William “Liam” Turner

Name William Turner
Nickname Liam
 Age 33
Date of Birth August 25th, 1985
Race WereStoat
Hometown New Orleans
Sexuality Heteroflexible

Occupation Unemployed; Former Sheriff’s Deputy (long term goal: back into law enforcement)
Current Residence Homeless
God he follows Sehanine (feels abandoned)

New family – the ‘zoo’

  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Powers
  • Skills
  • Strengths/Weaknesses

Height: 6’3″

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Light Brown

Build: Fit (Normally)

PB: Max Irons

Currently he can normally be seen dressed in thrift store/goodwill/homeless shelter clothes. Luckily he doesn’t really have to worry about shaving as he’s never really grown it well, or thick, always appearing clean shaven or with a dusting of fuzz. His hair is kept short, in not the most professional way as he hasn’t had the money to really get a real hair cut. Once things get back to normal however, he will most likely go back to looking put together most the time. He always looked sharp in his deputy uniform.


When he’s in his were form he’s much smaller than other were’s out there, the opposite of his friend. Only about 13 inches long, he has a red/brown coat with a white/beige underbelly. During the winter seasons his coat turns a beautiful white.


Life after the ‘zoo’ has left him a bit scrambled. Having been stuck in his were form for so many years has made it hard sometimes to recall his past and separate which memories are real and which are dreams… at least those from before the zoo. Thankfully he’s not alone, he’s actually come to depend on his friends… probably in a way that is a bit unhealthy. Occasionally, when things are feeling really comfortable, he’ll start to remember himself. The lawman. The protector, server of the people, full of pride and determination. The seeker of truth and lover of beer. Growing up in a small town outside of New Orleans, he often hit the city for Mardi Gras and a night of bar hopping.


His childhood has left him with a few abandonment issues. He never met his parents and when he finds someone who is a friend, he tends to cling to them. This has sort of ruined the two attempts at dating he had before the cage. But he will back up his friends, do anything for them. Even if right now he’s a bit gun shy.

He is fighting a bit of PTSD, like all his former captive friends. His tends to come in forms of extreme claustrophobia and issues sleeping as a human. Being a human at all feels alien sometimes, though he knows he has to do it more to be himself again. Despite his law and order mentality, he has enjoyed being helpful to his friends by being able to sneak into closed places and opening the doors so the group of them can get food or sleep in an abandoned place for a night. When it’s helping his caravan… his pack, he’s willing to bend the rules. Survival is the priority after all, at least now it is.

WereStoat!!! Yea. He can change into a Stoat. Has all the other rules of the were he has to live by. His transformations (because he’s going so small) are extremely painful.

He is trained in law enforcement, can handle a gun. He’s learned how to pick locks and break into some types of windows. In were form he’s an excellent climber and hunter.

Strengths: Loyal, Determined, Survivor

Weaknesses: Traumatized (PTSD, Claustrophobia, etc), Past is fuzzy, can’t grow a beard (a HUGE weakness Jerome says)

While much of William’s memories are jumbled, This is what’s true. He was born to a teenage mother knocked up by her boyfriend. Neither of them wanted a kid but she had religious parents and he was sent to an orphanage in a small town outside New Orleans that was ran by the church of Sehanine. His whole life his parents lived in New Orleans and he would never know.

Life in the orphanage was rough. The town they lived in was small, houses were spaced out and his entire graduating class had thirty-two people. But we’re getting ahead of things. Being in a small town meant that there weren’t a lot of people, not a lot of kids his age. The orphanage had about twenty kids in total at any one time, all different ages. Some kids cycled out, their parents coming back to get them or they got adopted. Liam was never that lucky. As he grew up he’d watch the older boys play and try to play with them. But he was always too young. It didn’t mean he didn’t still look up to them. Jerome… especially Jerome. He was so cool and ten years his senior, but so cool. He was strong and smart and Liam was sure one day he’d get out of their little town. And he did. When Liam was eight, Jerome graduated and left for college. He tried to write the older boy letters, but the nun’s wouldn’t mail them. They said they didn’t know where the older boy’s address was.

So, Liam went through school, determined to follow in Jerome’s footsteps and make something of himself. Unfortunately things didn’t work out quite as he expected. He didn’t do horrible in school, but didn’t do well enough to get any scholarships and without taking out a bunch of loans he wouldn’t have been able to go to college. So, he decided he’d get a job for a year and save up. A friends father told him that the sheriff was looking for more deputy’s and he should try for it. So, he tested and got into the academy. It was the decision that would change his life.

About a year or so later, once Liam was officially a deputy sheriff and not still in training, he got a pleasant surprise when Jerome came back into town to open his own practice. He was thrilled to see the man and as adults they were able to become friends. No longer was Liam the pesky little kid who ached to hang out, he was grown up. A friendship between them grew over the next few years and their shared history made Liam think of him as a brother. That’s what made it especially hard when he went missing.

That night, they were supposed to meet up for a drink. Liam hadn’t seen Jerome in a couple days, work had gotten busy for the both of them, but they had plans to meet up. When he didn’t show he went to his house and his work. No where. He tried to call him, nothing. Liam reported the man missing to his boss and they did a track on his phone. His phone said he’d stopped at a gas station in the county, about an hour away from any real civilization, and was now headed north before shutting off. It was odd that Jerome would not only abruptly leave town, but not remain able to get in touch with. Liam didn’t like it. Against his bosses orders, Liam decided to look into his friends disappearance. He drove out to the gas station, the next day and while he was walking around, scouting out the place, he saw a large caged off area in the back with a bison in it. Then, darkness.

Now, one reason Jerome and Liam got along so well and something that they’d bonded over and probably the reason neither of them ever got adopted… they both were were’s. And not just any sort of were, unusual ones. Everyone always talked about werewolves, and even werecat types weren’t uncommon. But the Bison that was his friend and the Stoat that was himself… well that’s a bit too unusual for most. Liam never really found out how he became a were. He doubted he was bitten by a were infected weasel, or however it worked. Growing up, he always knew he was a Stoat on the inside. The nuns all speculated about why. From a family trait to a curse from the gods, Whatever the reason, when he changed it hurt, a LOT. More than most because his form was so small. And that’s exactly the next memory he had after blacking out… pain. He had been planning on meeting Jerome for the moon…

Before he could do anything, Liam found himself in a small cage. It was big enough for him, but way too small for a human. It meant he was stuck. Liam kept trying to keep his eyes open for an escape, but being stuck in the cage, visited by kids who wanted to see the ‘zoo’ and pet the little creature… it was torture in and of itself. The others suffered more, being tased into submission. Time had no more meaning as seven years passed. Then… they were free. Liam couldn’t see what happened from his cage, but he saw the animals free. Some started to leave and he frantically scratched at his cage howling to get out. Then, before his eyes the bear turned into a beautiful young woman and unlocked his cage. Mac had saved him. He changed into a human again for the first time in years, which surprised some who thought he was really just an animal.

After salvaging what they could, and then took off. Liam had no idea where they were going, his mind felt rattled, scrambled about details of his life, unsure if some things were a dream or real life. He knew Jerome was his good friend, but his life as a cop felt like a story. So, he followed the others. As they traveled he stared to think of the others as his caravan, his pack. He’d help break into abandoned places for them to stay at night (thanks to his small size and ability to get into small places… even if he had issues with them). They’d travel as animals, sometimes as humans. They squatted and stole for food, scavenged, whatever they had to do to survive. Then… they wandered into Little Bear. Tired and in need of a break, Liam wondered how long they’d stay.