Twitch Maddox – Bio

NAME Constance Maddox
NICKNAMES Connie (to family)
AGE 22
D.o.B. Feb, 14th, 2052
GANG ROLE Senior Member
JOINED THE WIRE Feb 14th, 2068
PARTNER    None Yet

MOTHER Auyiko (Ling) Maddox
FATHER Richard Maddox
RELATIVES Older Brother – Domino Maddox

HAIR Light brown, redish
EYES Brown

Twitch seems to be always on. She’s easily excitable and very child like in some ways. She is outgoing and can sometimes be more talkative than others would like. That’s not to say she can’t be quiet, she just prefers ‘distractions’ as she’d call them. That being said when she’s hacking or programming she gathers a focus like none other.

Twitch also comes off as a ‘girl’ and can be very underestimated beause of that. She is hyper vigilant about herself due to a rare disorder called Congenital Analgesia which causes her to not feel sensations of pain. Great, you may be thinking, what a blessing or power or whatever. But no, this means that she can sustain serious damage and not be aware of it. Therefore she makes it a point to be aware of everything.

Avatar Appearance

Twitch tends to dress in what could be described as ‘traditional hacker’ dress. Lots of blues and a style that is somewhere between goth and punk. She’s constantly wearing wigs and fun makeup. She does have a Quite a few scars from falls and injuries over the years. One large gash over her back that never really faded.

Eidetic Memory
Whether by birth or years locked away and having nothing better to do but learn stuff, Twitch remembers things, lots of things, everything. Sometimes she has to be on a certain train of thought to recall details, but they’re there, hiding somewhere.

Badass kickassery
One condition of her parents allowing her first entry into the real world was learning how to defend herself. This was more about learning how to take a hit, a fall, etc. without getting hurt. How to avoid certain types of hits that could damage her without her knowing. In this training she also learned how to give hits without damaging herself. Part of this was learning how to fight with a knife, this would minimize the damage to her fists from throwing punches.

Badass hackassery
Possibly thanks to the eidetic memory or just natural abilities or learned ones, Twitch has become a kick ass hacker. She tested into The Wire at an early age and is best known for playing defense on hotboxes and slipping past corp firewalls to find the best datadumps.


Twitch has two datajacks behind her left ear, three behind her right. Each datajack is equipped with a overload suppressor to protect against short circuits.

Twitch has a datachip implanted in each forearm. The one on her right arm has her general ident and funds. The one on her left is linked to a secure netspace which holds important data from hacks and other things worth keeping secret. It also allows access to a private nexus of her ownership.

False compartment
Twitch has two false compartments implanted in her. One is near her right ankle, between her leg bones a small hollow compartment was placed large enough to hide three credsticks and an data card. One is in her left forearm between the bones. This is large enough to hold four datasticks. Muscles, nerves and tissue around the boxes have been augmented to allow the limbs to retain normal functions.

Implanted communication device (ICD)
Her ‘cell phone’.

Injection port
Due to the various drug trials she was on as a kid and the risk of infection at injection sites; when Twitch was three she had an injection port put in. It allows for quick injection of injection based drugs.

Born the second child of Auyiko and Richard Maddox. She was a small child who didn’t cry a lot and was welcomed into the family with open arms. Her older brother was a little jealous but soon would find himself torn between jealousy and brotherly concern. What first seemed like a blessing soon became a frightening issue for the family. Constance didn’t cry nearly as much as other babies. Sure, she cried when she was hungry or tired but when she was running a fever of 103 she didn’t make a peep. The doctors ran tests after treating the pneumonia she’d developed and discovered that she had a disorder that prevented her from feeling pain. So she hadn’t felt the stomach pain, temperature rise or any other pain symptoms that came with her getting sick. She responded to pressure and other physical stimuli, but not pain.

As she grew up Constance was treated with kid gloves. Homeschooled by the tutor her lawyer parents hired for her she was not allowed to play outside or with other kids. At least not after her first attempt to be a ‘normal’ kid ended with her in the hospital due to a bad fall into a tree caused a huge gash on her back to occur. She was constantly under watch from her parents and the hired help to make sure she didn’t injure herself. It wasn’t until she was thirteen that she begged her parents to let her out. They finally agreed, at one condition.

That was how Constance learned how to fight. Believing the discipline of self defense and learning how to take a punch or throw one without injuring herself (too much) would be the best way to protect their daughter, her parents paid for the best instructor to come teach her (and her brother).

When she turned 14 she all but ran away from home. Took the GED and swore she’d enjoy freedom for as long as she could. She’d gotten into programming a few years earlier as part of one of the projects her tutor had assigned and found a few people who also enjoyed it. Hanging at a variety of coffee shops in the ‘downtown’ area, including Zzyxx, she learned how to hack and soon found a new passion.

When she was 16 she tested into The Wire and passed, using money she’d scored from a hack (siphoning funds from her own trust fund) she got a number of her first implants. After carefully monitoring her recovery and realizing that she had no adverse reactions to them she went back and got some more. She also proved herself among The Wire, working to help expose corruption and being known for some of the best datadump pulls she worked her way up to a senior member just before her 20th birthday. She’s not really looking to dethrone one of the leaders (though the challenge is tempting) she’s more interesting in making money from hacks and exposing some of the more corrupt and sleazy aspects of the world.