Winston Jackson Kincad

Name: Winston Jackson Kincad
Aliases: Jack
Age/DOB: 33/September 22nd
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual (Not out)
Marital Status: Single

PB: Tyler Blackburn
Hometown: Lowell’s Carnival (Born in Galveston, TX but lived on the road)

Job: Stall in the midway – Portrats
Job Details: Jack uses his magic to give him more time to paint portraits of customers for a fifteen cents (and takes tips from those who watch the ‘show’).

Mother: Tippy Kincad – deceased (Worked Lowell’s Carnival before moving to Zion)
Father: Reggie Kincad – deceased (Worked and passed at Lowell’s)


  • Came to Zion when he was ten, started to perform with his mother who had a snake charmer show when he was 13, started his portrait stall when he was 17 (while helping his mother till she passed when he was 21).
  • He’s been in a wheelchair since he was ten, gaining it just before his mother came to Zion.
  • Much to the chagrin of the rousties, Jack avoids red meats and tends to have a diet that is more vegetarian. (He will eat eggs and chicken)
  • He has his own wagon which he used to share with his mother. Currently rooms with Kieran
  • He’s an artist.
  • Takes opioids when he can get them for pain.

Height: 6’1″
Hair: Ginger Brown
Eyes: Blue
He tends to keep himself looking sharp, though a lot of his clothes end up having paint on them. Performing in the open, he tries to have an approachable veneer to him. Oh, and he’s bound to a wheelchair, so there’s that.

His wings; if able to hold them out full, they would appear to be almost butterfly shaped. However, they appear to be made of string, and have no membrane, only the ‘vein’s of his wings can be seen. The ‘string’ appears to be multicolored, if you try to focus on one part to determine it’s color it seems to shift. They fall limp from his back and appear to be entwined with his chair, however they do not impede it’s movement.

Jack is carny by blood, and loves it. He finds Zion to be a safe place he can be himself without having to worry about much judgment or really hide. Being bound to a chair also limits his prospects, but he does his best not to let it get him down. Jack is frequently the ray of sunshine people are looking for, and he almost always has a positive outlook on things. The few times he’s not, is when he’s suffering pain from his injuries. When he can get them he takes opioid tablets (at one point they were prescribed to him, but he’s not been to a real doctor in years). He does try to find other ways to sooth his pain (magical or otherwise), but when he’s taking the opioids he tends to be very shut off, or erratic.

Having spent much of his life in a chair, he’s never really had a serious relationship, though he has fooled around on occasion. He realized early on his attraction to men and women, though doesn’t talk to it much because it’s not widely accepted, not even in Zion. However, he personally doesn’t see any issues with enjoying another’s company when the prospect it there. He figures with his disability- beggars can’t be choosers.

  • Species
  • Powers

Type: Magi
Tier: 3/2
Focus: Time/Space

Space (Tier 2)
Jack doesn’t actually do much with space, but he learned it as a way to fit more into an area that should be possible. This because he is restricted to his chair, it helps him be able to transport more than he should be able to.

Time (Tier 3)
His main sphere of magic. He’s spent much of his life perfecting it. It started as a wish to try to undo the accident that put him in the chair, but he learned that magic was beyond even a Magi’s control. Instead, he’s embraced his situation and the majority of time he uses his magic is to give him more time. This is especially important when he’s working. He put himself in something of a bubble of time. While for everyone else, time passes normal. For him, he can paint a full portrait in minutes.

Born to Tippy and Reggie Kincad, Winston Jackson Kincad was an only child. He was very sick when he was born, and for about a week they thought they’d lose him. Then, one day, as if by magic, he got better. Completely healthy and happy. Tippy and Reggie lived and worked in Lowell’s Carnival, a traveling Carnival that frequented the midwest. She was a snake charmer and he was her talker. They were pretty popular and often had other opera’s wanting to poach her. Things were going swell until he was ten and he was out with his father. They’d taken one of the trucks to town to pick up some supplies and on the way back it rolled. Jack was pinned under the vehicle and his dad had a bad head wound. They were there for hours until a party went to look for them. Once found they were rushed in town to the doctor.

Reggie died of his injuries and Jack was paralyzed, but would survive. He had a long bout of recovery ahead and the carnival was looking to leave. Tippy couldn’t move Jack for another couple months so they stayed behind. During his recovery, Jack started to display some unique talents and ‘accidents’ started to happen around him. While they were laid up in the small town outside Chicago, Zion came into town. A couple of the carny’s ventured into town and one of them recognized Tippy. She was allowed to put on a show a couple of the nights to make some scratch. Meanwhile, Kristoph had taken notice of Jack and some of the odd things happening around him (especially when he got emotional). It didn’t take long, until he realized the boy was Magi.

At that point they were extended an invitation to join Zion permanently. Kristoph explained to Tippy what her son was and that they had someone in the Carnival who could help him. Jack was introduced to another Magi who worked the carnival during the summer months in the ten-in-one as a sword sallower and helped Jack to learn about what he was and what he could do. The boy picked up on things quickly, and kept training to make sure he didn’t backlash (a risk he’d suffered a few times, as all Magi do, but was paranoid to avoid a big one). One of the rousties helped to build him a chair so he could get around (he upgraded in his twenties to the one he has currently).

Between learning to control his magic and a helping his mother with her show (he worked as her record man, turning the music on and off. Occasionally she’d pull him on stage during a blow off where people would pay a bit more to see the ‘cripple’ hold a dangerous snake), Jack got into art. He acquired a sketchbook at one point and just started to draw things. His art was used for some of the banners Zion created too. For his fifteenth birthday his mother got him some paints and by the time he was seventeen he has enough skills to open his own stall. At first he just did pencil sketches for people and sold them, not much magic used. Over the years, his act evolved and by the time he was in his early twenties he was doing full oil portraits for people in minutes.

The first time Jack’s wings came out he was a bit too in shock to realize it. His mother had been bit while out trying to find a new snake as the other had died. Luck wasn’t on her side as the snake was a copperhead, not one of the safe ones. Zion typically set up on leylines, to help recharge it’s own magic and make it easier on the casters in the crew. One of the carny’s who was out with Tippy brought her back and Jack practically fell out of his chair to get to her as he laid her on the stage. She was almost gone. Tears streamed down his face as his wings unfurled, from his back, hanging limp as string. He tried to freeze time around her, stop the poison from taking her from him. He put them in a bubble of non-time for days, though time for everyone else was only a couple minutes. Jack couldn’t let go. Eventually, Tippy found the strength to tell him it would be okay, that she was proud of him. He was still stubborn, but fate was against him as his hold on time broke and she passed. All the Magi and Sorcerer’s in Zion could feel it. Jack fell into something of a coma, backlash that lasted two months.

When Jack woke, they held a ceremony for his mother. Zion had moved on and she’d been burned and her ashes gathered. Jack keeps them in his steamer trunk. He was extended an invitation to stay with Zion, continuing his show, so long as he could keep fulfilling his nut. He’s been with the carnival ever since, honing his powers and has no ambition to leave.

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