Vasily Markov – Bio

Name: Vasily Nikolaevich Markov
Aliases: Vasya (friends/family)
Former Codename: Wild Thing
Age/DOB: 36/July 20th 1982
Powers Developed: August 18th, 1998
PB: Rafael Lazzini
Gender: Male
Sexuality : Bisexual (more men than women)
Occupation: Bratva Krysha (Enforcer), Former member of Operation Midnight
Hometown: Solntsevo District, Moscow, Russia
Current Residence: Brighton Beach, Brooklyn
Registration: Yes, as part of Operation Midnight


Height: 6’2″
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green

Mother – Irina Markova
Father – Nikolay Marokov
Older brother – Mikhial Markov
Younger sister – Marina Markova
Wife – Nicolette Ashford-Markov
(Anniversary: March 3rd 2018)
Ex-Wife – Annia Markova
Son – Daniil Markov (5) (With Annia)
(Birthday: October 5th)

Casually Vasily always dressed in what was comfortable, jeans and a T-shirt. However socially he always looked sharp in a semi-casual button up shirt and jeans or slacks. He always prided himself on looking sharp, after all, if you can’t take pride in yourself you can’t expect anyone else to. For work he tended to dress in suits.

Vasily stands at about 6’2″ and has a body that clearly works out without being to showy. His hair is short and brown but has a bit of a scruffy look to it sometimes. His eyes are green like his mothers. Vasily has a number of scars the most prominent being the gunshot wound in his shoulder and the multiple stab wounds in his abdomen (the later of which occurred over many years during his many stints in prison).

Of course the most obvious physical attribute of Vasily is his many Tattoos. All of which have a deep meaning and a story to them. These are the major ones:

He has a rose and dagger with three drops of blood on his right forearm. This means that he turned 18 in prison and killed three people while still a juvenile. See Here Not pictured is Russian text with the name of the prison he was in.

He has an 8 point star on each knee. Signifying he won’t bow down to authority. See Here

He has a scarab on the palms of his right hand for luck. Here

He has an ‘X’ on the knuckle of each finger on his left hand and one on his right hand for each term in prison and each x has a number of dots equal to the years he served.

He has a grim reaper on his left middle abdomen depicting himself being a killer. Here

He has one that is of great importance that isn’t criminally related. In Cyrillic he has his sons name tattooed on his left chest ‘over his heart’.

After Operation Midnight he got a new tattoo of a clock striking midnight with a butterfly on it. The butterfly represents Nicky. Here.

Vasily is anything if not professional. He comes off that way on first introduction. Years of paranoia has also kept him guarded with new people. He doesn’t give a lot of personal information out and many find him rude or aloof. Those who know him and are close to him know that when he’s not at work he enjoys just relaxing like anyone else. They’ve also commented on how good a father he is. He finds comfort in work and taking orders- not orders from just anyone but those who have earned their place to give them.

At work, Vasily has a very uneasy calm about him- even when shifted. He’s a predator and is good at it. He seems completely capable of shutting himself off from violence that comes from his work and never seems to carry it into his personal life. He does know how to take orders however, and respect the hierarchy.

There is another side to Vasily that only a handful of people have seen. Those are the other men at the clubs (when he can sneak away). It’s a Vasily that for a short time can let go and be carefree for once. Whether at the bar chatting someone up or on the dance floor letting loose, the only time that Vasily has been able to be absolutely free was in an underground club. Granted there is still caution in those clubs, but that’s something that everyone in the room feels.

So, around strangers he’s closed off. Family he’s relaxed. Friends and Brothers he’s strong and social. Work he’s a professional and at gay clubs he’s free. Vasily, as most people, has many facets that make up his personality.

  • Powers
  • Skills

Animorph – Vasily can change into almost any animal he has seen. The largest type of animal he’s been able to change into his horse/big cat size. Elephants, giraffes and other animals of extreme size he cannot do. This goes for small as well. While he can turn into a mouse, he cannot turn into bugs, arachnids, etc. He also can’t do any aquatic animals like fish and dolphins or reptiles. He seems to be limited to mammals and birds.

Matter Manipulation (Limited/Passive) – When Vsaily shifts, anything he is wearing or holding (must be able to be carried easily or worn, like a backpack) shifts with him. It is as if his body absorbs the matter in such a way that it shifts with him until he shifts back. He cannot prevent something from shifting or manipulate it in any other way.

Superhuman senses (Passive) – Vasily has slightly better senses, it’s not something he can control, just sort of happens. It’s as if he’s able to almost channel certain aspects of the animals he can change into without actually changing.

Superhuman Physicality (Passive) – Vasily is slightly stronger, faster, more agile, better balance, etc. than normal humans. This is something that he cannot control, just sort of is. It’s similar to his Superhuman Senses as if he can channel certain aspects of the animals he’s changed into without actually changing.

Vasily is has had American Military training through Operation Midnight. He is experienced in firearms and hand to hand fighting. He has had various criminal skills, such as breaking and entering, picking locks, etc as well as knows a number of ways to kill someone thanks to his time in the Bratva and his work as a contract killer.

Born the second son of Irina and Nikolay Markov, Vasily was welcomed into the world while his parents were living in America for business. So while he is a Russian citizen and calls Solntsevo District of Moscow his home, he was actually born in New York City. Shortly after his birth his parents returned home and about 2 years later they welcomed their third and final child and giving the two boys a little sister to play with. Vasily’s brother was only a year older than him and the two of them were inseparable growing up. They never wanted for anything and often got to attend big parties with friends of his fathers, where they would dress up and be paraded around like good kids. Vasily wouldn’t learn until later what his father actually did.

Vasily was decent at school, when he went. But before he even finished his first year of high school he had dropped out and was working for his father along with his older brother. His father was a Kassir for the Sointsevskaya Bratva (the Russian Mob) and once he became a teenager he started working deliveries and pick-ups as a Shestyorka (errand boy). When he was sixteen he was working Shukher (lookout) on a dielo (job) when they were compromised and attacked by some Svaneti Boyevik (Georgian Mob soldiers). Vasily was shot in the shoulder, luckily hitting all meat and nothing vital, but not before taking down three of their guys. Shortly after the gunfire started the police were on the scene and Vasily, along with five other men, were arrested. He was set to serve three years. Really it could have been worse but he was still sixteen at the time and was given some leniency (and good lawyers who paid good bribes). Officially his record showed he was arrested for attempted theft and possession of an illegal firearm.

Vasily’s powers developed while he was in jail. One night he was was in his bed, watching a rat that was crawling along the other end of his cell and suddenly felt a strange pain all over and then everything seemed different. As he examined himself he realized something was very wrong, not only was his bed much bigger but everything around him was and he couldn’t stand up. Well not as expected. He crawled on all fours and tried to get to the mirror, but it was so far above his head. Vasily then heard the guard call bed check and the next thing he knew he was sitting on the floor before the sink nursing a bump on the head which he suddenly had from said sink. Confusion was great and it took him a number of nights (in which something similar happened) to realize he was physically changing- the last night he managed to climb to the small mirror above the sink and realized he was a rat.

He was released when he was nineteen with a whole bunch of new tattoos and quickly was made a Vor (Made Man) and was given the rank of Krysha (Enforcer). He had proven himself inside and word spread about how reliable and capable he was. Vasily was eventually given a couple Torpedo jobs (Contract Kills) and ended up in prison a second time when he took a fall for some Bratva higher ups (officially charge with bribery and tresspassing). This earned him a lot of respect. His brother was jealous of the attention Vasily got as their father was grooming his eldest to take over his position. Meanwhile, Vasily learned from the best how to be a killer and he excelled at it.

As much work as he put into being the best Vor, he doubly put into figuring out the shape shifting thing. He worked in private and it’s a miracle that no one ended up catching him. Determination and persistence along with a fresh bout of paranoia got him through it. He learned he could change into many animals, he just had to see them- watch them. Unfortunately watching them on TV didn’t work, but there were plenty of other animals he was able to practice with. Eventually he managed to get a nice collection of shapes under his belt and was even able to use them in his work. Since he worked alone on more than a few of his contracts he was able to track someone as a crow or get into a hotel room through the vents as a rat. Because his work was done, no one really questioned how he did it.

Vasily had always been focused on work and proving himself to the Bratva that he didn’t have much of a social life outside of drinking with his brothers and gatherings like those he’d attended as a child. In secret he’d use some of the little free time he had to sneak away to secret clubs where those who had a slightly different sexual preference could find like minded people. Of course this was not only abhorrent within the Bratva but also illegal in Russia so eventually he found himself taking a bride, Annia. Shortly after they were wed they welcomed a beautiful baby boy named Daniil into the world. One might think that family life would soften Vasily, but he’d grown up in the world. He knew how to shield his son and keep his wife safe. If anything he worked even harder in order to impress, in order to move up and provide a better life for his family.

Vasily served time another three times before he turned 30 all between one and three years, each for crimes lesser than what he’d actually done (but all they could prove). Each time was to protect the Bratva and thankfully no direct action of his own caused the arrest (two general sweeps which he was taken for possession of an illegal firearm and one trespassing charge that another Vor screwed up).

Then came his 31st year. His son was one and life was good- at least it was until the Russian government started testing for metahuamns. Vasily was concerned not only for himself but for his son. He decided it was time to reveal himself to his father. He explained what he could do, knowing he was risking everything. Surprisingly his father wasn’t upset- well he was, but not because his son was a metahuamns, but because he hadn’t told him sooner. The Bratva could have put him to more uses, but knowing that the Russian authorities would not approve and there was only so much protection the Bratva could give against Putin, it was decided that Vasily would go to America for a while. The brotherhood helped arrange for him and his family to travel and it was expected that he would end up back in New York City where he was born and he would work with some local Vor there. It wasn’t mean to be.

Upon landing in America, Vasily and family were sent through customs. All their paperwork had been arranged and was completely legal. Things seemed to be going alright, which should have been a clue that something was about to go wrong. His first job with the New York Bratva went sideways. And again, Vasily took the hit. He helped others get away and upon his attempt to escape he was shot, just as he was changing shape. After a short stint in the hospital, where his meta status was confirmed, he was found to be unregistered and instead of going to prison he was sent to a government facility. He was basically given a choice- which wasn’t a choice when it really came down to it. He could go back and serve possibly a life sentence in prison or he could work for the government. There were no papers (other than getting him registered), everything was black ops, full deniability.

It was while he was working for Operation Midnight that he found himself working closely with another meta by the name of Nicolette Ashford. They got close over the three years they worked together, frequently being sent on missions working off each other. His skills in wetworks were definitely put to use. When on missions and off they talked with each other, after a while they’d shared much of their history with the other. Granted he did generalize a lot of the things about his time in the Bratva as he had taken oaths. But she was smart and was able to read between the lines. Over the years she helped him better his English and he taught her Russian. They were best friends in a place where friends weren’t easy to come by. Most of all though, they had trust between them.

When the whistle was blown on Operation Midnight, the two of them were eventually let out of service to the government, Vasily found himself in jail.  It would take another six months for him to be released, eventually getting all charges that ended him in government service dropped due to the governments violation of due process. He’d never had a trial for the original crimes he’d committed. The judge felt that even if he’d been found guilty the time he served could have bee comparable to the sentence he’d have gotten. Thanked him for the service he did for a country that wasn’t his, and released him. When he was released he returned to New York with a temporary VISA and hope that he’d be welcome back into his brotherhood. As luck would have it, Nicky was there too. She’d actually heard of his release and was there to pick him up. It was nice having a friend. She’d found an apartment and invited him to stay with her. It came in handy as the first night Vasily came home after visiting his former brothers, he was quite physically beaten up, but happy. Things both went back to how they’d been before for him and changed. His wife had thought him dead (as he sort of vanished from the prison system) and was dating another Vor. Vasily willingly signed the divorce papers, but fought for time and custody of his son- and is still fighting for more time. Still, the Russian was able to step back into his role after proving himself a few times and then there was Nicky.

If you ask him, she was the one who proposed the offer first, but in truth it sort of just happened. Now that he was free and divorced he’d be pushed to find a new wife, not only because it was expected but to help secure his immigration status. With the new president there was no telling how long his temporary VISA would be valid. Nicky knew of his interest in men over women and offered to help him out. At first Vasily insisted he couldn’t do that to her, but she made an argument that he was actually doing her the favor as he’d bring in the money and she’d be free to do what she wanted. They were so close anyhow Vasily honestly couldn’t think of a better woman to pick to be his beard. His family came out for the wedding and as a gift his father gave her the dance studio she was working at. The previous owner was connected and growing old, he thought there was time for it to have a new, fresh face and his new daughter-in-law was the perfect choice.

So, for the past six months or so they’ve been living this life, this new and strange life together. Of course they upgraded their apartment slightly and Vasily keeps fighting for more time with his son, but it’s definitely a better life than being used as a tool by a government agency.

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