Zoe Parish – Bio

Full Name: Zoe Hayden Parish
Nickname(s)/Alias/Code Name:
Age / DOB: 22 / October 2nd 1996
Gender: Female
Place of Birth/Place of Residence Prior to Destruction: San Francisco, CA
Prior/Current Occupation: None/Tech at the Facility
Sexuality: Straight, but open minded
Marital Status: Single
Family: Maria Parish (Mother), Jackson Keene (Mothers boyfriend/surrogate father), (Open) Parish (Twin Brother), (Open) Keene (Older step-sister), Biological Father (Status Unknown)

Current Residence: Assigned upon acceptance
Mutant Danger Level: Assigned upon acceptance


Kathryn Newton
Zoe stands at 5’5″ and has crystal blue eyes and blonde hair that likes to curl a little. She has a slender physique and tends to prefer to dress in kitschy styles. When at work she tends to be in jeans and a t-shirt which can get trashed without issues, but when on her own she’s not adverse to wearing dresses and skirts. Of course her options on the Island are limited- which actually fits her mix and match style.

Some are a little put off by Zoe. When at work she tends to be very logical about things, very driven. She works with helping to control and sometimes contain powers as well as giving those the tools to be able to learn how to control them on their own. She’s not adverse to creating devices to limit powers or even experiment when needed. However, she’s not heartless about it. She does have ethical standards (which sometimes puts her at odds with her superiors) and has a pretty good bedside manner.

Despite her intellect, she can come off flighty at times. Part of that has to do with multitasking multiple things in her mind. It may not seem like she’s listening to you, but she is. She also tends to hold a grudge, having a perfect memory can do that. She hasn’t quite perfected forgetting things. But knowing that this is an issue for her she tries to work on it- she’s still young though so her track record isn’t perfect.

Her youth is also set against her intelligence, home schooled childhood and having spent so much time on the island. She can talk before thinking, act out on occasion. Push her limits to find where they are. She’s only in her early twenties, she’s still trying to figure out who she is.

  • Power – Mental Library/Superior Intelligence
  • Power – Mechanical/Electrical Intuition

Power Name: Mental Library/Superior Intelligence
Capabilities: Zoe is able to recall almost every moment of her life, of things she’s read or heard or seen since her mutation manifested. Some things she uses every day will stay easily accessible to her, but if she needs to draw on information she hasn’t accessed in a while then it can take a few moments. Once accessed though it’s easy to pull from related topics. Her brain basically operates like a computer.
Limitations: At times this can be overwhelming, and she has suffered migraines due to it in the past. She can also sometimes get lost in memories and withdraw from a conversation until snapped out of it. Also, just because she’s read how to do something and can recall it word for word doesn’t mean she always knows what it means or how to apply it to reality. This is where education and learning are required.

Power Name: Mechanical/Electrical Intuition
The intuitive knowledge of how machines work and how to build or fix them. This is a passive power for Zoe, just by working with a machine she just knows how it works.
Limitations: Zoe can’t explain always what she knows. She doesn’t have proper training, though she has read a lot of books. When she encounters a party she’s not sure of she tends to refer to them ‘doohickeys’ and ‘thingamajigs’. Her power is also sometimes limited by her supplies. Many times she knows how to fix or invent something, but she doesn’t have the tools or supplies. More complicated items also sometimes take time to figure out, by holding and examining and items longer she can get a better idea of what’s up- sometimes taking it apart is the easiest way to understand something.

Zoe was born one of a pair, her brother gaining life fifteen minutes before her. Their mother Maria Parish loved them very much and raised them along with her boyfriend Jackson Keene. Zoe and her brother were raised with good values and a pretty normal childhood. They never knew their biological father, but never questioned it either, Jackson was their dad as far as they were concerned. Their parents never married and Jackson joined their family with a daughter of his own.

From an early age it was apparent Zoe was special. All her firsts came before her brother, first crawl, step, word, use of the potty. The doctors tested her and determined she was advanced for her age. She was speaking full sentences before she was a year old and when she was two when she was tested and found to have an IQ of 160 and joined MENSA. Her parents really didn’t know what to do with a genius kid, but Zoe was pretty self reliant. This was all before she had powers. Her parents weren’t sure what to do with her. They didn’t want to hold her back by putting her in a regular school but also didn’t want to keep her away from her brother, so they decided to do home schooling. In reality, she pretty much taught herself and her brother. Her mother just provided the work books.

By the time she was six she had gotten her GED and her parents didn’t worry about trying to pass her brother yet. The question was, what was next? Her parents tried to encourage her to play like a normal kid, and despite being the two strange ‘home schooled’ kids, they did make friends with some of the kids who lived in their neighborhood. Zoe had colleges asking about her- after all, how often do you hear about a six year old getting their GED? Her SAT and ACT scores were top marks as well. But her parents didn’t want her to have to try to deal with adults when she was still just a child. They did let her take the occasional class online, but for the most part she spent her preteens and early teen years just trying to ‘be cool’.

When she turned 16, things started to change for her, but also stay very much the same. Zoe didn’t fully understand it at first, but her memory got much better than it was, and some things she just started to understand. Her father threw a fit when she took apart the TV and was speechless when she put it back together and managed make the picture clearer. It all just came to her. 

A year later she got in a fight with her mother- nothing huge, just a normal teenager not agreeing with a parent sort of spat, but as they fought Zoe recalled all the other fights they’d had, every small slight between them. All those memories came flooding back. Zoe blacked out and when she woke up an FBI agent was talking to her parents. They had tested her and she showed signs of mutation like those on the news. It wasn’t like her parents were clueless that that’s what likely happened, though they didn’t think the radiation had come that far south. There were apparently a lot of things the government wasn’t admitting. Her parents pretended as if everything was news to them of course.

Zoe’s parents were pushed to send her to Destruction Island. They were told that she’d be able to talk to her and keep in contact, that it was the safest place for her. She was seventeen and a high school graduate for years. She could handle it. Or at least that’s what they hoped.

Arriving on the island she discovered that some of what she was told was lies. No contact with the mainland. Her first year on the island she didn’t do much, tinkered in her one bedroom apartment mostly. It was her neighbor who told her she should get a job in the facility, so when she was finally considered an adult, 18, she managed to get an assignment as a maintenance tech, not at the facility. She basically changed light bulbs and repaired broken fridges in the apartments and around the marketplace, occasionally she repaired similar items in the facility. It was one such day two years later when she was helping to fix some of the medical equipment that she was noticed. Okay, so she wasn’t supposed to fix the IV machine, a machine she’d never touched before, but she had finished fixing the clog in the toilet and saw the machine was broken. So, she just fixed it. At first, she thought she was going to get in trouble, but the head of the R&D lab that worked to ‘help people control their powers’ stepped in and offered her a job. She was grateful to not have to do any more plumbing (she wasn’t a plumber) and took the job.

Since, she’s managed to make a difference in some lives, but also has a number of people who judge her because they don’t understand what she does. While she doesn’t always agree with how the Island wasn’t everything promised to her parents, she’s thankful that she can help people who are suffering and better understand or control their powers.