Verity/Liam Turner

Name: Verity / William “Liam” Turner
Age/DOB: 49/October 17th 1969 (Apparent age: early 30s)
PB: Saoirse Ronan / Max Irons
Gender: Female / Male
Sexuality: Straight / Straight
Occupation: Doctor / Former OM Agent Aegis team


Registered: Yes (last check in 1.5 years ago)
Residence: Queens

Family: Presumed deceased (2 parents, middle of 5 children)
Anabelle – Daughter, missing
Boyfriend (baby daddy) – Unknown


Height: 5’3″
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blonde
Build: Thin

Free of any scars or distinguishing marks. Verity tends to keep her hair long, and pulled back when she’s working, or working out. She doesn’t often wear make up, or jewelry and typically dresses in low profile outfits.

Height: 6’3″
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Light Brown
Build: Fit

Unlike Verity, Liam does have a few scars and has a tattoo of the Sagittarius symbol on his wrist. It is in memory of her daughter, since she can’t get one. Liam keeps his hair short, and dresses conservatively.

As Prime, Verity tends to be a bit more of the controlling personality of the two. While their base personalities are very similar, there are differences. Verity is much more impulsive, is more likely to act without thinking- and typically with her fists over her mind. She can be quicker to anger and also quicker to fall in love. She’s like a fire that can’t seem to get put out. While, on the other side, Liam is a bit more logical, and likes to suss things out before acting. He’s been known to appear standoffish at times- though once he warms up to you he can be quite charming.

Since the end of Operation Midnight, and even a bit before it, Verity had been thoroughly disillusioned with the project and the chances that Meta’s would get a fair shake in the world. In the beginning they were both gun ho and eager to help, what they thought was, a program where Meta’s could help and give back and one day maybe they would be accepted and seen for their merits and not just for being different. But after the loss of her baby (which she blames on the doctors at the site), she fully lost her hope. Liam isn’t as turned away at hope, though he does see and hear a lot of horrible things. He does however believe that humans won’t just accept without some catalyst. While Verity could care less if they get accepted, but she won’t be stepped on anymore. While their ideals do differ slightly they manage compromises.

At times whoever is in control can sometimes appear to be… daydreaming or even talking to themselves. This happens when the sub personality is giving input. They’ve worked on communication so that they don’t seem ‘off’, but even after all these years, emotions can get the better of you and the next thing you know a guy is yelling at someone who isn’t there, waving his arms.

  • Joint Powers
  • Verity's Powers
  • Liam's Powers
  • Skills

Body Sharing: Verity and Liam share a body. They can switch between each other at will, or when triggered. Any injuries sustained are not carried between them and will only be healed while active. Ie. Verity gets a cut she has to be the dominant person to heal it, if Liam takes over then when Verity comes back she still has to heal the cut, no matter how long Liam was in control.  The injury sort of goes on a hiatus. They also only age when they’re in control. This does mean that they could possibly live twice as long so long as they keep trying to keep things even – it is how they look like they’re in their early 30s but are almost 50.
Information stored as long term memory, such as names, faces, locations, learned knowledge is shared between them. What one experiences, the other does. They can talk with each other mentally and if needed can sort of go into ‘isolation’. This is handy if one doesn’t want to be there during more private times. Only Verity can force Liam into isolation and while in isolation the other can sort of ‘call’ out which can be answered. Sort of like a way to let the other know they’re ‘done’ with whatever prompted the isolation.
Limitations: There are instances they do not have the choice to switch. Certain times external emotional reactions will make them switch. Switching is also painful, while on the outside it’s an almost instantaneous change, internally the change in height and build can be quite painful. Thankfully they’ve gotten accustomed to it. If one of them dies, they both die. Also, yes… if Verity is wearing a dress and Liam comes out, Liam is wearing a dress.

Superhuman Strength: Looking at her you wouldn’t think she could lift a heavy box much less a car, but looks can be deceiving. Verity was blessed with immense strength, she can lift up to 2 tons.
Limitations: Her power is always on, not something she can generate or call up. This means that without control everything she’d touch would be at a superhuman level. Hugging someone would crack a rip, turning on her phone would crack the screen, opening a door would break the handle or the door itself. She has had to learn how to control this, it takes focus and over time has become second nature. Just like a normal human that can control the swing of their punch to inflict more or less damage, she has learned the refined motor skills needed to be able to strike someone without hurting them. However she has been known to slip, and thus far it’s only her phones that have paid the price.

Body Manipulation: Ver’s control is restricted to her body and only her body. It also has no external uses. She can internally alter her body on a cellular level allowing her things such as increasing lung capacity, expelling toxins, increasing or decreasing blood flow, etc. Basically it allows her adapt to various environments (such as increased blood flow to keep her warm in a cold environment) and to perform at peek efficiency. She’s learning new techniques constantly.
Limitations: The ability is entirely passive. It also takes time to work, and while most effects it can process quickly there are instances when the in between she suffers, such as walking into a room of toxic gases, the first minute or so it takes her body to fully adapt, she will suffer the effects of the toxin. Once fully adapted she’ll be fine. Repeated exposure quickens the body’s response time.

Accelerated Healing: A passive offshoot from her Body Manipulation power. Verity heals at an accelerated rate, when injured her cells moved to auto correct the damage. The speed of which varies depending on the severity of the injury. A small cut could heal in an instant where a deeper wound may take more time. A sprain or strain doesn’t last long but a broken bone will take some time. If she’s not at rest injuries take longer to heal, but if she’s at rest then even serious injuries can heal much quicker.
Limitations: She still can feel the pain that comes with the injuries and while she can theoretically re-attach a limb, and regenerate internal organs so long as there’s something left (two theories she’s never tested), she cannot heal if there’s nothing left of the organ or if the limb is completely gone. She also cannot heal decapitation.

Telepathy: Liam is a pretty powerful telepath. He can read another mind as well as communicate mentally. His telepathy is constantly on, but he has learned how to control it, filtering out surface thoughts as if they were white noise until certain ‘flags’ are heard (Such as ‘kill’, ‘gun’, etc.). He can create mental blocks in his head to block other telepath’s if he wishes and can also help to create blocks in others. While he hasn’t yet, he can form a mental link with someone which (so long as he’s active) that person can ‘open’ a channel to him instead of him having to be the one to initiate it. It’s basically a telepathic string that connects them and the other person tugs on it.
Limitations: So far he can only mentally connect up to three people at a time to communicate with each other without him having to be a relay (in theory with a second telepath this number could be increased). However he can ‘blast’ up to fifty people at once with a message, it just doesn’t leave the person open to respond. Telepathy is a bit of a mental strain and while he has worked hard on his control and practice there are days where he will suffer migraines and with the limited pain medication he has to find alternate remedies. The mental strain can also cause fatigue physical and mental. Those with strong mental blocks can also keep him out.

Mental Projection: Liam has the ability to create a mental mindspace he can inhabit and bring up to three other people into it (more if aided by another telepath). The mindspace is a construct of his imagination and thus can be anything he wants and within it the people can physically interact with each other. Anything that happens to them their mind believes is physically happening to their body however nothing really happens. So, for example, if someone is stabbed, they will feel the pain as if stabbed in real life, but will not actually be stabbed. He can also mentally project himself to other people in the real world and in the same way as his mindspace the person will think they’re being touched.
Limitations: Thus far his mindspace has only been able to remain open for a hour, however it would be possible to keep open for eight though it will be taxing on him physically. Also, he cannot affect an unwilling mind into his mindspace, however he can project himself to an unaware mind- but once they realize he’s a projection if they then are unwilling to have him in their head in that way the projection will go away.

Telekinesis: Liam has the power to move things with his mind.
Limitations: This is the weakest of his powers. He can lift items up to one and a half times his body weight. He cannot sustain suspension for more than ten minutes without considerable strain on his mind and body. He is better at manipulating smaller items and doing fine motor tasks such as putting a key in a door and unlocking it. Too much strain can tire him out, cause nose bleeds, etc. While it is the weakest of his powers comparative, he is still very practiced in it.

Verity has a medical doctorate, having finished school but not her residency when ‘recruited’ into OM. They learned Italian from a fellow agent and can make due in a number of Middle Eastern languages such as Arabic, Kurdish, Persian and Urdu- it’s not fluent by any means but thanks to many interrogations over the years they’ve picked up on enough. They also have weapons, spycraft and military training thanks to OM.

Verity was born to Liza and Emmanuel Turner. And for the first part of her life, thing were good… normal. Or as normal as any family could be. The middle child of five, it was easy to be forgotten. Born in England she lived there with her parents until she was twelve and then moved to America. Her father was American and had been working for an engineering firm in London before getting a new job in Tennessee. Her mother was an English citizen and so until she was 18 she had dual citizenship. Of course before she could make the choice on which country she would pledge herself to… things happened.

It all started to go funny when she turned ten. Verity started to hear a voice in her head, it sounded like her own but it was clearly male. She didn’t really say anything as the voice became her imaginary friend. She talked to him, but her parents thought she was just being creative. His name was Liam and while they didn’t really hold conversations per se, he did comment on a lot of what she did and choices she made. Over the next two years Liam started to create his own personality. Then, Liam went away. Verity went from having a friend to talk to, to only herself. One might say she ‘grew out’ of her imaginary friend phase, but it was about to get much more interesting. It all changed a few months after she turned 13.

Liam’s first memory is not being himself, but looking through the eyes of a girl his own age. Memories of a family and experiences that weren’t quite his own, but somehow completely were. His first memory of being himself was when he was thirteen. It was a few months after his birthday and he woke up from school, sore all over as if he’d pulled every muscle. He was wearing a pair of girls pajamas and in his room- which wasn’t his at the same time. The next hour was spent crying and trying to explain to his parents that he was there son, even though they didn’t have a son and that he didn’t do anything to their daughter. He was confused more than anything else, especially when he heard Verity chime into his head. She was just as confused. It took even more hours- once everyone calmed down- until someone finally wondered if, maybe, Verity… Liam… they were a meta. They were kept home from school that day, and the next week until Verity came back. After that… they were home schooled.

At this point it was only 1982 and registration wasn’t a thing yet. But, they remained in hiding nonetheless. Over the next few years both Liam and Verity started to exhibit their own individual powers, each of which had a long learning curve. Verity with her strength had to learn how not to break everything she touched. Liam had to learn how to shut out the voices of others and how not to make things fly across the room when he got upset. This was also about the same time that they noticed that the two of them, as they switched off, both seemed to be a bit younger. It wasn’t obvious at first, but by the time they reached seventeen, they each appeared to be only about fifteen. The older they got, the more obvious it was- especially compared to their other siblings.

They took their GED and graduated high school at seventeen and were accepted into Vanderbilt School of Medicine and started their first semester that fall. Technically Verity was the one enrolled, and they’d gotten their changes some what figured out, granted there were still times they would swap out of their control… it wasn’t as bad as when they were first learning. School was good, they worked hard and lived off campus in an apartment so Liam could come out at night while Verity went to school during the day. Their social life was pretty crap, but that didn’t matter too much with all the homework they had. Of course that was until Verity sort of… well she fell for someone. He was strong and kinda and could take a beating. I was all someone who was super strong could want. Then, things got even more complicated, very quickly. First, Verity graduated and started her internship. Then, the day that the Metahuman Registration Act was passed, she found out she was pregnant. This was when Liam played secondary for a while. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Annabelle and while in the hospital her healing power was recognized as odd by the doctor so as soon as she got out she went to register- not wanting the doctor to report her. 

Okay, so registering as a meta was strange to begin with, having to go in and be all ‘Hi, I’m a freak…’, but then to have to try to explain her gifts to someone. Let’s just say what should have been an hour meeting, tops took about half a day- and then some. They made both Verity and Liam fill out a set of paperwork. They kept having them switch between each other that by the end of the day Liam, who was the last swap, was exhausted and could barely move he was so sore. Then, what should have been a ‘sorry, than you for your time’ closure to the meeting turned into a black bag over the head and trip to an undisclosed location type.

That was her first introduction to Operation Midnight. It sort of made sense why a military guy had come to to question them at the center. They were assigned to a small group that seemed to be very new, they trained together and trained, and trained. It was like they were building up to some thing but no one ever told them what. A special power nullifier was designed that managed to target just Liam’s powers, which allowed them to control when he used his telepathy and projections, but didn’t impact Verity or force her (as Prime) to take back over. In fact, they tended to insist that Liam stay Prime most times, utilizing Verity only when they needed muscle. In 2001, their team was dispatched to help in the 9/11 terrorist attacks in America. And after that missions came much more often. They occasionally worked with other teams and agents. Liam was sent to the middle east a lot to interrogate prisoners. He got pretty proficient at using his telepathy with mental projections to break even the most devout minds. Over time interrogations were turned to torture on his superiors orders, especially with meta enemies who weren’t as easy to break with just telepathy alone.

Over the years Verity got more and more disillusioned with what she saw (mostly through Liam’s eyes). Humans making metas torture other metas, fighting their wars. Using them as tools. And the entire time she wondered what happened to her child, was she with her boyfriend still or had he given her up for adoption when she didn’t come back? Did he end up registered and in the same situation she was in and their child was in foster care now? Who knew, but the time she had to think about it while locked away inside Liam’s head drove her a bit mad. Not crazy, but definitely angry at the government, the humans. Thankfully Liam had a bit more of a calm head on his shoulders, and while could agree with her on a lot of things, he helped keep her from doing anything rash.

Then, after so many years, Operation Midnight was exposed, metas had rights (well a few at least) and they were free. And almost immediately fell off the grid. One good thing to come out of their time with Operation Midnight is that they were able to complete what would have been their internship and residency, and at times acted as a field medic for their team. The other nice thing was that the savings account they had was still there and had garnered quite a bit of interest untouched for a couple decades. The last record the OMS had on them was a withdrawal of their entire savings. And that’s it. They tried to go back to Tennessee to find family or Annabelle, but the family home was now someone elses and all attempts to find her boyfriend were dead ends. They then moved to New York to try to start over. Thankfully OM trained them how to go unnoticed. So right under OMS noses they moved into Queens and got a job waiting tables. It’s not their endgame, but for the time it pays the rent. Of course the explosion at the A-Fam office has given Verity something of a renewed vigor, a cause to follow. One that will hopefully make those who used then for so long pay. Liam, is supportive, but wary.

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