will suddenly have a human size hole in it. Now this only works with objects that can be moved with a fair amount of force. Items like a steel wall or something securely bolted to the ground cause a different effect as the force will displace him instead, thus moving him to a clear spot, not the object.
Limitations: He has no control over this power. It occurs every time he teleports.

Superhuman Elemental/Chemical Physical ResistanceThis ability is handy when teleporting into an unknown environment. It’s very minor and only works with the elements and chemicals. For example, when teleporting into a below freezing environment, Tristan has longer than average to get into warm clothing before suffering damage from the cold. The same come if he were to teleport into a room full of say, chlorine gas, he has a few moments to get out or protect himself before being effected.
Limitations: It doesn’t last forever, it’s a temporary effect lasting no more than five minutes.

Omnilingualism – Tris can absorb and speak and/or read any language he’s exposed to.
Limitations: English is the only language that will never fade. It’s not an instant understanding. It takes Tris five to ten minutes to absorb the language, but once he does he knows every aspect of it (not just the words he heard). The languages will fade over time if exposure isn’t kept, the longer he’s exposed to it the longer it stays. a exposure under an hour may only last a couple more after where days or weeks of exposure can last weeks or months after.

Tristan has learned quite a few survival skills, as well as how to use a gun- and he’s a pretty good shot. He can also use the bow and arrow as well (when he needs to be quiet). He can read a map very well and has a pretty good sense of direction thanks to his teleportation powers. He is also a skilled photographer and even has a dark room in his home- when he can find chemicals and supplies to make the pictures. He uses both digital and film depending on supplies.

About a year ago, Tristan found a small pup about a year old wandering hungry and alone. He named it Oslo and it now accompanies him almost everywhere.

Before the End
Tris doesn’t have any solid memories from before the end. Except that he did have powers and he has a lot of knowledge about art, history and literature.

After the End
He started the End in New York city and those first few months are still foggy to him, but he remembers that it was about a month or so before things got violent in the city, so he left. His powers came in very handy when it came to getting the fuck out of places. The first year he spend hopping all over the world, trying to see how wide spread… whatever happened was. It was everywhere. There were smaller cities that were completely empty and some countries that seemed just as bad off. There’d been looting and vandalism in many large cities. Tris started to feel overwhelmed as life… became chaos.

He found Carter pretty early on, he knew the young boy who’d renamed the town and was one of it’s first new residents. It was a safe place to call home, small and far enough away from the big city to stay off the radar while also being a place some people settled in so there would be the ability to trade and socialize when he came back. After choosing a home and getting settled- he also made sure others were aware of him and where he was staying so when he was traveling he’d be less likely to lose his home. Tristan then spent the next few years jumping around. Every few months or so he’d return and stay a while in Carter for a significant amount of time, but most times he’d just drop in for a night to sleep in his bed and drop of things before heading out again. Tris had started to become something of a thief… but not from people, from places. Places that were no longer in operation and had items that should be saved. With looting and people trashing things happening all over, Tris tried to jump into museums to save artifacts, paintings, books, etc. He has quite a collection in his home now. But some items are a bit difficult to get to, because while he can typically get in the room… he can’t always get into a display or drawer or case. He taught himself how to pick locks, but some things need power and someone who can hack a safe. Thus far he’s not succeeded, but he does have a journal he keeps with details and a ‘wish list’ if you will.

When he’s not pursuing that hobby, he will do what a lot of others do to survive, he will scavenge and trade, he will also taxi people around on occasion- but he does charge a hefty trade value for that. Typically real jewelry, art, or books.